Nintendiapers when they're sold $70 40 year old roms on shitch

Nintendiapers when they're sold $70 40 year old roms on shitch.

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Castlevania the advance collection
Oh my gooooood... on the switch?
For just 50 dollars + taxes and a small service fee? Oh my god. Deal deal it's a deal

Nintenbitches are game starved they're still going on about botw lmao they're not fit to lick sony's boot

the absolute state of pedotendos

I'm so fortunate to have lived in a time where if I did something this gay, it would not only never be recorded, but also not exist in a format that all future generations could view.

Blunder autist seething since 2017.

this webm has been deboonked sweety

this dude on the right playing on high gravity mode.


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I hope you're happy Yea Forums

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Ahhhhhh the lore
Kino kino kino

>stack of shoeboxes and funko pop collection

Stop having a tantrum and go to bed

>that fucking video

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why are Nintendofags so fucking weird af,i like some Nintendo games but the fanboys are fucking creepy

the guy on the left was doing it as a meme, and the guy on the right was too but believed the first guy was unironic
if you want real cringememes, funkopop and starwars/marvel are the way to find it

>nintard manchild SEETHING itt

Get all your crying out before the 10th, it'll make things hurt less, I promise.

switch is the only good console snoycucks and xniggers no need to apply, you faggots better throw that shit out because you have 0 good games to play, only fagbt pozzed tranoid blm kneeler dogshit, die

what's after 10th?

Who are you quoting?

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No one, considering the collection's only $20, plus it's on every other system, so I don't get why he's acting like it's a Nintendo fanboy thing


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I own a switch too and it's FINE
It's pretty decent but the games holy shit. nothing but ports. Not even cheap. Affordable ports. No. Fucking full price for Castlevania NES games. And then you have to buy another full priced game for the GBA games. What the fuck.
The PSP Nippon ichi ports are full price too. With no changes. Hot damn.
And the prices for accessories are insane . Hori split pads don't work for docked mode cause reasons. Regular phone chargers don't work on the switch cause reasons. PS4 controller prices for regular wired controllers. X2 the price for wireless. Twice the price of a fucking dual shock 4. The fuck

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This might be even gayer than the OP

I grew up with the super Nintendo, I feel bad for kids growing up with a Nintendo now, at around age 8 or 9 buy him a Xbox or PlayStation so he doesn't turn gay

stay mad

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Don't care, have Galaxy on a handheld.

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>triggers your fight or flight response

>tens of millions of people enjoy this kind of shit
has the whole world reverted back to the mentality of children over the last 5 years?

i hate this one so much but i can't stop watching it

I'm fucking glad I grew up in a time where it was too hard and too expensive to record my stupidity in my teens. These idiots immortalized it.

Truth be told, although you can emulate all of these games for free, I rather like the idea that at least they're trying to make them available. I used to think it was just them being cheap bastards, but think about it. If you had a rich and vibrant history of video games, wouldn't it basically be free money to keep them available? How many games have been lost to the tides of time because nobody can be bothered to work out the copyright and property rights?

>Front mission
>Ace Combat
>Skies of Arcadia
>Armored Core

If they didn't go gung ho on being greedy assholes, like pushing FOMO mentality or overcharging for buggy roms that don't work (Mario all stars collection and ports like Earthworm Jim) then I would 100% welcome these things. Think about how handy it would be to have a physical collection of all those games you bought years ago, in a format that should last a long time. OR you have the games on an account that aren't randomly taken away from you due to EULA schenanigans. Heaven knows I'd like that kind of protection, since snoy and Nintendo have bnoth taken games away from me even though their account system should allow me to play my games on their future consoles. The PS5 should be compatible with Chrono Cross and Front mission 3, and the Switch should be compatible with Front mission 1 and Super Metroid. but nooooo, gotta push subscription services.


>I'm... I'm trying to make a dance up so it can go viral and be on fortnite. Then I'll be famous like floss dance boy.

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you just described one of the many reasons why PC is so good. once its on PC its immortalized forever.

Is OP a cucked Canuck?

This one and the I baked you a pie one are certified kino

I don't blame him then. US Gamestop, Amazon and Walmart always have sales, in Canada it's like twice a year. I see the US sales on Deku deals and it's frustrating, I got games I am waiting to buy.

I emulate 99% of all Switch games I play unless I like the franchises in which case I will actually buy them. So I paid for FE3H, SMTV and Pokemon

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imagine being so absolutely assblasted about a console you don't own that you create a fictional person in your mind to complain about. absolutely fucking mind broken by a tablet

what the hell is wrong with nintendies

too cheap

Why is there still no sound on Yea Forums webms?

Administering chemo

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I bow to the master

Traumatised Sonytrannies seething because Nintendo have dominated the gaming industry for the past 5 years.

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real life anime

Just asking for screamers

They are, you new fag.


Grandma kino btfoing zoomies at their own game

pure unadulterated LUDO KINO

first tiktok i havent hated

It really shows that only Nintendo is realsing games until christmas 2023.

That's kind of cool unlike the cringe inducing zoomers trying to look as ugly as possible

So do I, on my Steam Deck

Literally me

Wew, user. You paid $500 to emulate Wii. You're so cool

Shut up, nintendo deserves your money.
Games aren't good unless they're on nintendo systems.

How does she/it/the thing do it!?!?

Snoys when they can spend more money on fortnite microtransactions

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That the thing, I keep seeing Europeans and Canadians, sometimes Australians, complaining about Switch games never going on sale yet they've been going on sale since 2017 in murrica. People who don't even play Nintendo stuff have been bitching and moaning about no sales yet I've gotten first party games for 25-35$ at times.

I payed for a handheld gaming PC, that does a lot more than emulate Wii


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