Daily Tales thread

Daily Tales thread

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I got this on the sale, mixed feelings so far. The MC and the girl is in some cringe low effort anime romance, and enemies have too much HP on hard mode. Combat is attack, roll, attack, roll. Only 3 hours in though.

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I need to suck a h*bechad off...

cringe low effort anime and retarded basic balance are the default states of tales

Once you get the mage girl, wait till she learns "Thunder Field", not sure if she has it right away or learns it in the first few levels.
After that, main her, and her alone then approach enemies and spam Thunder Field. This is the only way to play the game from that point onwards. This is effective regardless of whether the enemy is resistant to lightning or not.

Tales of Hebephilia

>actually bought Tales
>played more than 2 hours
I am so sorry, user... By the end you will regret wasting time AND money on this game

Damn well at least the game runs well and it looks pretty
Is that far into the game? I still dont have my fire sword yet

It's one of the characters you will get after this chapter, so in a couple hours

We love Magilou
Not that literal who

Sauce on full image?


Berseria and everything about it is SHIT

I like both.

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>I still dont have my fire sword yet
Well at least wait until you get it because it's pure unga bunga fun, if you still don't like it well i guess it's not worth playing and better drop the game and maybe try games like Vesperia or Abyss since they're better

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Berseria or Zestiria? I can play either after I'm done with Shitsona 4. I was thinking maybe Berseria because it's newer.


Thought it was a ballgag from the thumbnail. Disappointing.

kill yourself edna nigger

You're playing it wrong. It's a combo game, the enemy HP literally doesn't matter, keep a combo string going and you can insta-kill them with a finisher. Actually pay attention to tutorials, this is not a souls-like, the fuck are you doing with this retarded roll, r1, roll, r1 approach, you're supposed to chain long combos.

I think Im unironically turning into a 3DPD 2D chad

based and witchpilled

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>Combat is attack, roll, attack, roll.
What the fuck ? Have you never played an action rpg before?

What does that mean

My attraction towards real women is waning. I'd rather jerk off to beatiful 2D women being ravished.


I can only 3 special attacks and then i sit there stunned like in a recovery animation, so i tend to roll more especially for counter hit

when does nu-tales begin

I'm so sick of seeing this bitch on every Tales OP, literally nobody but one retard on Yea Forums likes Edna, shit design from a shit game from a shit character.

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Yes, you do 3 regular attacks, then artes, then regular attacks again. Just a very simple example:
some ground arte, 3 regular attacks, launcher arte, 3 regular attacks in the air, follow up with some air arte, etc

I'm not OP and I like Edna
Edna > Layla > the spear chick > Baba's Waifu

What are you even doing? You can combo all the fodder even with those 3 skills, you just have rising wyvern at least, and boost attacks unlocked and those refill your action gauge for you to keep chaining enough until you can boost strike. The fodder in Arise is literally just punching bags, even on Hard mode. The trick part is the shitty bosses, or the mobs you boost counter which just stay static and have no OTG statuses and you have to break again after they un-stagger, it's a shitty game but at least it's easy.

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Tales of Zestiria is absolute shit imagine being a gay mc that sees schizo ghosts I hope the series never goes back to that.

I like edna and sophie cause I'm a cunnyphile

This is a problem with anonymous imageboards. One dedicated no-life autist will appear in every thread related to a game. We have an annoying schizo in Gust/Atelier threads too.

Ok I'll try that. I have 300ish SP, should i get more artes or save it for additional arte slot

VN thread=Glowie thread

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This, Yea Forums is a Magilou board.

Arise is the worst modern Tales. Which is saying something with how bad the previous two were.

This is definitely a retarded wojaknigger moment

>he doesn't like Edna
How gay.

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contrarian retard

Stating facts isn't being contrarian. No matter how much anal pain it causes you.

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After Team Destiny and Team Symphonia were merged and Bandai dissolved Namco Tales Studio in 2011, which resulted in a bunch of old staff getting let go.

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Not him but Zestiria is unironically way worse. And I say this as someone who fucking hates Arise with a burning passion.

Pedophilia is a crime.

No one is being hurt (no the JRPG thread is not hurting you)

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Even in spinoffs Luke can't help but murder millions of people

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Almost right.

Wat gaem

Tales of the Heroes, it's a musou game for the PSP


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So Berseria is better then I assume even if the protagonist is a f*male

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This is the only reason I went into this thread. Thank you for making it worth visiting.


How the hell you hate a short blonde woman (woman, not girl, girl is for kids) with smug attitude and literally the only good thing about her game


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just a note i have not abandoned trying to figure out how to rip shit like this model from the game, i just got sidelined by lots of other things but i am still determined to make this happen
and also trying to understand what these broken english people on that xentax forum are even saying

keep doing the gods work user.
someone already make a porn based on those outfit