Have to fight one enemy

>have to fight one enemy
easy as fuck

>have to fight multiple enemies at once
literally fucking impossible, just put down the controller and die

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You're a ninja.

if you can separate one of them he should go down with a couple of defelcts
if all else fails, stealth the bastards and hide in the bushes
except monkey duo, these niggers can fuck each other and die

The Lone Shadow Vilehand (in the dojo on revisit) is unironically the hardest fight in the game if you don't stealth kill his purple ninja sidekick.

Wasn't that bad

moral victories still count!!

try it charmless

>backstab one enemy
>entire map aggros
>grapple hook on top of a tower
>crouch and wait until everyone de-aggroes

I didn't have trouble with those. I did have trouble with the dual samurai next to the reservoir after the invasion. But I killed them eventually too.

imo the ninjutsu arts should've been available way sooner. bestowal in particular is amazing

hey jumping attacks can be fun
if you get bored you can always set them on fire

>ingest Contact Medicine
>Great Aged Mist Raven around and burn everything
Heh... nothing personnel, nips

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I actually really like that encounter. It's like a puzzle to be solved

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>try it in no fun allowed mode
you have noone ro blame for your suffering but your own misguided hubris

just grapple hook away, abuse stealth, abuse items, etc. you're supposed to play like a sneaky ninja

Why would you do that fight any other way? Better yet. Puppeteer his buddy cause its hilarious.

Wow nice. This encounter was the only time I found mountain echo to be extremely useful since I think using a ceramic shard alerted both of them. Had to go to the farthest on the right of the stairs and stealth kill the henchmen. I don't even think I saw the normal guy there.

well, I eventually pussied out and got the charm back when i was getting filtered at the emma fight.

Didnt even realize there was a dude sleeping.

Used the headless thing that makes you harder to detect. Then snuck up and puppeteered the one guy and took down spear boi.

Yeah, sleeping guy in yellow doesn't aggro for the fight and just chills there. He also dies in one hit regardless of what difficulty you're in
He's tailor made to be used for a ninjutsu

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Charmless is literally just normal mode. Charm is easy mode, there's no penalty for missing a deflect and blocking makes you immortal.

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Good on you. I did charmless + bell and I would never expect anyone to subject themselves to that bullshit.
Started another run right after Isshin just so I my most tecent memories of the game wiuld be fun ones.

Is Sekiro good? I enjoyed Elden Ring but put down DS1 after the first castle.

Don't think the problem was No Kuro's Charm
Emma's fight is... unique.
Every other fight demands you stay aggressive. Emma's fight forces you to wait at certain moments and remain passive
Everytime I face her, the outcome is either
>I stomp her effortlessly
>she stomps me effortlessly
>I barely hold on, use almost all of my healing gourd chugs and inch out a win
Never have I had a, as the young kids call it, "mid" fight with her with back and forths
She is a glass cannon through and through

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being aggressive with emma makes her repeat the same attack patterns in a loop most of the times tho. and those attacks you say you have to wait are basically canceled if you poke her once so you can pretty much stomp her repeatedly without too much trouble.
same with isshin ashina in his first face. i always manage to force him into his three attacks then thrust without much trouble

>Every other fight demands you stay aggressive.
except for headless monke. his scream attack forces you to run away. worst part of the fight. so, so boring.

If you enjoy fast-paced but simple combat, then yes.

>Every other fight demands you stay aggressive. Emma's fight forces you to wait at certain moments and remain passive
don't you just tomahawk chop her over and over?

It's excellent, but don't go in expecting another souls game
Also, don't try to play it like one or you'll have a bad time
You need to play the game like a shinobi and use the tools the game gives you, and when you're forced into a fight, be aggressive, backing off tends to make things harder

If you play it on PC, I recommend trying out one of the mods that allows you to hotkey your tools and combat arts too. However, I had an issue with The Art of Battle one that caused input delay. The cheat engine table one might be better.

You absolutely cannot be aggressive at Emma 100% of the time
If she backs off, you cannot swing at her until a few moments pass
Or she will outspeed you and cut you off

It's much more of a designed experience than the other from games because there is no accounting for different character builds. Also it feels way less cryptic, mainly because the level design and progression is pretty linear and there isn't really much you can miss if you don't constantly look at the wiki like in Elden Ring.
It definitely a good game, but you can't really gauge if it's for you from the other From games.

>he doesn't use the shuriken to tp in front of the boss
your fault. the moment i see her take a step away im already throwing that shit to her face

You know what? That's fair
I have the umbrella on at all times in case she manages to back off out of my range and charges Ashina Cross
I lack the reflexes to deflect it, I swear hers is harder than Isshin's or the Iaido mini-bosses

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Bought on sale, kino game but feels way too short. Already at the ending 15 hours in.

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i like the shield too but i got so accustomed to the mobility the shuriken offers i basically use it in every single fight (unless cheese like horse dude or Demon).
also, throwing her one while shes charging her ashina cross makes her cancel it to parry it. that helps a LOT

You're suppose to cheese multiple enemies so either stealth kill them so you have only one to fight, stealth kill one and use the puppeteer ninjutsu to give you some help or just use the prosthetic and firecrackers to stun them and cheese them.

that screenshot is indicative of you being nowhere near the ending, dumbass
also you didnt really beat the game if you didnt play charmless+demon bell

Go be a ninja.

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She can be staggered out of it by just a normal slash.
In general I find the pace similar to Genichiro, mashing till she backs off, wait a bit to see if she follows with the dash attack then go back in

I cant remember a single time I was forced to fight 2 enemies at once apart from the double ape fight. At all other situations you can usually back off and hide taking them out 1 by 1 if you want.

>3 high tier enemies aggro me
>Fight the last 1v1

Its not hard. and if you are fighting low to mid tier enemies fighting lots of once shouldnt be hard.

My biggest complaint is still the health system in the game
>only character in the game that has to heal
>multiple characters take multiple deathblows to kill, the player character can canonically revive but you can only revive once unless you deathblow someone strong
>extra revives require you to kill people to even activate them

They should have just given you free use of the extra revives and given the player character more health and no gourds, like it honestly feels like that's what the getting health back on deathblows skill was made for, that would have been great if you had a large health bar, they should have also made it so that when your own posture is broken you can be criticalled and killed but then if you have multiple revives you can come back 3 times with no strings attached and get those revives back on rest.

Also the special moves requiring items to use them is also shit, I get they want to stop the player character from spamming them but they should have put a cool down on them or something after a certain amount of uses or made them more like magic in souls where you can just take an item to replenish uses.

There are 4 endings, an actual reason to keep going through new game plus.

do each of them give you a new gauntlet of strength amd skin? i 100% the game when it came out and am replaying it now with basically 0 knowledge of how the dlcs work. don't know how many gauntlets are there

Honestly, my biggest complaint about spirit emblems is that they should just refill on rest
I really don't see why you have to farm or buy them
Other than that, I'm perfectly okay with them being a "combat currency"

I've only done the one ending and got one skin, and got 2 gauntlets. I've seen replay echoes of others with skins so without looking it up, I'd have to assume so.

you never have to farm nor buy them. enemies drop them very frequently so you can be proactive with emblem usage

yeah it's true that enemies drop them and you have the dagger if you need it, but having them technically be finite just seems kinda pointless

Yeah but you get 25 max which isn't that many and then if you want more you have to use the dagger to get +5 it's just hassle when in souls you can spam magic all you want and just eat some herb to recover the uses.

I agree it seems discouraging the first time you play.

I'm glad they ended up scrapping having Dragon Rot perma kill NPCs, but it makes the mechanic in game feel kinda...pointless?

>when in souls you can spam magic all you want and just eat some herb to recover the uses
you say that like it's a good thing.

Welcome to every single Miyazaki game

Is it easy to hack the game to ng+7?

Nexus mods probably has a save file of sorts

I was afraid something would come of that but it would have been better if it did. I had so many cures over the course of the game. Their distribution feels like they were actually meant to be useful and valuable at one point.

Dude I just beat the demon of hatred. I'm doing optional stuff now.

Yeah I plan on doing it for the 100% achievement. Still a short game though.

Then don't, fall back and get into position to hit just one

Was there really meant to be a Tomoe dlc?

yeah, on top of it originally killing NPCs you didn't cure in time, it was supposed to only cure one person at a time

doesn't one of the two have a single healthbar? just backstab him and puppeteer him

multiple enemies are a lot easier if you just use combat arts, ninjutsu and prosthetic tools instead of trying to parry everything like an autist (which is still possible and not that hard if you don't lock on)

Tbh you see the same arguments with vials in bloodborne. Some people are really paranoid about it.

I feel like the sidekick automatically aggros you the first time you have this encounter on any playthrough. After that you can stealth kill him.