See what being a sonic fag does to you can’t sega be sued for ruining this young mans life

See what being a sonic fag does to you can’t sega be sued for ruining this young mans life.

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Is Chris Chan officially a man or a woman now?

Is he in a male or female prison?

Chris looks better than has in 10 years, what the hell is this guy talking about? Prison is good for him.

>watches anime
>starts to troon out
why is this so common?

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qrd on this faggot?

He hasn't had his triple servings of McDonalds everyday in like 6 months. He looks surprisingly good.

he looks about as healthy as he ever does if you ask me. In fact he seems better than usually. Jail food is probably 100x better than what ever Chris normally eats

being male is a prison
this post brought to you in part by trannyjak and poljak alliance

I really doubt they threw him in with real women

Looks sad, but physically looks better.

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why did he do it i rly cannot believe it man

I reckon Chris will make a full recovery from his years of autism and within a year we will have a reformed Chris
Or a dead chris, who knows

oh my god he lost his arms, awful

They probably got him to take his medication. There is a look of sober lucidity on his face.

Does digi still do stuff?

Shouldn't the state put him in a mental institution instead of jail since he's like retarded?

Looks like he lost a lot of weight

because all the best girls are lesbians

This, prison will unironically the best thing for him. Chris has needed a good slap from reality and this is it.



They don't entertain troons in Virginia. He'll be in an all male prison for a long time.

Incest is a very serious crime, that and his mom has dementia so she can't consent. It's not good.

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No, he's autistic. And schizophrenic. Prison is the bold reality he needs to bring him down to earth and cure his schizo tendencies.

his parents, the internet and his autism is what shaped him into who he is today.
I'm sorry chris chan.

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Dude has lost weight, shocking.
I'm sure it's because he is not able to stuff his fucking face all day nor does he have a computer/video games to sit around playing all the time.
HE is is prison/jail after all, for raping his mother. They are not gonna baby his retarded ass.

He's not retarded enough. Maybe his lawyer is trying to prove the contrary to save his ass.

the question is, will jail transform chris like it did to nick bates?

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Finest quality bait, here's your (You)

He does look slimmer. Is this his training arc?

he likes Sonic video games

yes. so he fucked his mom. why does everyone know this faggot. i’m an old fucker that has been on the internet since slingo on aol 3.0 games. this entire time i have never heard about this faggot until recently and the only thing of note i can find is he fucked his mom and something about toe fungus

Oh man, I forgot about this actual dung eater.

So sege hired babies to fuck with me? Or they have a spoiled baby division and fill it with schizos and psychos to sick on gamers that make pretty ladies smile?
Do all of them do that?
Also, stay out of my router, pls

Yeah. Channel name is ygg studios and the content is more or less the same, but now he's changed is persona from a drunken anime loving hobo degenerate to a wise old witch lady that teaches people how to art

The jail "could fix him" but the real issue is if he'll relapse the second he's out.

Shit like this is why we need Republicans in the office permanently. Tranime and furshit needs to be outlawed.

Don't mental institutions not exist in america anymore? We just let crazy people wander around forming hobo camps and pooping in the street.

I’m surprised they haven’t cut his hair yet.

They'd look better as a kiss style punk rocker. Instead they just go tranny hot topic reject. what a shame.

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He got arrested for our sins

He will never be a woman

>No they don't, sonny. I paved the way for SJWs, Trannies and BLM.

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>he had a solid base of fans
>was married
>threw it all away by being a total retard
What a fucking moron, i remember watching his top anime of the decade before he went off the rails.

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They do but they're for the worst of the worst. You have to be deemed medically insane. People who get admitted never get out and are on so much pills they just stare into nothingness, it's actually better to go to prison.

How is he still alive? What did he ultimately get charged for? If it's Alzheimer's mother rape, I'd pretty sure he'd get separated from the general population.

There's no such thing as a "quick" rundown for Chris.

The Rothschilds bow to him

...I know this is bait but I still want to call you stupid. Your stupid.

Autists love anime
Autists are more likely to troon out
Same shit with speed running

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I'm pretty sure they can't cut your hair without your consent in jail

dont forget about how his girlfriend left him for an old 5'1 fatass

still waiting to troon out after decades of anime.

Thank god Chris is going back to prison. I was starting to worry about him.

It's still so wild to think that Chris-chan is in jail

>your stupid
I don't even know how to comprehend this post.

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>user learns what the word "common" means

How can you not immediately recognize Jesus Christine Ricardo Weston "Stephanie "Carlos "Chris Chan" Chantor" Bustcakes" Christ Chandler Sonichu the CPU Goddess Blue Heart?

Qrd in 2022 for this faggot, Like isnt he still in prison?
I know MadThad is out, he still does youtube

His horsewife also left him for Ethan Fuckin' Ralph. Can't get more pathetic than that.

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His behavior around women was constant red flags, he refusal to accept personal space and his dang ol dirty autism mixed with atrocious parenting and the end result was very foreseeable.

Based Youngkin saving VA

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Have you heard his phone call from inside the prison? All of his mannerisms and stuttering / slurring are gone and he talks like a normal person. It's genuinely unsettling.

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>the CPU Goddess Blue Heart
To me, this is the most cursed, despair inducing part of CWC.

you're a dum

ThatAnimeSnob won


Ironically, jail is the best thing for him. It might bring him back to reality, but chances are he's just gonna go back to whatever shit he was doing before when he gets out in 10 years.

I genuinely thought this bitch was a tranny until she got pregnant

nick is never getting out. think its 40 years minimum. he actually did diddle his sister unlike thad, and the jury must have really hated his ass.

Never thought about it before but if woke faggots need acceptance everywhere like allowing biological males to compete against women in sports then some male killer should be able to say "actually i identify as a woman" and be placed with women. I guess why I haven't heard this topic brought up yet is because even the most woke person isn't quite sure how to tackle that scenario.

Well the, uh, truth comes out. I’ve never been autistic, I work forty hours a week to support my parents, this has all been a trick, [camera zooms in on Chris as he points his finger] you have been trolled.

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the meds they made him take in that mental hospital opened his eyes to reality.
During the month he spent in that institution and whenever he took that mugshot, he was in a state were he finally realized the true gravity of his situation and what he did to his mom.

They fucking fixed him what the fuck

Is he still alive?

Let me guess, Chris was a Nep fan

because just about anything will make American and British white men troon out

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A "quick" rundown on him would take a few days

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Winner winner. I think that was the idea guys who put that in his head.

And they say our justice system isn't effective.

Good that guy was a fucking nigger, I didnt ever like him unlike chris and mad thad, brutal stuff out there.

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So this is the power of ATfags... whoa...

Did you listen to this phone call?

He's talking about meditating 24/7 365 and exploring the cosmos and multiverse and his chakras

Psychiatric drugs definitely didn't make him saner (they never make anyone more sane)


I hope the idea guys and Bella janke get fucking hit by a steamroller, those faggots inflicted the worst kind of torture on Chris.
That Geno Samuel documentary was a curse, now so many fucking weens are out there trying to make themselves famous off of Chris.

I wish you only but the worst man.

Yes. It's amazing how you can live off just $40 from Patreon in third world countries.

I've got a (former) friend and coworker in jail right now awaiting trial. I hear jail food sucks ass and thievery is common among the incarcerated. Also, no sheets on beds so people don't hang themselves.

His tale is too long and documented for a "quick" rundown but ill try.

>Is an autistic fuck, legit autism not meme internet version. Full Sonic OC and MLP(before the current gen shit)
>starts making videos/comics/content online about wanting a "Boy friend free girl" and other insane shit
>people notice the absurd shit he does and start to interact with him
>Due to his retardation he starts to provide way too much personal details
>trolls notice and start doing their thing
>The, again, literal retard does not get it and keeps interacting with his "fans"
>the trolls get him to reveal and do increasingly insane shit, really gets his delusions going
>Over the years the trolls have gotten him to make multiple "porn" videos that including fucking blow up dolls and shoving things up his ass, fucking hookers, and groomed him in to being a tranny
>on his own he attacked multiple game stop employees, one of them being over the color of Sonic's arms, cut his taint and insisted it was his snatch, oh and raped his dementia stricken mother that's has to be in her 70s atleast.

You live under a rock, this man has an entire wiki dedicated to him. We know literally every detail of his life from highschool to present. there has never been a more documented human being. If you have truly been around spaces like Yea Forums or SA this long you would hsve heard of him.

>lolifag (pedophile)
>becomes troon
Many such casea