What are your honest thoughts on Bloodborne?

What are your honest thoughts on Bloodborne?

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Masterpiece held hostage by the PS4.



okay game that is above ds3 but below ds1. the bosses are literally the worst in the series


Great game.
Underrated on Yea Forums.
Overrated on the rest of the internet.

Every true fan of Bloodborne wants a PC port. If you love Bloodborne you want it on hardware that can actually run it

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Best gameplay of all souls games its speed matches the game it's in

>the bosses are literally the worst in the series
>when ds2 exists

I can't play a game like that at 30 fps. A real shame cause it seemed very fun.

ds2 has better bosses unironically

Never ever :^)

I liked how the ending implies my character is a god who's using the game as their training ground.

grug like when unga become bunga

I look at it as a game that's better than fromsoft could actually make a game. Their library of games are jank trash but Bloodborne's divinely inspired setting and style help lift it above fromsoft shit tier status as are all their other games. I don't know of another dev that could've made it better but it's still kind of shitty because it was made by them.

It's shit. Every time I try to play it I last maybe 30 mind and then turn it off. Fucking unplayable 500p15fps

>played through demon's souls once
>played through dark souls 1 multiple times
>played through dark souls 2 multiple times
>played through dark souls 3 once
>played through bloodborne once
>played through elden ring multiple times

what does this say about me

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Arrested development and cultural stagnation has set in completely. You had a good time playing a game well over a decade ago and have done nothing but tried to play it again for the first time since. You will never reach that high again and you will die never reaching that high again because you are unable to enjoy new things.

It's STILL the best FromSoftware game.

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shouldn't have asked if you didn't want to face it

I fell into the meme, it's literally the nu cowadooty for hardcore gamers like us. Fuck the demonsoulsbornering meme. Shitty games with shitty gameplay. Just play something FUN

Great game held back by dogshit hardware (1080p30fps only, no PS4 Pro or PS5 patch) and retard Jap technical issues (forced chromatic eyecancer, derp of field and unstable 30fps).
You have no idea how much I want to play this but at 4K60 with the postprocess cancer disabled.

It's a masterpiece

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Powder Keg Weapons are the Best Weapons in the entire Soul Series.

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The second best Souls game but MIGHT be the first best if the pacing wasn't completely fucked by load times and being forced to returned to the Hunter's Dream to do anything

Baffling how there isn't a PS5 port despite many other Sony games getting them too

Shut the fuck up nigger, we all own PS4s here, it just fucking sucks that it doesn't run well. Stop being so poor that you have to defend 7 year old exclusives.

the truth hurts, doesn't it?

>being forced to returned to the Hunter's Dream to do anything
Blame Sony for that, they wanted it to more like Demon Souls than Dark Souls, that's why you have to farm healing consumables (vials, just like grasses in Demon Souls) and return to Hunters Dream for leveling etc.

It'll never happen so deal with it instead of port begging

best representation of lovecraftian lore without mentioning anything from lovecraft's works, and a good example at the subversion of the hero's journey

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Fuck you Sony. Get fucked and die

Yeah Sony is fucking retarded

Nah fuck off I'm literally replaying Bloodborne right now and it hurts how much its potential has been stifled by hardware. You not owning a gaming PC due to poverty probably means you don't know how it feels.

Best souls in terms of combat story and fun. Re played after elden shit and dark souls 3. Ds 3 still better then elden ring


Elder Nig is literally just Dark Souls 2-2 and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.
Everything from visuals, to technical issues, to game design to jank is exactly the same issues as Dark Souls 2.
I can only assume the same team worked on it, while the team that made Bloodborne made Sekiro probably.

It plays fine and is still a great game. No one complained about demon's souls back then

still runs at 30 on PS5
The only real solution is modding, you can get 720p60fps on a modded PS4 Pro but sadly I'm a retard that updates my software so that's probably out of the question

Seething PCtards

The game has no PS4 Pro or PS5 patch or remaster.
It still runs at the same 1080p 30fps, with the same broken framepacing, with the same terrible depth of field and chromatic aberration and the same lack of antialiasing.

Those people had no frame of reference
Dark Souls 1 plays better than Bloodborne. A lot better. A lot a lot better. There's a problem there, considering that Bloodborne came out 4 years later and is also a much faster-paced game.

I agree. My friend and i played elden together. His First souls game. After he looked up past ds games he asked me why its not called dark souls 4 lmao

I don't mean that it plays like Souls, I mean that it's SPECIFICALLY like Dark Souls 2, everything about it feels like Dark Souls 2 all over again.

My man im taking the piss but thanks for the double you i guess

I deleted the first one cause of typo actually.

I bought the game at launch you stupid bitch.

DaS1 played like shit in certain places (blightown), we all enjoyed it anyways

It not having dogshit movement is enough to make it nothing like Dark Souls 2

Dicks still hard son bend iver theres no going back

Then you should know by now that it isn't happening

I might just be bad but I feel like the dash sucks compared to a roll. It feels like there's 0 i-frames on it sometimes. Again, this might just be me but I still don't like it. Cool setting though

Wanna know how I know you played the broken PC port of Dark Souls 2 and didn't play it on console/used external fixes on PC? The movement is only broken in PC port because they prioritised mouse and keyboard so when you attach a pad it's literally just emulating keyboard and mouse and it's jank as fuck, with 8 directional movement and broken deadzones on analogs.
You can fix both by the way but it requires external tools.

I feel like it has a fuckton of i-frames
But also it feels like there's some input lag. That could be fixed with a PC port.


Go fuck OP then, OP is always a faggot.

Bloodborne is a masterpiece and pretty much has one of the strongest art directions in any game out there. I also think the gameplay is the best from the fromsoft games.

Die to first boss, spend 15mins farming a few flasks because they ain't dropping. Rinse and repeat.

Did not have a good time despite giving it multiple goes.

Unironically the greatest video game I have ever played. The only game that comes close is MGS.

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Amazing, I used to be against DLC but damn this game's DLC is kino. Just needs to be on PC already.

Aren't there spots with guaranteed drop rate? Demon Souls had that alcove on the left, right at the start of 1-1, near those gallows there were undead spawning that had guaranteed drop chance for grasses. Doesn't Bloodborne have something like this? Didn't get to it yet, currently on Dark Souls 2 so I wouldn't know, hence asking.

I need better Bloodtinge Gems for my Gatling Gun, where do I find them?

It's the Chalice Dungeons, isn't it?

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I do and that's why I said Sony is fucking retarded.

Both Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne DLC are scam because the DLCs are quite literally just cut content and it's not even all of the cut content.
Artorias stuff was all meant to be in base game in Dark Souls and the Ludwig shit etc was also meant to be in base game in Bloodborne, both games were just rushed out in unfinished state and the cut content was turned into scam paid DLC and both DLCs are still missing some of the cut content.

Why were they rushed anyways?

Deadlines. Corporations don't want to spend more time on a game because more time spent = more wages to pay = more money put into the project not to mention all the legal paperwork with re-scheduling release date and so on. It costs money and they didn't want to spend more money so the games had to ship on time, finished or not.

>upper management rush game out
>releases broken and unfinished
>bombs as a result
>everyone loses their jobs
Always based when that happens

You're a gay faggot that deserves to die.

For me it's:
>Demon's Souls 6 times
>Dark Souls 4 times
>Dark Souls 2 twice
>Dark Souls 3 once
>Bloodborne 6 times
>Sekiro twice
>Elden Ring 4 times

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this, needs a pc port ASAP

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That DeS was ok, DS1 polished the shit out of DeS, DS2 reminded you of how much fun you had playing DS1, DS3 felt like more of the same and got boring, BB either felt too samey or so different in tone that it didn't draw you in, and ER's open world and the new game design it required to work breathed life into the old stale formula and you had fun again.

They know that BB is one of their best titles so they aren't going to lose it any time soon

super overrated and barely playable with its low framerate and bad framepacing.

lots of fun by myself. just wish i could have convinced my friends to play with me for a round

3(?) times
Currently on character #8

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They should at least give it a performance patch on PlayStation 5. Probably going to scam with another remaster.


I have never felt more alive then when I successfully dodged Ludwig the Holy Blades combo string to the crests of his ost after 30 plus tries and watched him die to a visceral. A goddamn masterpiece.

Eagerly awaiting PC/PS5 remaster/patch/remake/sequel/whatever.

This, except replace "masterpiece" with "alright game"

Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne were all rushed out the door in unfinished state and were still financially successful.
Demon Souls is missing the entirety of sixth archstone.
Dark Souls 1 has blatantly unfinished lategame areas (Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith, Crystal Cave) and the Artorias content cut entirely and released later as DLC in cut-down format (it wasn't meant to be time travel, and there's still content missing like the upper New Londo which you can see from Firelink Shrine but never get to visit and whatnot).
Dark Souls 2 is unfinished jank: the game and it shows, Scholar of the First Sin was a bandaid since they focused on the DLCs (which were actually new content and not recycled cut content for once) rather than fixing the broken base game for the most part.
Bloodborne again has quite a bit of cut content and the entirety of DLC was meant to be in base game, and similarly to Artorias situation, it wasn't meant to be an alternate "nightmare" version of existing location.
The only games that are actually finished proper are Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, not sure about Elden Ring since I didn't research it yet.