"Woah Sonic! Where are you going?"

>"Woah Sonic! Where are you going?"
>"As you can see Blaze, I'm in a Sonic Rush!"

Really, Sega?

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>Blaze thread

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my wife

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>"Im just a guy that loves to sonic adventure, too!"
bravo, sega...

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Sega, plz make her relevant again

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>We're Sonic Heroes!

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>"Look everyone! It's Tails! And Sonic, too!"
It was a simpler time.

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I like Blaze in 06. Her and Silver are too cute together.

Blaze in 06 suuucks, she's a non entity, Rush will always be her proper origin story

silver and Blaze are terrible too, but shipping has made it terrible to discuss that

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>"NOOOOO!! Not again! That Sonic Forces his way into my plans every time! Curses!"

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His strongest partner.

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I think the world would be a better place if more Sonic girls had an outfit like Sonic's

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I think the world would be a better place if sonic characters feet werent canonically blobs

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this fan made model will make Blaze more relevant than Sega ever would

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I personally quite like the blobfeet. I think they're cute and suit the artstyle well. Perhaps we'll just have to agree to disagree.

>alien's reaction to first contact with human life and they pull their dick out

id rather not detailed paws but something like or style paws more than just no feature blobs

this. i want a sonic rush 3 that has silver

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Ah alright, yeah I get you. That would definitely be an upgrade. Just as long as they're not perfectly-formed feet as some artists like to draw them.

These monsters were made for bukkakes

They're BFFs now. It's canon.

I love these two

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>In the end, I guess that really was a Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

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Blaze fans get Rush 3, Silver fans get Rivals 3

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More Blaze required.

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I feel like I'm the only one who likes the idea of Blaze coming from the future more than her coming from another dimension. I think she also fits very well with Silver, not romantically they just seem like they'd be from the same setting.

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I'm sure it's been said before, but I really don't think the "Boost" style of games should die, I just think they should be given to Blaze, as in Blaze should get her own spinoff series that plays like that
People definitely like that formula but it seems like it didn't quite click with most people as what Sonic should be

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They aren't. That was just the artstyle of the SA artist, and was probably told do that so it matched the simple 3D models.
There's canon examples of actual feet on mobians, but there's some autists who have tried to push this blobfeet narrative. Don't fall for it.
Notice how modern games never show feet at all? Sonic at the olympic games has Sonic characters never take off shoes, even in sports where even eggman takes of his shoes. If blobs are soooo canon, why not just show his blob feet? Because they know that's stupid. Blobs are not feet.
By the way, the same people who tell you sonic characters have blob feet because they took some old art literally also fap to Sonic characters with huge tits and nipples. They're hypocrites.

Sonic should end up with Blaze, Knuckles should end up with Rouge, and Shadow should end up with Amy
Tails is too young to date anybody except maybe handholding with Cream or getting his heart stomped in by Fiona

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I guess thats valid. I do like the big paws though


Busy cat.

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Both of you faggots are the reason why people hate Silver and why Blaze got ruined.

Busty cat.

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>off model Blaze

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cringe ngl senpai

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Why does off-model trigger people so?

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I just love these two
I wish Silver got his own game and Blaze a Rush 3 without Sonic

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because it's not the same character

Blaze the flat

Where's her four or six tits then?

>Making up shit to get mad
Really, OP?

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She loves Sonic, bro

the best flat

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Homosexuality. That's the reason.

All women are better with bigger breasts and a fatter ass.

Does Blaze wear pants?

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Their relationship is strictly professional

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no you absolute retard

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So what are you gonna do about it? Cry, piss, shit and cum yourself?

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Blaze was literally the only character in 06 that was unironically fun to play as.
She shouldn't have been in 06 to begin with, but for what it counts her playable segments are by far the best part of the game if you're looking at what the developers intended you to do rather than unintended shit like Sonic's infinite jump, Silver/Omega's infinite hovering, etc.
Also, her job in the story is to wrangle Silver until she does what Silver can't and finally defeat Iblis, even with Silver fucking up and not sending her into another dimension she still managed to successfully sacrifice herself to do what needed to be done. It's not that bad.

Pants and by that measure panties.

enjoy the vacation dipshit

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Rush is her real story. Problem is not everyone played the Rush titles. The only reason she is even prevalent in sonic channel/spin offs is because of 06
Hell if Blaze wasn't in 06 she would not be in Generations

>caring about off model Blaze
Why? she being insecure about her breast size is cute

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You only proved your heterosexuality by leaning into breast envy (an immensely heterosexual and patriarchan fetish). Otherwise you would be gay.

that's the problem, she already had a pretty badass debut in sonic rush with good character development, then comes 06 and her only role in the game is babysitting Silver.

Silver fans don't care about Blaze, other than as a support character for him

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If its off model like this I don't mind its actually cute. Drawing her like Tawna or some generic bimbo proportions it was causes me to induce vomit or filter the image.

blaze doesnt need tits

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i like silver, and her babysitting his dumb ass is cute

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Blaze is built for naizuri not paizuri thank you very much

Homosexual opinion

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Why did they make Blaze so erotic anyway?

I don't, but I can understand why someone else would.
A lot of people assume blazefags don't like Silver because of shipping but it's really because a lot of us just don't like the character and want Blaze to have an important role in the games while also not being narratively handcuffed to a guy she vaguely remembers from Sweet Mountain.

Needs slightly bigger canines

I wouldn't mind blaze having her own game without silver, I do enjoy the dynamic between them in 06. Silver is pretty cute on his own too though.

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she's a catgirl, it was to be expected

if there's one thing i respect about Ian Flynn's writing on Sonic stuff, its that he recognized how stupid Blaze being in 06 was

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