Gaming chair thread

What does Yea Forums think about turning an old car seat and the lower part of an office chair a into a gaming chair? Based or cringe?
Also post your chairs,.

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buy a proper ergonomic chair, your back will thank you

Posting GOAT gaming chair

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Whooops, wrong pic

There should be a gaming chair and a cooming chair think about it.

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Don't care didn't ask. Also fucking exercise you fat fucks. No chair in the planet is healthy when you sit down for 8+ hours.

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>Don't care didn't ask. Also fucking exercise you fat fucks. No chair in the planet is healthy when you sit down for 8+ hours.

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im thinking about doing that too

>when your chair is a prison cell

Yeah I mean why not? It'll give you a project to do I guess. I have some random cheap gaming chair I got during Amazon's Prime Day shit a couple years ago for $60, $70 off-sale. It's fine.

Just got a Steelcase Gesture for 650 euro bucks.
After removing the added lumbar support (the chair is shaped with lumbar support already), it's the best chair I've ever sat in.
>inb4 jewman miller aeron
Not a good at home chair.

yoga ball master race

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>yoga ball

yes, unironically. it's the only chair that won't get uncomfortable after hours of sitting because you can move around on it a little.


>sitting down

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The only person I've ever known who actually had a setup like this was morbidly obese and a huge autist. He was a "professor" at a community college too, kek.

is that a treadmill???

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I bet this nigga doesn't even have a standing bed

Anything else is for poorfags or underaged retards.

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I'm more of a Bicycle Desk person myself

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>Aeron is not a good at home chair.
The Gesture has a bad headrest and insufficient lumbar support. Also there's a reason why there are Herman Miller Aerons from 1994 still in circulation. Unless you're a retard like pic related and use industrial cleaning detergent on the mesh, it'll last decades.

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Lol pretty pathetic. My desk treadmill is at a 45 degree incline. Also, where are you leg weights? Lol you're barely being active, lmao.

i think i'm gonna get a gesture
it seems far more adjustable than any other chair

I don't like to imagine the thread that got user so assblasted he devastated his chair with it.

I'm a chair enthusiast. I've owned practically everything from HM, Steelcase and Haworth over the years. If you get a chair with fabric in it, expect to replace it eventually.
Comfort: Embody>Haworth Fern>HM Aeron>Staples Hyuken>Leap V2>Gesture>HM Mirra 2>Ikea Markus

I think not having to repurchase a $1000 chair is more important than comfort though so just buy a fucking Aeron. Mesh is forever. Only downside is that when you fart, it goes through.

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mesh is absolutely terrible if you don't have a shirt on, though

what's wrong with farts not absorbing

you'd rather the fart particles get embedded into the cushion?

>uncomfortble without a shirt on vs your skin stuck to the chair from sweat

Nothing, it just stinks
No it's just something to consider

Should I buy a second hand aeron from craigslist? Seems they run roughly $400

I always end up rolling my back on these until I stub a toe.

cloth fabric doesn't stick and only fat fucks are sweating all over their chair

Are you in a big city? Typically they're sourced from office buildings if you're in a big city but you can get a decent deal brand new from a dealer if you want a remastered one. Watch this video if you're gonna buy used. I'd never buy someone's personal chair, make sure it's sourced from an office building. Mine is practically brand new even though it's a 2015 a couple months before they started using plastic parts.

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>I'm a chair enthusiast

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no, cincinnati isn't that big but there are a lot of office areas around here. The CL post was selling multiple of them so I assume it was a company that went under or something

Perfect. Watch that video before you go and make sure you know how to test every single function if you're buying fully loaded. If you want a headrest, don't cheap out. Get the Atlas designed by former HM designers. It uses the same exact plastic and same exact mesh as the chair itself so feels like an official add-on. I'd recommend a 2015 or earlier, non-remastered. There's a reason why Aerons from 1994 are still in circulation.

I don't trust the remastered ones yet. Give it about twenty years and we'll see how those fare in the long run.

>What does Yea Forums think about turning an old car seat and the lower part of an office chair a into a gaming chair? Based or cringe?
The best chair you could make IMO.

Racing chairs are overpriced cringe and terrible for ergonomics and they tend to break down. Why would you use that instead of an office chair designed to be sat in for tens of thousands of hours for decades?

He said "car seat". Not all cars have Recaro-type racing seats you know.

a "racing chair" they sell for 100 bucks on amazon isnt the same thing as a car seat

please do your spine a favor and just get a normal office chair

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Exactly. You don't know better than chiropractors who literally design these instead of practicing medicine.


car seats have more research into comfort and they have more features and last longer

Bullshit. Auto industry doesn't give a fuck about your comfort. Go ask a trucker how their back is at fifty.

Put a shirt on, you fucking hobo. The downside of mesh is that it slowly eats your clothes depending on how you sit, the upside is that it'll probably last forever. Mine is 20 years old with a couple of spots of minor fraying that have no impact on the structural integrity.

I'll never go back to foam or fabric garbage.

i've never sat in a cart seat that's uncomfortable but i've sat in steelcase and haworth chairs and cheap chairs and they're not comfortable

I hope they can figure out a mesh version of the HM Embody because I refuse to do fabric ever again.

fellow cinci user here gonna snipe that chair away from you

Your posture is probably shit.

say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens

gimme an address motherfucka
meet me some motherfuckin where bitch

>practicing medicine
fantastic post

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I dont meet weirdos on the internet, unless ur a cute girl

Cat seats aren't comfortable. Road trips get miserable after a couple hours due to this.

Covered in pussy

I hate those reselling hacks so much, fucking 100% (((German)) markup for profile aluminium and laser cut aluminium, all of it from other companies.