Sonic fundamentally doesn't work in the third dimensio-

>Sonic fundamentally doesn't work in the third dimensio-

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sonic has sucked for 30 years just let it go. literally nothing good has come from this series since sonic 3 apart from the movie.

Did you just forget about the Adventure games?

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Looks like shit

The Sonic Boom cartoon

Now design a fun level

yeah that's what I thought



Yup, thats a ball rolling on a hill. Revolutionary.

sonic is a momentum based precision platformer.

The 3D games trying to be all about "speed" is a mistake. Something like mirror's edge is better successor to sonic than the actual 3D attempts.

So your idea for a sonic game is to just have him run around a Tony Hawk create-a-park in the middle of a field.

>>Sonic fundamentally doesn't work in the third dimensio-

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this looks like dogshit to actually play. cmon

Gamepro was cool

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>make zones basically Mario oddessy kingdoms
>instead of multi moons there are chaos emeralds and emerald shards or something as regular moon equivalents
>instead of bing bing Wahoo its zoom zoom loopty loop

I for one am shocked that someone managed to make a camera worse than Sonic X-treme's.

the camera is complete ass. I saw a much better implementation years ago.


>does the running animation in air while falling
people who intentionally recreate that horrible fucking state machine glitch from the original games caused by incompetent programming deserve the bullet.


>mario but with shit gameplay

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Ah sweet you've got the Windows XP level pack.

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n. There I finished your sentence.

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Wow, an empty green field. At last I truly see.

no, they are garbage.

3D Sonic should focus on making moving around at the speed of sound as fun as possible. Fun physics with momentum and level designs that let you get creative with it. Allow for lots of tricks and stuff. Should be relatively open with lots of secrets and alternate paths too.

They should unironically make a game of the goofy 90s cartoon.

You opinion doesnt matter, normalfag

Okay, that's a pretty cool tech demo.

Now make an interesting level with it that also isn't a fucking slog or just completely boring on subsequent replays. Note that old Sonic games weren't immune to this either- nobody has fond memories of Mystic Cave Zone or Marble Garden Zone- but these were also "THAT Zone" of their respective games.

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That would be awesome. Wouldn't be the same without Long John Baldry voicing Robotnik though. Maybe they could just mix his voice like a youtube poop.

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Just design a 2D sonic level, but in 3D
Adventure already kinda did this, it's not complicated
It's just resource intensive

At least we got Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Even if it is just a reskinned Puyo Puyo.

Anons, this isn't some sort of new fan game. It's just Sonic Generations modded to put classic Sonic in a generic map.

No loopdeloop no sale
It's become funny to keep it alive now
Also just S3&K is better than the entire Mario franchise, seethe

this is dishonest. if movement is already fun then the addition of level design goals and collectibles will just be more fun.
Just don't put awful shit like goomba stacking and tank sections in and you're golden.

Looks like that Tribes map.

>Utopia was planned to be released years ago, but more people jumped on the project once it got popular so it scope creep'd into something that still hasn't seen the light of day
Why are they all like this

>mfw watching your fave episode
Damn, straight.

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Look, I love Sonic. I grew up on Sonic. I have been a Sonic fan my whole life. I bought a Dreamcast for Adventure. But that game was shit and the sequel was shit. Sonic can't get better unless the fans are honest about the quality and demand better. I could go into detail about why the adventure games are pure crap but I think you know already. The fact is that people say "Sonic doesn't work in 3D" because there has never been a decent 3D sonic game. It doesn't have to be that way though. You can demand better.

>awful shit
>gooma stacking and tank sections

Huh, I always thought that it meant it would be really difficult to create a sonic game with levels long enough to not just finish them in 3 second and with enough content to avoid making them just long corridors. Because you know, if the levels are too focused on exploration (like a 3D mario game) then you wont be doing the fast but if they are just about the fast then the levels would have nothing on them because why bother.

>But that game was shit
No it isn't
>the sequel was shit

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>videogame is an eternal 2.0 since 2010
>It's rare having a 4.0
>5.0 feels unreal

>But that game was shit and the sequel was shit.
Are you sure about that?

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Sonic can and has worked in 3D. Adventure's character movement was fun and natural. All of its flaws, like the collision and automation, could've been omitted with future iterations. But instead Sega let it regress and created this problem for themselves.

>filtered by garbage gameplay that isn't challenging, engaging or fun


No sonic game is rated as highly as Galaxy or odyssey. In fact the debate between these characters was settled years ago with 64. Protip Mario won

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>not spindash jumping to the right to skip the helicopter entirely

>Adventure's character movement was fun and natural.
Don't forget Lost World.

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not him but I watched friends play through the entire pair of games and had no idea why anyone would think they were fun. tedious mess of a 3D platformer. I think if the characters weren't sonic characters literally nobody would have played it or pretended it was good

very flawed and janky parkour system could be good if reworked and put in another game.

Fuck off, nigger.

Looking at the sonic advance retrospectic, i could use a team play sonic game with mixed abilities from his friends

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Is either Galaxy or Odyssey as good as Adventure 2?

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I have been shitting on adventure in this thread but this is true. The controls and movement in adventure are great (as sonic). The sound design is also great. The problem is that they made 2 decent stages then filled the game with literal garbage filler. They did the same thing in 2.

The Sonic levels in SA1 are good though, beta windy valley in particular was on the right track for what I think 3D Sonic should be like.

Yeah, most AAA games feel like a 2.5 to me using the Garfield scale. The better ones give me some smiling moments.

Yeah in fact their better.

both are 100x better and they make sonic look like a shovelware budget game in comparison.

I disagree but I appreciate Lost World for returning to the slower pace of the Adventure games. Again, this is all Sega's fault. They think that Sonic can't work in 3D uncompromised so they've adopted the Boost formula. is right but Boost is infinitely more resource intensive for less content and worse gameplay. They need to drop that shit already.

Why do people always post tech demos instead of SRB2