What's the most awkward situation you either seen or went through in VRchat?

What's the most awkward situation you either seen or went through in VRchat?
>be me
>in some cottage place as the only user
>some girl comes up (real loud and obnoxious type)
>starts hitting on me even after I said nothing
>her mom or some parental figure yells in the distance
>she screams "NOOOO"
>I promptly leave

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>be me

Who else would you be, you fucking retard?

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You should have stayed, made fun of her for being an underage and that it's past her bedtime, and recorded the whole thing. You could have made the situation funny, but instead you dipped like a weenie.

>be me
glownigger trying too hard to fit in

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how nu r u


cybersex/erp in vrchat, really awkward but miles better than erp anywhere else



Why did you think this post was so insightful that you needed to sign your name to it?

I remember a time when ">be me" in greentexts was frowned upon for being from reddit, nigger.

What answer do you wanna hear?

I remember a time when ">be me" in greentexts wasnt cared about because it was before reddit crossposters crossposted.

>be me
>always have a penguin model on because i love penguins
>two people come in the empty world i'm in
>edaters with curvy goth anime avatars
>the girl thinks my model is really cute and so does the guy
>the girl starts making a bunch of sexual jokes like using my beak as a dildo
>the guy goes silent, even when she asks him if something's wrong
>he just runs off to the far corner of the map
>she runs after him
>i run after them
>they get into an argument about her making sexual jokes to strangers
>have a full on relationship argument for like 45 minutes right there in the public world
>ends with him just disconnecting
>hear her crying for a few minutes
>she leaves afterwards

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Yeah, and that time is the present, you newfag.

No one ever used ">be me" until reddit started stealing the format, faggot.

jesus christ, jesus FUCKING CHRIST. OP here and dude that's the type of shit to make your stomach hurl if you were bare witness to. It's bad enough when they pretend to cuddle, but having full fledged relationship argument in a game of shitposters and degenerates is another thing entirely

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Weak sauce shit, observe:

Imagine going to different worlds on VRChat with your e-boyfriend and considering it a date
At what point in your life did it get so low

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>pleading submissive sounding full grown man
>begging followed up by other humiliating quotes
>acted out orgasms with louder screams to drown out the eacher
I'm so fucking glad I made this thread, cheers fren

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someone else? fuck kind of a question is this

These people are usually artists that scrape by with commissions for porn avatars too, or people on benefits with no actual work experience

Probably the moment you considered an e-boyfriend a valid relationship

yes they just pulled it out of their asses for absolutely no reason

>being this new

These are both accurate and I'm genuinely sad that people like this exist in the world

>be me
Has always been underage reddit bullshit it's just that there were an overwhelming amount of posts with it that eventually people just stopped pointing it out.

How is VRchat if you don't actually have a VR headset? You can just use a mouse and keyboard right? I'm considering it just to observe and record weird people.

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>having this hard of a speg out because OP said be me

Free on Steam, and their website. You'll see plenty and I mean PLENTY of these oddly proportioned VRchat anime people with fat asses and huge tits, and oh furries too. They're usually groomers, and if you're lucky enough you'll hear some creepy shit.
Sidenote too, nobody in this fucking game knows how to talk to girls. So shit gets real autistic, real quick

What's fucked up is that the kids on VRchat are all for the groomers. I'm 21 and I had a 15-year-old try getting with me and when I was like "no" he said something like "the older guys on here do it so much better though"

I miss the early days of this game when people blasting Hitler speeches or screamed nigger. At least it was harmless fun back then, even though it was edgy bullshit

Jesus christ that is really fucked. I hope they were just larping

The anime avatars and e-daters have actually taken over :/
For their sake, me fucking too

What’s your avatar in VR Chat
Mine is Hank Hill

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Big Chill from Ben 10, kids call me a furry

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Is that from one of the newer shows? I don't remember that one at all, looks cool though.

I've played it with a mouse and keyboard the entire time
I just walk around as a tiny guy looking for avatars with skirt to take pantyshot pics of

Ben 10: Alien Force, it's when he was a dopey teenager and Kevin had a car

generic anime girl

>Be you
>Retarded and homosexual

Ah, I only ever watched the original when I was a kid and stopped when they made them all teenagers.

Not that user, but filtered nigger

i was walking around as a Collector from Mass Effect
someone walked up to me and asked
>What are you suppose to be
i don't say anything
>alright then
they start to walk away and i turn on my mic
>a Collector
>a collector of what
then he walked away


>be me
>black kid calling a dude racist for using a cop avatar
>cop avatar just repeats the same audio file of that fbi open up meme
>black kid screaming about how he killed his brother george floyd
>cop guy gives 0 fucks and keeps repeating the meme
>black kid who sounds to be like 11 at most yells about fucking his wife
>cop user rinse and repeats
>eventually black kid goes on a tangent about how the white man keeps his people held down
>he gets so upset that he begins to cry


>tfw i have no face

Based homewrecking penguin chad.
Guy dodged a bullet.

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I literally didn't do shit but just stand there

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as chads do

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Truly an imposing presence.

THEN HE WADDLED AWAY (waddle waddle)

Guilmon or one of it's evolutions as my default. Found a world once where there were tons of Guilmon recolors and stuff but thought it was weird because there were pictures plastered on the wall of scalies and e-dating. I just wanna be a cool Digimon, man.

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It's unironically comfy worldhopping with someone you like.

I often times just log on to vr and semi afk in karaoke pubs. The syncing is awful but I think that's part of the charm.

is there some way to make a public playlist of cool worlds in this game? searching through the garbage is a little bit tiring.

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as opposed to meeting up for a real date

fpbp, absolutely destroyed lmao

one of the other voices in my head retard

what if they dont live near each other?

if you're e-dating in the first place you've already failed as a human

I switch between random aesthetically pleasing animu girls with neat emote functionality depending on my mood. I like this 2hu one that has knives that move in slow motion.

I feel you on this one, user. I'd make a wanderlust world list for anons who just enjoy surreal vistas to get lost in. It's like hiking. Can completely ignore groomer hubs and still enjoy yourself.