What's is one criticism you have about the game?

What's is one criticism you have about the game?

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Game breaking glitches.

Copied too much from Dark Souls 3(the worst Souls game).

There's no reason to come up with cools builds and outfits because the online play is the least fun it has ever been in a From game.

DLC isn't out yet and it's been months

Can't save Sellen.

bosses are on crack and never run out of stamina
not enough runes from being summoned

Still playing it now and enjoying it. However, I think the one thing I’m not enjoying is there is so much crap that you don’t feel satisfied doing. The last cave I explored had two of those weird ‘long insect men with human arms and pointy sticks’ as bosses and my reward was an amulet that increased my damage if I was poisoned. Who the fuck even wants something like that? I even needed to use a stone key for it.

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No comfy quests and towns

Honestly, the fall 'damage' (rate at which the game decides you should die) at times feels very arbitrary/inconsistent and it makes navigating pretty frustrating for me.

>implying she doesn’t deserve it
Have you never heard of Pandora’s box before? If you mess with shit that you don’t understand, you shouldn’t be messing with it

>Too many exploitable builds for PvE balance.
>It's not fun replaying through the shit dungeons.
>Still overall just kind of more of the same Souls we've had the past 5 games with little innovation.
>Story is still intentionally ambiguous to keep autists talking about it forever (not saying it has to be explicit its just fucking tiresome).

a lot of worthless rewards

runs shit on my machine, looks like it has bullshit enemies anyway

Rats stunlocking you with their basic attacks.

The reward system is horrendous. They have you do a 'side activity' (choir) that consists of scouting an island for ghost turtles and then when you've found the fucking things they give you the amulet of pebble or whatever that increased your sorceries speed. The rewards being garbage wouldn't be an issue at all if the content apart from legacy dungeons was actually any good

My biggest complaints are such nit picks it’s not even funny
>not one town just full of friendly or neutral npcs
>closest one is the hub and even that’s just a bunch of ‘one on one’ interactions in one setting
>can’t enter homes or small buildings despite the fact their doors are wooden and I’m wielding a giant demon dick first sword that shoots magma cum on hit

The late enemies are spongy

The open world adds very little. The traditionally made dungeons and castles are the best part of the game and the open world/side caves and tombs start getting old by the time you start going through liurnia. You could cut the game world's size in half and it would be a better game for it.

It's the first Souls game that feels soulless.

Worst open world music in a game. So shit it detracts from the experience. Instead of a comfy adventure or melancholic stroll, it is simply annoying.

Those with the lust for knowledge deserve to understand.

Just one ?
I'd have a few but the biggest one would probably be content reuse.

Sekiro is harder than Elden Ring.

I hate how it's a 8.5/10 game but the fans are pretending it's 11/10

I’m not even sure why ‘instadeath’ dall damage is even a thing (unless it’s super stupid high). Even then, they should just do calculations from your starting point to end point like how the normal damage does without over exerting it if it goes over a certain amount. I hate how I can use the cotton item, fall down a cliff that I think isn’t too deep and still lose all my health once I hit the bottom.

Kys stupid mass replying faggot

The best song in the game (Godskin theme) wasn't even written by the DS3 composer, so Kitamura clearly ran out of inspiration for ER.

The side dungeons are the worst I've encountered in any videogame ever. The whole imps behind every goddamn wall in every goddamn dungeon thing was so tedious and embarrassing. Only the stone digger side dungeons and some skeleton ones were OK.

>>not one town just full of friendly or neutral npcs
well you got the jar village i guess lol

If you drop a rainbow stone off a ledge and it breaks that means you will die from fall damage

black bars on my screen. i was checking out the mod that disables subtitle vignetting, but got put off by it when it involved unpacking all the data files lol. guys at From really should've baked it in at the start.

Only the first time, then it becomes the easiest game.

Basically this

It’s not BotW

No shit didn't even know that. I can't blame him, feels the game lacked a theme or direction, and an overwhelming amount of content was stitched together.

If you count all the ways you can cheese either game, yes. If you're playing straight melee without abusing broken status ailments or using spirit ashes, ER is harder. The last few areas in elden ring and endgame bosses are all fucking ridiculous, not to mention a few earlier ones that are retarded. The only fights in Sekiro that were as hard were Isshin, Demon of Hatred. and Owl 2.

butts not big enough

There have been some instances, the chain leading to the giant forge comes to mind, where I literally died falling a foot. It's like they're terrified of you reaching some point you're not supposed to without any exits or whatever so they just set an extremely punishing limit to your jumps.

>What's is one criticism you have about the game?
It's not the game, it's me. I'm more jaded and bitter then when I played DS3.

The main difference for me was that dying in Sekiro never pissed me off or had me questioning the game's design. The endgame of ER is so overtuned with damage and lack of proper openings that dying was just frustrating.

repetitiveness in bosses and small dungeons

not him but I massacred the jar village by accident.
I kinda ran in and saw all the little jars and since the ones I found up to that point were all hostile I kinda just attacked immediately.
As I was walking back to the entrance to the village an NPC voice said something along the lines of "You broke all the others, please don't break me as well" and only then I realised what Ive done. I told a friend afterwards and he explained its a friendly NPC village.
I feel bad because just like the other user I was also looking forward to finding a comfy town where I could just chill and talk to a bunch of NPCs and it turns out I just massacred the only one.
Feels fucking bad man

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Npc quests are too disjointed and lack polish

A normalfaggot casual like Dunkey easily shitted on Elden Ring's endgame bosses on harder difficulties and his chat was bootyblasted about it. You have literal r*dditors beating Elden Ring in all kinds of restricted ways. ER is not hard whatsoever. Unless you're conceding and admitting r*ddit and twitch whores are more skilled than you.

I think the main problem is that they designed a lot of the stuff in elden ring under the assumption that you're going to use spirit ashes to cheese everything to death.

Next game should cut the world map size down by about 25 percent in favor of more intricate dungeons.

Don’t feel too bad. Unless I’m wrong, don’t those jars scoop up human remains and put them inside them? I just remember the one who helped me fight radahn talk about scooping all the left over fighters inside himself. They would probably grow up to be evil

deserved for being a brainless monster

+25 is obnoxious

Stop cutting such a large amount of content. Finish your ideas. If you’re not going to, stop letting us find literally all your unfinished, broken ideas. I don’t want to know your game could’ve been better.

>reddit reddit reddit
Dude I genuinely don't give a fuck. I'm just relaying my experience with the game. "Reddit" had tons of trouble with Sekiro and I found it relatively simple to get through with a couple of exceptions. ER was harder to me playing a straight up str build without using ashes or overleveling. You have retards like DSP beating these games anyway, who gives a shit?

The sidequest design can be pretty bullshit, even by Fromsoftware standards.

Some like Ranni's give you a pretty solid list of places to go and people to talk to. Others have a character hide in a room you visited thirty hours ago and have no reason to go back to, or hide the item they need behind an illusionary wall in a mountain completely outside of the city they send you to.

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Crafting seemed like it was an afterthought to help pad out the open world by putting worthless collectables everywhere. Should have used the bell bearings to unlock the items instead of the crafting materials.

Ditching whatever improvement they made with sekiro and bloodborne. its like those games never existed.

MIyazaki is a fucking hack and a talentless cuck.

Right. Also shit like dragoncrest greatshield talisman, crabs and livers exist. Damage is balanced around you consuming and using all that stuff rather than just balancing the game properly and making the items less busted.

Delete your save and restart, it's the only way

>no talent
>he's a hack
>sekiro and bloodborne were good

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It's way too easy to wander into Dragonbarrow and snag Somber 8 and 9 pieces. The first time I entered Dragonbarrow I had absolutely no inkling that I had just entered a level 100+ lategame area.

Im confident sekiro and bloodborn werent made by him at all. because how in the fuck could Elden ring be inferior to them.

in retrospect, elden ring's lore, music, aesthetic, world, gameplay are all underwhelming. only the initial hype, memes and big boss damage kept everyone playing but it's really overrated. yes that word is thrown around a lot but it applies perfectly for this game.

You mean to tell me every time you happened upon Millicent in her side quest you wouldn’t refresh the map until she moved to another grace and then autistically search for it by looking at every grace you’ve seen?

did the hueg dogs and birds not tip you off

They're present in both normal/western Caelid and in Dragonbarrow so, actually no

Sekiro began development after ER (but obviously finished first).