Why did you stop playing Path of Exile?

Why did you stop playing Path of Exile?

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5 hours in when I realize the game is too easy and the best thing to do is use the same move over and over again

The league is almost over

At the end of the day it's just Diablo with a more indepth leveling system. They stopped playing for the same reasons, loot treadmill wasn't fun anymore, lack of personally interesting builds to play, annoying grinding from the get go to get into the 'end game economy' and other shit like that. Also the worldbuilding and story are very bland compared to other looter games out there. The aesthetics are also nothing to write home about.

constantly swapping skill gems around is annoying

Because a 5000 slot level-up screen doesn't change the fact that it's no more complicated to actually PLAY than Diablo 3, but feels way less polished, smooth and, pardon this buzzword, visceral. D3 is also a shit game for its own reasons, but god damn does it feel so smooth and crisp and satisfying to play. If only there was something to fucking DO in it.

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because the best update was 3.0 and its been consistently declining since then, 2 years ago it was fun, last year it was bad, now it's just fucking garbage

Too easy and felt small scale. I liked Grim Dawn way better.

Didn't like the art style.

i didnt

>Too easy
The game where everything oneshots you and only like .1% of players actually beat the endgame bosses?

ashur the frogbro is the king of poe and /poeg/
simple as

I tried it and suspected the "f2p" stuff wasnt just cosmetic and when i discovered the stash tabs and how long it took to acquire shit i was done. Never logged back in even once

>Also the worldbuilding and story are very bland compared t
Yeah. I never gave a fuck about the story. Can't name a single character

im stop playing at the part where I can spam one ability for 5 hours. it's been 5 hours. I don't play games past that point. i dont care about the final boss

If I have to play more than 40 hours to get to anything above Kirby-tier difficulty, it's a bad game.

>i cant put the effort to get to the fun part, everything needs to be handed to me within the first hour of the game!
zoom zoom

Where the fuck is PoE 2

I've gotten probably over a dozen characters to 90s over the years, I'm just not interested in playing any more.

it's a decade old

How long do you think a game should be?

If it's not fun, why bother?

I used to play with my dad. Now he's gone. I can't find a good reason to play. We were searching for a new arpg. Got bored of diablo. We had great adventures together. I miss him a lot.

Why are you defending a fun "part"? Shouldn't the entire game be fun?

where'd he go? just find him and see if he wants to play more

This. Blizzard excels at how a game feels to play. You can shit on diablo or WoW or overwatch all day but there's no denying that they just feel right to play. No other mmo feels as good as WoW does

I am so sad there isn't more Atziri r34 and what little there is is low quality.

The amount of mechanics tacked on from different leagues feel like such a chore to get into. I know I can just ignore it and I do but somehow the mere presence of them annoys and drains me.

Died last year. Brain tumor.

I was just joking user, sorry for you loss. my dad almost died 2 years ago and I'm really glad he didn't because I don't think I would have been able to handle it

Excel simulator. Hard pass.

I always get like 20-25 challenges in and then eventually stop playing, probably from trying to figure out a bottleneck in my build. Never got the energy to go beyond Lv92-94 either.

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It crashes on every system/OS I've built since the beta I first got from a CD at PaxPrime.

Tired of doing the same campaign again and again.

Thank you user. Last year was really hard. My mom died on January of cancer. Lost the battle after 12 years. A couple of months later my dad started to get sick. I feel somehow responsable for it. I kinda feel like I wasn't there for him. That I should have taken him to see a brain doctor. I had so much work... I know i shouldn't blame myself, i just can't help think on "what ifs".
It was a really hard year.

The RNG is absolute aids and the campaign is so-so solo.

Yeah bro, can't wait for the mandatory time tax to go through the campaign for six hours, again! It's a glorified tutorial and everything in this game is designed to waste your time and annoy you.
If you are still defending this steaming pile of shit, you are long gone into sunk cost territory. you wasted too much time and money on this online casino fighting over temporary pixels. Fuck this game, fuck the addicted faggot fan base, and fuck GGG.

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I dont interact with other players and that makes it almost impossible to reach the end.

i just play standard

with headhunter almost any build is viable

I'm beyond tired of having to go through the campaign over and over and over again and I'm burned out from the constant upending of the "meta" from one extreme to another. I'm also sick to fucking death of dealing with trading.

Removal of the Forsaken Masters.
3.0 completely shit on the world, and I'm probably in the 0.00002% of players that loved the lore and world of PoE. I keep an eye on it every now and then but it just keeps getting worse. Hopefully PoE2 is enough of a clean slate that they can make something great again instead of just piling shit on top of shit forever, but it doesn't seem likely given it shares end-game content with PoE1.

It'll never happen but a 2.4.0 server with all the performance fixes that came after would be perfect.

After acquisition by Tencent.
Update quality dropped INSTANTLY. It's as if the game was given to completely different team to handle.

one of the ugliest games out there, got sick of looking at it

this is so accurate that it fucking hurts

Funny thing it was Fortnite. I started playing Path of Exile in April 2018, then a friend of mine told me to play fn so I did

How's the new Diablo2R ladder going so far?

extremely basado

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Sick of the dogshit fucking netcode that constantly eats my inputs
Sick of playing the 10 shitty uninteresting acts over and over again
Sick that all the art direction is dumped into omega late game bosses because chris wilson sucks on the teat of nolife whales
Having bad design of the public parties menu makes finding a group really, really hard. The game really rewards group play but finding 4 other people that want to commit to playing till endgame is impossible
Music is fucking generic junkieXL shit without any strong motifs or interesting sound design. They ruined the lioneye's watch theme for whatever reason
Trade system. Sick of it. That's the final straw for me is the fucking trade system. It's so aggravating and anti social by design and I'm never going to play this dogshit again. I'm playing singleplayer games from now on; today's online multiplayer philosophy has been ruined by China.

Because Grim Dawn is better.

That makes no sense they plan the yearly new content league 2 years in advance and the 3 smaller leagues are done a year out. Tencent would not have had any impact until at least 6 months after acquisition due how timelines of games as a service work.

last league had no new skills, it was all like support shit.
and each league i beat the main story and then i quit until next league.

cuz i started playing Lost Ark. But I'll prob start again this new league whenever that starts and stop Lost Ark.

it's unplayable because the lobby system is broken and trash so unless you're MrLlamaSC getting carried by your twitch simps who make the next game ahead of time and leave portals for you to baal, chaos, nilathak, and blood moor exp shrines, you end up wasting a lot of time trying to find groups

poe bros, we lost...

I can sign everything you've just said, but I think that the sole reason this game suck goes on Chris Niggerson's retardation, and not tencent. GGG has free reign over the game, and they made it as aggravating as possible on purpose. The Chinese even have quality of life features which are desperately needed for years, and Niggerson doesn't give us any until shit hits the fan. You can bet anything on that there will never be loot pets in this game, and you will be forced to pig up the pebbles one by one. Or at least until Diablo 4 releases and everyone leaves this shite game for good. Then Niggerson will add all the stuff and beg you to come back.

Damn, that sounds unfortunate. But then again, I don't care for ladder races at all. I'm too casual for it these days.

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Gumball currency drops in larger stacks now so currency pets aren't really important. I will say there should be map trader and a currency trader though.

Just do a minion build so you don't have to play at all

I havent lost either of my parents yet so I don't know what you're going through and maybe you should have taken him to see a doctor, or spent more time with him, I don't know the specifics but maybe you also did enough. Maybe he should have helped himself if he was feeling unwell and went to the doctor on his own. Even if you can admit to yourself you don't deserve it, it seems really common to think "oh god what could I have done, what didn't I do right, I should have been around more" and beat yourself up anyway. I don't think a good father would hold it against their son for being busy with living their own life.
For me, since that shock a couple years ago where I was faced with my parent's mortality for the first time (I'm 22) I've been trying to get my life together enough so that when my dad does die it's not going to completely fucking destroy me

Minions have to press more buttons then most builds honestly. Its takes a ton of gear to not have to press anything and even then its slower like that. Unless you are talking Arakalis dagger which has its clunkyness to use.

It doesn't apply to all instances, and pick up range is abysmally small. NPC traders for currency and maps would be very welcome. Or in addition, NPCs that trade your stuff, so people can simply pick up and go. I'm tired of getting out of maps to trade some faggot for a couple of C. I think Last Epoch is going to implement something like that, and from then on, it's goodbye PoE.

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its not very good

I briefly started up again a few weeks ago but I'm probably not coming back because I can't decide on a build. My few decent builds from the past have been nerfed into the ground and I haven't been able to make any good melee builds that can clear endgame bosses without absurd investment.

I really want to run something like a tanky cleave/sweep juggernaut or a melee puncture duelist, but none of my attempts to make either are really coming together, either lacking in clear speed, boss damage, or tankiness.

Wait, didn't people love Harvest League because it was so easy to get great rares?

To me,the appeal of loot systems is getting stronger AND cooler looking items as you go

POE completely fails at the latter,you always look like a hobo

Yes, only brainlets hated it. I've just attached a random picture to the post.

Yeah a shop you can set up while you are logged in would be good. Still require an invite to group so you can make sure its still a sale you wanna go through with since especially at league start prices changes extremely rapidly.

once i get to mapping i jsut lose interest, i dont have the autism

the entire meta of this game is revolved around spreadsheeting characters in third party software and the developers keep that in mind when adding and balancing content and i just can't be fucked

Also this, when I get uniques in POE it's not exciting at all, it's like oh it's this shitty thing again. Finding a unique in D2 or D3 actually feels good.

Uniques are shit in POE

I'm waiting for the controller patch because moving your character with a mouse is fucking cancer

>mandatory time tax to go through the campaign for six hours
poe NEEDS to steal from d3 for this, for d3 you play the story 1(one) time and from then on you can go into adventure mode right away.
imagin in poe if you could log in the first time on league launch and start maps instantly, and you could go to any of the acts and do any of it at any time.
poe needs something like this. some people just really dont want to do acts ever again.

I'm playing Warhammer Chaosbane with a controller right now, and it feels marvellous. I don't know how if I could go back to mouse movement.
For the future of hack and slash, they should consider WASD movement. Maybe that way people can experience these games in a better way.

The building characters outside the game is one of the things that keeps me coming back to PoE, I like the control I get over making a character to my liking. The only downside to the system is that some builds are just so over the top powerful that they completely dwarf everything else and in turn make many skills obsolete.

It got tedious

>want to level only with a season mechanic
>want to try a new build
impossible, it's still life and [specific weapon] nodes all over again
Diablo 3 is more entertaining, that's saying a lot

I've never had to worry about any of that. At most I'd just summon some skeles, that's it.

I thought about it, until I discovered it had loot boxes.
I fucking hate loot boxes.

I just want a decent Diablo clone with no fucking gambling and in-game purchases other than actual expansions.
If only Diablo 4 would be like that. Back when it was just Dante's Inferno and a masterpiece story wise (unlike the trash that was II, III or any clones I've played since).

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PoE needs a campaign replacement option, but just dumping a player straight into maps would be lame. I'd rather it get something like Delve where you can just go out and kill a bunch of shit to level up in a constantly randomized area that you progress through. Maybe add in some currencies that allow you to get certain items like magic bases with a specific modifier (Merciless Weapons, etc.).

For a while, you could level all subsequent characters in a league through delve but they pushed up the minimum level for it, so if you do it that way it's back to the campaign for the first two acts at least.