How do we deal with the problem of Japan's creepy gaming industry?

How do we deal with the problem of Japan's creepy gaming industry?

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Disney is creepier.

Hates Disney so much he'll defend genuine pedophillic interests. Very cool.

is this the thread?

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Shit like this makes me so angry

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semi naked tot


>very cool

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Shoulder animations appear to be underrated.

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Such a boot locking elite worshipper that they/them defends slavery and exploitation to own the chuds. And you thought you were so clever, this was your mic drop moment.

>Shit like this makes me so angry
Fucking same bro. God damnit! I'm pissed just looking at this!

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Try suicide.

By making people realize loli enjoyers are not that far away from being actual pedos and not trusting them anywhere near your kids



by killing ALL pedophiles and Otakus,since 99% of weaboofags are pedos

what's that?

Maybe it's the retard who compares unrelated things for no reason? Woah, you hate Disney? Women must be lining up at the door for such a brave and controversial stance.
This is pedo shit. Japan is a country infested with pedo shit. It has no relation to some fuck off American slave labour company. You're just retarded.

>Disney that has an issue with irl child sex trafficking within their fucking businesses
>with people pumping out content designed to groom kids
>vs some jailbait animated model of a heavily stylized human that looks like plastic
kys pedo

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I don't fucking care about Disney. This isn't about Disney, this is about Japanese retards fucking kids. fp is some retard who brought up something offtopic to deflect away from his favorite country being composed of kid lickers.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what's wrong with pedo shit?


Just ignore it. The Japanese industry is beginning to haemorrhage. A decade from now, they will be irrelevant.

Children cannot consent. They do not have the mindset required to understand sex.
If you're talking about lolicon, then you get into the realms of "does media affect you?" on which I have no real opinion on. And you obviously think it does if Disney can "groom" people with their shitty CGI.

Does anyone actually know the name of the song she's singing?

Is this eroge?

>Children cannot consent. They do not have the mindset required to understand sex.
You think children can't comprehend sex? Why not?

Where can I get a copy of this game?

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It's still shitposting, even if you're being ironic.

I just got reminded of that one disney princess videogame I had seen back when I was a kid. Even helped my siblings on it too.

Take this (you) for reminding me of some good old days.

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I wonder who posted this

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To correct this, we can't prove they do. Go find a study where they get a kid to fuck someone, I'd like to see it.
If we're going right for the meat of the issue, I don't fucking care. You're guilty until proven innocent. No pedo shit. Morality is a paradox anyway, somebody loses. You rolled snake eyes.


Destroying this company's headquarters would go a long way in starting.

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>get a kid to fuck someone, I'd like to see it.

But user, Japan has one of the lowest rates of kid fucking, meanwhile Disney actually goes around fucking kids. If anything this kind of content just proves the theory that giving pedophiles a pornographic outlet does in fact reduce assaults, and it does so without actually using real children. By railing against it, you're actually increasing the number of children who get raped, you're an accomplice to child rape user.

>disney used to make girls look like adults
>these days they make women look like children
What's exactly the agenda there?

Lowest reported, you mean. Japan is notoriously conformist and ""honor"" bound. Women report rapes far less frequently, I fail to see why kid fucking would be any different.

Yea Forumstard autists will gleefully post this shit and then call others degenerates

based unironic p*do

worst forced meme

>worst forced meme
Wow I'd love to live in your world where wojak doesn't exist.

Yes, your gay/tranny shit is fucking degenerate, loli is based although.
Cry about it

>it isn't an im@s thread
>all these pics suck
gay and lame

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>Yea Forumstard autists will gleefully post this shit and then call others degenerates

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Yeah the catalogue really needs more gfur and shemales huh?

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Disney hasn't really made any other princesses since Tiana though. You could probably pin most of that blame on Pixar.


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wtf that little girl's face....

I'm sure this is more up your alley, would that be a correct assumption?

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>wont somebody PLEASE think about the pixels????

so are you going to watch the idolm@ster cinderella girls' new loli anime, Yea Forums? you should read the manga just so you can say
>i read the manga before the anime came out!

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my thoughts exactly, what a fucking scam

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you just need to ask, user

This but unironically and without the gay fortnite zoomer dance

he dances just like arisu

does it have Arisu

Case in point. Take your prozac

>on child sexuality not being harmful
>Susan Clancy:
>Rind, Tromovitch, Bauserman:

>second-hand harm:
>food for thought

>what about consent? and consent
>Eunice Winstead Johns, 9, with her husband, Charlie Johns, 22, sneedville tennesee,5969463
>positive memories

what did he mean by this?

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we protect it viciously

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mental illness

>adult sexuality research
>Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men
>University Academics Say Pedophilia is ‘Natural And Normal For Males to be AROUSED by Children
>kikechan thinks this url is spam just change the 3 to an e and the 0 to a o

>not trusting them anywhere near your kids

don't think you'll have to worry about that tranny

go back to kc

>Por Amor es una revista totalmente en español que toca el tema de la pedofilia. Esta rivista intenta abrirle los ojos a la sociedad, mostrar que la sociedad se a equivocado al decir que el pedófilo es un monstruo que quiere dañar a los niños, mostrar que hay diferencias entre un pedófilo real y uno que es solo un abusador infantil.
>Information About Paedophilia - Facts, Studies, Editorials, Information and Law

of course

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that first link LITERALLY advocates for no look no touch, user

>5 lies about pedophiles
>pedophiles about pedophilia

>A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples
>Many lay persons and professionals believe that child sexual abuse (CSA) causes intense harm, regardless of gender, pervasively in the general population. The authors examined this belief by reviewing 59 studies based on college samples. Meta-analyses revealed that students with CSA were, on average, slightly less well adjusted than controls. However, this poorer adjustment could not be attributed to CSA because family environment (FE) was consistently confounded with CSA, FE explained considerably more adjustment variance than CSA, and CSA-adjustmentrelations generally became nonsignificant when studies controlled for FE. Self-reported reactions to and effects from CSA indicated that negative effects were neither pervasivenor typically intense, and that men reacted much less negatively than women. The college data were completely consistent with data from national samples. Basic beliefs about CSA in the general population were not supported.

You have two options. Embrace it, or fucking ignore it. Faggot.

Nobody is going to click your links. Make memes and infographics.

>Are All Men Pedophiles?
>The documentary explores what it regards as a "pedophilia hysteria" and argues there is a "witch-hunt" against men. Furthermore, it argues that in an effort to protect children, society has begun to isolate men. The film suggests that all men are viewed as potential pedophiles and examines the political and social consequences of that assumption.
>The film's tagline is "Eighteen Is Just A Number", expressing its principal claim that all men are hebephiles, which it defines as attraction to teenagers. The film argues that society needs to make a distinction between this and true pedophilia—a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
>Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation | Mirjam Heine | University of Würzberg

>child sexuality research
>Children are sexual beings
Yates, A. (2004). “Biologic perspective on early erotic development,” Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 13(3), 479-496.
>Eighty-five percent of young university women recalled erotic games and 44% recalled erotic games that involved boys [79]. Most remembered feeling sexually aroused or excited at the time. Most of the play involved exposing or touching the genitals. Insertion of objects in the vagina and oral contact was distinctly unusual. Other studies confirmed that most young adult students recalled early sex play that they viewed in a positive light as pleasurable and exciting [40, 80 and 81].