How do we fix the horror genre?

How do we fix the horror genre?

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why do incels obsess over the thought of a stalker gf so much? how far from reality do you have to be to think it would be a good experience?

>wannabe Japanese horror comic
>name characters after one of the famous Japanese horror directors
Come on now

Bro stalker gfs are scary.
You do NOT want bloody tampons.

i miss when yanderes were popular

I want one but am self aware.

It stems from extreme insecurity, I've had a couple relationships they always left me.

I just want someone I know wants me more than anyone else on the planet, someone I know I can spend my life with.

A stalker/yandere is the one type girl you can get that from, that absolute certainy that no matter what happens you won't be thrown away.

>cute girl wants to be your wife

>grown man calling things cute

It's just a fantasy dude. Like fucking a dragon. We know it wouldn't work in reality.

>muh incels
It's just hot. You don't question why cat ears are hotter than human ears.


It's not fun, user. It's not fun at all. You most definitely don't want it.

>being this insecure

>projecting this much

>muh healthy relationships
go back normalfag

I'm getting old, all my friends have wives, kids, and no time for me.

My family are all dead or drug addicts, me being the sole living functional human being of my bloodline.

I am crushingly lonely, it's almost impossible to make friends in your 30s, because no one has time or energy. No family. I dissociate from loneliness often.

I feel barely alive.

he gets raped btw

The problem is you likely assume that a girl who grows an obsession with you will be someone you'll be at least a LITTLE attracted to. This is never the case.

Girls with BPD often develop obsessions with their partners.

I've seen it, although BPD often makes these women CRAZIER than anime yanderes.

Because it is removed from reality that it's an appealing idea, user. You get all the upsides and none of the down in 2D.


don't care, still fapping to yanderes

love sick

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>not locking/blocking the window
amateur move

Is this the Niggataro artist?

When I was a kid I would fantasize about the Half-Life assassin chicks breaking through my bedroom window, knocking me unconscious, and dragging me to a secret location where they forcibly suck and fuck me forever.

>being scared of a woman

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When I was a kid I would fantasize about the Half-Life assassin chicks breaking through my bedroom window, knocking me unconscious, and dragging me to a secret location where they forcibly seed and feed me forever.

Imagine not being scared of women. They have the strats to fuck you up and get what they want

>not fearing rape accusations or unintended pregnancies

no, looks nothing like it

Ok, Chuck.

Guess it's just the eyes and hair

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The game opens up with a man in Hell. He's escaping monsters at first, but he keeps encountering people he recognizes in the previous life. He chooses selfish actions to save himself, while realizing he's done awful things in real life. You think you see the end of the tunnel of Hell - an escape to paradise. Only, the player realizes that it's all just a trick of Satan. He forces the player character (who is revealed to have been an awful sinner in his life) to keep forgetting who he is and go through the same patterns, making the player realize that no matter how many chances someone is given, some people are just inherently evil and will always choose sin.

Like this

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What is that fucking silhouette lmao
You'd think the dude would be gigachad to get such a clingy bitch
They'll want to spend every waking moment of their life with you, if you're prepared for that, then go ahead

Fucking a dragon could easily work retard.
Dragons are magic so they could change size meaning they could become the size of a human or horse and then I can fuck them.
Considering equines have all of the feeling in their vagoo at the entrance even if you had a smaller cock you could have a good time with a dragon wench.

why wouldn't this work?

>femdom rimjob
>amazon mating press
Wife material right there

Because yanderes aren't real

Fucking disgusting

Low test

God I wish that was me. But that guy was kind of a fag

Literally perfection except she should be a year older than him

That's fearing other men will believe her though

didnt Pattman have a stalker at one point

How is wanting a girl to lick your asshole low test you gay faggot
Oh yeah bro not getting ur ass fucked is low test gotta work out those sphincter muscles as the fuckin dildo goes thru you GAY FAGGOT!!!

Simps are even worse

>t. gaylord

>she should be a year older than him
why the hell do i find girls that are slightly older than me more attractive?

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me watching the menhera bitch break into my apartment knowing full well i now have a legal reason to beat up a woman

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Too much test

When I was a kid and I first heard of rapists, I thought they were naked women who's sneak into my house and dry hump my butt. I was so paranoid about this that I usually slept in awkward positions so that my butt would be harder to hump.
>not fearing disappointing your mother

>disappointing your mother
Don't worry after that band aid's ripped off not phases you anymore.

What was it that first started popularizing yandere girls in the west?

Yuno Gasai

>First it starts with a tongue
>Then fingers
>Then it becomes a dildo
>Then it becomes a strap on
>And then eventually…
Yet you have the audacity to call others low test.

Is that a fucking Ryan Gosling silhouette in the reflection?

Being unable to kill kike enablers without a direct execution as the only consequence makes me angrier. I will not play as female.

that anime of the pink haired bitch, forgot the name, future diary or something

I wish more women were coomers...I could finally get a gf if that was the case.

>that anime of the pink haired bitch
That narrows it down a lot less than you'd hope.

People just want to feel loved and wanted. Those depraved of spousal comfort fall extra victim to stalker gf trope.

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>How do we fix the horror genre?
Less is more. Make the player's mind fill in the blanks.

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When's the full chapter three coming out ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!