Have you ever injured yourself playing vidya?

Have you ever injured yourself playing vidya?

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is this some sort of retarded feminist statement?


I've gotten chaffed nipples from physical activity before wearing a rough shirt but never thought it could get that bad.
I wonder if that's just something that happens to guys without much chest hair and as a result there is no buffer.

If you don't tape your nipples during a marathon, they'll bleed from the friction.

Probably. Leftists are going nuts right now over current events.

>wearing shirts
fucking casuls

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no, it actually happens from chafing and poor fitting clothes in marathons

the friction of your shirt constantly rubbing against your nipples while running a marathon will cause them to bleed. your options are run shirtless or put bandages on your nipples

just rub some Vaseline on them before runing.

>oiling up your nipples
>bandaids on nipples
It's a marathon not an orgy you sickos, stop watching so much porn.

Have you ever shitted yourself playing vidya?
but seriously though, look at all those people staring, imagine training so hard only to be known as the guy who had diarrhea while running a marathon

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>this is first thing that comes to your mind

tell me you gained sentience in 2016 without telling me you gained sentience in 2016.

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Tell me you’re fat without telling me you’re fat.

I used to smash my hand on the table when I played Wii bowling. I swear I almost broke that shit once.
They have to wear a shirt to be identified by their number you bozo.

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Of course retards here immediately tried to interpret this as some sort of leftist feminist statement or something

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Happens often enough that you won't feel as bad about it. At least you're not the ONLY one.

Yep. In fact permanent damage. I got a really bad blister on the palm of my hand from the shy guy wind up game on Mario Party 2 or 3 for the N64. It healed with a new crease that my left hand doesn't have.

>being this /pol/ poisoned
get help

This happens to a lot of runners so it's basically expected. Same for vomiting at the end.

>imagine training so hard only to be known as the guy who had diarrhea while running a marathon
He will be remembered as the guy who didn't give up despite shitting himself.

Puke and rally! It's great when it's over.

why do these guys always shit themselves?


Unironically how does this happen? Does their anus muscles just stop working and they let it all out?

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Marathons are fucking retarded then. If you have to shit, go fucking shit. Stop what you are doing, and go shit.

>Marathons are fucking retarded then
no shit. The greek retard that it was named after literally ran a marathon and then promptly died after.

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nuh yet.......

Doctor here, the true answer is transitory bowel ischaemia. As you exert yourself physically, the actions of your cardiovascular system and hormones dilate vessels in your muscles, but contract those in your viscera (kidneys, intestine, stomach). When the exertion is severe and prolonged, this can lead to bowel ischaemia that results in diarrhoea.

the rigorous excercise irritates your intestines even if you don't eat
gastrointestinal inflammation + your other muscles working overtime = no way to clench that butthole

kill yourself unironically

You may not notice it, but you are constantly doing a subtle bouncing motion as you run. That wears on your sphincter as the hours go by.

Not yet

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Your concession is accepted.

Men actually lactate milk

ow my fucking nipples hurt

Holy shit log off, both metaphorically, and literally.

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Retards, halfwits, and trolls like you are the reason /fit/ is more brosciencey than ever. Refrain from posting if you don't know shit about physiology.

No, my hormones are in check. I'm not some mood-swinging estrogen laden girly man.

It's americans lactating blood because of all the estrogen in their water.

not yet

so you're saying the running doesn't make you shit

Why don't these retards stop running? They'd rather shit themselves and bleed to death for literally nothing. No one cares you ran the marathon.





So what's your solution to the friction problem?

Muh momentum
If I stop, I'll lose motivation to keep running

Runners high.
Excercise is a literal drug. And that's not an anti-excercising statement, it's just true.

Thanks for the rent free space.

>seething about /fit/ on /vol/

I'm saying it does, this is my post. But it's not because of gastric inflammation or because your sphincter is bouncing up and down.

I'm seething about retards that came to all the boards after 2016, a group to which you belong. Retard.

>muh boars
Stop taking this site seriously, you sperg. It's not your home.

back to tw*tter, all of you
no faggots allowed here

you're the one thinking about them rent free

>I was just pretending to be retarded
Ah yes, the fall-back of every half-aware retard. At least you're kind of aware you're spouting bullshit.

>is obese
Like cockwork pottery.

Get out of here with your professional opinion and your technical terms. This place is for NEET losers only.

That was literally my first post in the thread.
You must go back tho

poop is coming out of asshole

good morning sir

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