Game made after 2013

>game made after 2013

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Woman are much weaker and slower than men. Men built civilization. The greatest minds were men. Woman can only feel strong in fantasy. Let them have it I say.

>AAA western console game made after 2013

can they do that without looking fucking ugly though

fpbp except they shouldn't be allowed to have vidya either

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I'm gonna jack off Yea Forums is getting boring

the same exact threads every day for 6 years

What the fuck

Tfw you insert the coat hangar

I haven't played any of these games. WTF is going on in each one

>he plays western games made after 2013
Why would you ever do that to yourself?

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>it's a screaming wamyn game

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Why do they do this?

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The first one looks like it could at least be attached to a cool scene or something. Never played the game though. It just doesn't seem like it fits with the rest.

Literally don't know what any of these games are.
If seeing these images upsets you so much, why don't you just ignore them?

why do the teeth look like every time i try to peel a potato

>master Juden

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>3/4 are xbox ips

Because I hate the fact that I have to ignore nearly all AAA games.

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and yet men are currently ruining civilization


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the truth is microsoft loves showing off their mocap bullshit

without a second thought

my thing is the people who do the modeling and rigging REALLY fucking suck at it. Like they dont need to be 10/10 anime girls but god damn you can do better

Why are things like this now?

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>Let them have it I say.

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>Woman can only feel strong in fantasy. Let them have it I say.

By the force....

Women built civilization. Men just got the stage direction. And also to do the hard work because the women didn't want to.

Ah yes, what an honest representation. Surely nobody has ever looked less than beautiful while screaming in rage or pain. Until the SJWs attacked

Because most white people will still buy the product but increased representation increases buy-in from groups that previously felt under-represented or overlooked.

is this a joke?

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If it weren't for women creating society, we'd still be unga bungas jerking off in the woods trying to catch feral hogs

oh I'm sorry. I though I was supposed to take that seriously.

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No worries. I wouldn't expect you to understand anyway

explain how women created society, sperg.

this image makes me laugh hysterically every time

Might as well explain human history to a rock


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they're just lowpoly user

Wow women are so powerful, we better not mess with them

>increased representation increases buy-in from groups that previously felt under-represented or overlooked
You need proof to back this up.

Games for this feel?

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don't see a lot of marys, susans, and alices contributing here...

Ted bundy was right about women

top right is from the state of decay trailer

speaking of, how do sonyghers cope with the fact that state of decay is the best survival zombie game of all time and their closest competitor is some turbo janky faggotry knock off about driving on a bike or some shit?

They are?

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I still don't understand either
Random games where a woman is yelling in a scene
Somehow triggering to a lot of users here?

Sounds more like you're getting #triggered by this thread.

Women building society what a joke. No more cunt babble.

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The women only lazed about because they knew it was just a tv show and that people would come in to help them. Things would be different if they were actually stranded.

>Things would be different if they were actually stranded.
No, I don't think so. They would probably die in a few weeks. Women are not made for survival.

Why would they make themselves miserable on purpose?
>and that people would come in to help them
You see, the men didn't help and they figured it out themselves. The women needed help, why, because they were incompetent. Think about what you're typing logically.
>Things would be different if they were actually stranded
Yeah the roasties would have died

>b-but that's only because you never gave women a chance! MUH PATRIARCHY!

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What's the point of bein wrong in porpousesesesese

Keep going yes!!! Hahahaha run!

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Silence chud. We could be settling different galaxies if men weren't bigots.

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