Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Hopes

Sisters? Shez is kinda.. cute??

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the cutesythea

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I love my wife Bernie!

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OMG... she is SO attractive...

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Robin says good luck to everyone on your finals!

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The most pro-church route is CF because Edelgard not only restores it, but makes it a part of the empire much like the era of Wilhem before her, meaning unlike under Rhea, the church can actually regain the influence it lost.

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>got a 92 on my six sigma class
>got a 90 on my applied engineering mathematics
All I have left is linear algebra and faculty planning, and I know I'm gonna pass them with Bs or higher meaning, my GPA can rest easy for another day

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Cute sensei c:

Dimitri, calm yourself.

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>Robin says good luck to everyone on your finals!
wish me good luck on the GRE

If romance is in the game how could you possibly marry anyone else but Femleth?

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I like smart women who don't dress like whores

Why is Shez taller than Frog here?

Any single ShezxByleth pairing is gonna be good.

Because Femleth is for El. It would be wrong of me to take her wife.

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El gets a more meaning existence out of Manleth than Frog who gets a more meaningful existence out with Dimitri. Yuri is just a bootleg version of normal love.

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Dragons are just fucking stupid.

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Barely out of Shota-Shez with mommy experienced Byleth AAHHHH

Edelgard! You should be studying right now!

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Gay sex with Claude von Riegan

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>Corrin is the kid who barely write her name and studies improperly but aces the tests while Edelgard follows a strict study regime while coached by Professor and still barely passes

Allah doesn't allow it

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Put on the shoes young lady. You know the rules. And I have also been informed that the archbishop did not give you permission to walk barefoot around the monastery. This is your last warning.

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Khalid loves getting his ass eaten

The behavior of the dyke fanatics in these threads is more repulsive than literal faggotry.

Blame Fates for giving them an inch.


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Made for boyfriend sharing

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Felix's wife really loves him

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>lemongrass tea with honey
I love it so much bros

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>no tea for Dimitri
>his sad face

I've recently discovered that barley tea is the shit.

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>Don't drink it, it must be poisoned

I'd buy one of the purses if they shipped to the US.

I'd buy some of the plushes if the shipping wasn't as much as the dolls themselves.

>three hopes drops
>you CAN'T fuck either byleth
what do you do?

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that's ok because i am byleth

Seems like no romance is a real possibility if what people say about it not being rated for it is true. I'd be fine with it.

Only the lords got plushies. None of my favorites got anything.

I love that you love your wife, bernie

just like real life...

Y-you can't make me! Let go this instant! I'm calling my big sis!!!

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Wait for 3H2.

Felix hugging Annie from behind while nuzzling into her hair...

Only Slithers drink coffee.

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I like 3 or 4 of them. Maybe I'll be able to get a couple off Amazon once they actually release. Would have really liked Rhea too, or even Gatekeeper since his design would probably look pretty good in that style.
Yeah...I'm pretty content.

She who lives without feet shouldn't throw shoes.

Kill every last one of them.

Fuck Hilda

Shez seems to be an actual character like Robin so i wouldn't be surprised if Shez has a canon LI that can't be changed because it's a musou game with a linear plot.


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But we already know there's routes again. And your comparison to Robin about being "actual character" doesn't even jive with having a canon love interest.

Tharja exists

I don't see what Henry's wife has to do with that.