It took multiple decades to make the perfect female character

>It took multiple decades to make the perfect female character
>Was made by a guy who made music for homestuck

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>All fanart is either fat shit or vore fags

Its not worth it

And yet it's ruined by turning her into a lesbian.
Yurifags deserve death.

noelle x susie is cute and you're just a mad straggot

i love this dumb bitch and wish that she would've taken the human pill

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You're greatly over-exaggerating. Most of the fanart is fluff shit or very vanilla porn.

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Not confirmed yet or even if she's even hetro, she cares about everyone equally.

I'm fine with Noelle x Suzie as long as one of them is a futa

We only know that Noelle is lesbo/bi.
Susie hasn't shown any romantic interest in anyone.

>fucking ugly, fanart changes her design entirely
>generic anime personality


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Toby Fox is a yurifag?

What did they mean by this?

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Lmao go back to tumblr to get bullied off it nigger.

Kris and Noelle gonna challenge their friendship for Susie's hand

wow what a thirsty SLUT

Toby Fox knows truths beyond your comprehension.

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I literally do not care, i am going to force her to kill her mother eventually in chapter four, mark my fucking words

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anywhere to find this shit archived?

fuk u radiation

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A man of culture

>Actually triggered by a joke slur nobody takes seriously

he's too based for his own good

leftists cannot come up with a SINGLE original joke or insult

whatever you say heteroid.

Everytime i see this image i imagine Kris standing on top of multiple boxes

paitence, brother.

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If anything this confirms that the only one with current romantic feelings for anyone else is just a one sided relationship with Noelle and Susie. Which looking at Toby's track record if anything romantic happens between the main cast it's going to be Noelle/Susie for sure, otherwise I think the most likely outcome of Noelle/Susie's relationship is a total crash and burn failure and Noelle's obsession blowing up in her face

As much as I love the idea of Kris/Susie it just doesn't seem like Toby's style for any of his characters to be in an actual relationship with the PC with the only shot at hope for Kris/Susie shippers being a further and gameplay affecting separation of the PC from Kris in my opinion

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>first time noticing ralsie stutters on susie drinking his own tea and noelles, but not kris'
what did he MEAN by this?

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I’m a yurifag but noellexsusie is shit. Just no fucking chemistry. Literally berdly would unironically be a better Susie ship than Noelle.

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Whatever you got to do to get on her level, man

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>Say something retarded
>Get treated like a retard

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He also made Alphys so it trades out.

did he died

A smart move, got to get in our new Fox overlord's good graces.

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>1281 days since chapter 1
>susie still isnt real
clown world

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cry some more

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What you say, buddy

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Susie isn't even the 2nd best female character in Deltarune, that's Noelle.
The best is Queen by the way.

>Emo Girl Barney
>perfect female character
why are Undertale fags so cringe?

based and redpilled

Wrong character.

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>Random furry girl
>user sees it as barney
user, is there something you would like to say?

Why does Toby get praised as a genius for making rote additions to existing tired tropes, happens with every aspect of his games, music, visuals, story, gameplay gimmicks etc

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because he pairs it with good music

Plenty of room yet brother
Noelle only gains ground in dinoscissors if you decide to kill everything, the route the game explicitly does not want you to take and implicates you for a classmate's murder
Noelle's dad cucks her in normal routes and tells (You) to take Susie out to the movies
Trust in the plan

Because tropes are tropes for a reason and WAOW... SO SUBVERSIVE is how you fucking get Homestuck

But most of his music are royalty free remixes of existing vidya songs or straight up stolen melodies, and he gets credited as a music genius for them anyway, I already covered this in my original post

>just two more chapters

For me is Ralsei, Toby can make some good decisions like Susie and the goat femboy, but he just ruin it with other retarded shit like Noelle

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I would punch the world for these dumbass kids.
Toby somehow made them make me care about them.
Fuck you, Toby.

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I will kill you if that means i can hug Ralsei

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I just want a tall dinosaur tomboy GF. Is that so much to ask? The only other redeeming thing from Toby's little tumblr game is Spamton and Jevil. Everyone else is there for porn.

The plan.

Every musician's a thief and you cannot create content in a vacuum

Wanna become a [BIG SHOT], user?

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If he makes the dinosaur gay I will personally track down Toby Fox and kill him, this is a written threat