Describe your gaming crew

Describe your gaming crew

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depressed introverts who huddle together in our aura of awkwardness

>Yea Forums
>That's my crew

Jeremy parish also makes comfy retrospectives about the famicom, nes and sega consoles

system of a downs

A wide variety of cringelords to giga chads that enjoy vidya and hanging out together.

I don't have a gaming crew

purple pilled type based?

I just have internet buddies that I met through f-list.

There's me, Dog. Then there's Fox, Deer, Rat, Lizard, Cat, and Wah. Occasional guest appearances by Tiger, Otter, Hyena, and Seal. It's super crazy how we haven't had any overlaps yet and I dunno what we can do if that happens. We're so use with going with the animal that it'll fuck us up if we have to change the convention.

We are Chads taking turns fucking your crushes then play fotm multiplayer games.

Me and all my irl friends have vastly different tastes in Vidya, one guy love war thunder while another loves rocket league

Reminder that the 2nd man from the left wnet to his barber with a copy of RE4 for the Gamecube and told the barber to cut his hair like he man in the cover of the game (Leon S Kennedy).
Baser or cringe?

The Söyboyz

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online, international friends accumulated and surprisingly well co-mingled. willing to laugh at things in poor taste and probably getting invited to my wedding
IRL, a lot of blacks and asians I've come to love

>based and redpilled
the fat spic shills to get vaxx'd at the end of every video

It's me and my 8 year old son

We got multiple victory royales in duos today

get rid of these ones first if necessary

They got married and don't have time for videogames anymore.

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I've been in a circle of friends from Northern Ireland for the last 9 years
Most of them are just IRL friends from school but I met 4-5 of them on Feenix WoW in 2014. Been that one American nigga ever since
>birthday is the 12th
fuck taigs

Strong, Handsome, and not afraid to jerk each other off.

Hey, rat is pretty cool he sent me a box of cigars in a fancy "Year of the Rat" box. He's a cool dude.. The others I see so little of it's always a delight when they show up
But yeah, I couldn't hang out with them as much as I do the rest of the crew.

>fucking my crush
good luck, im not in fuckin high school so i just have normal human interactions instead of cringe beta shit


Me and my boyfriend who is good at fighting games and forces me to play with him despite know shit all about how to play them and then getting beaten over and over again(i prefer jrpgs).

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Me, Myself, and Yea Forums

Everone thinks there smarter than each other but in the end we realize we are all retards

Sounds pretty based to me (trump lost btw lol)

Buncha assholes

My two friends are a tranny and a girl that goes ballistic when I kill her in fightan. Did not expect to end up with friends like this.

I haven't had a friend group in 8 years

If trump lost then why has based elon musk unbanned him from twitter and he made his own twitter

autistic guy i met at firehouse subs, a furry (female) that i met at a con, my girlfriends brother, and 2 guys from church

>It's a Lewis tries to critique something but his only frame of reference is Resident Evil and Devil May Cry episode

why is that guy on the left wearing girl pants and why does he kinda have girl hips and thighs?

lewis broke his arm like a dipshit LOL. also are ted and lewis what the average P5 cuck looks like?

no one gives a fuck retard. shame his voice was wasted on such a faggot.


>the convicted felon
>the alcoholic
>the 4 times divorced 32 year old
>the pedophile
>the i make crystal meth in my shed guy

This could be a movie.


>Incredible mind gamer that fucks with the other team
>Good all rounder but sucks against snipers
>Another good all rounder except good with snipers

>the guy who rarely gets on because he's too busy with college and a controlling GF who doesn't like him hanging out with us
>the guy who hasn't actually been able to play anything in years because his internet has been too shitty
>the guy who only gets on every once in a while when he has nothing better to do
>the guy with even worse mental issues than the rest of us who barely even wants to play games
And I still stick with them for the rare days where we can actually get together because out of all my friends theyre the only ones who want to play the kind of games I actually want to play.

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>the weeb whose dog is always barking and bitting him
>the chill guy who knows the most about the game but sucks the most

So which one is most likely to troon out first?


I will NEVER EVER forgive ted and his awful pikmin 2 playthrough even if I had to remind everyone about it every time

Ted, not even a question.
How bad was it? They all (minus Johnny) seem to have that one lp everyone hates them for.

My left hand

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Imagine half-assing the whole game, blaming the game for thing you fucked up (and since none of the other members played the game he was basically lying to them) and basically claiming he "finished" the game after completing the debt and not going to the final area (wistful wilds) so basically he didn't even face the final boss of the game
didn't even had the balls to go to the submerged castle, the little bitch

how do you NOT go to the one place the game is infamous for?

Fat fuck giving health advice at end of video

>He got the Leon Kennedy haircut

Did he just walk into a barbershop and ask for that haircut? And what's even more hilarious is they're all ugly or balding.

>They're all married

This should just prove that even ugly people can find love.

>It's a Lewis derails the conversation to shit only he plays like fucking Baldur's Gae 1 episode


I used to think my friends didn't have time for videogames anymore, rather it's just they don't care about them anymore.
one of them complains about never having time for anything, but you can instantly tell when he's got free time because he starts sharing whatever facebook shitpost he comes across to the group chat.

An actual midget, a faggot in denial, a flaming faggot, a hardcore evangelic conservative, a successful entrepreneur, and a seething autist (me).

>a monkey
>the guy who can bait anyone into a rage
>the pedo
>the normalfag
>the boomer
>the fumo collector
>the canadian weeb
i bet they will see this thread too

fuck off

Fat, bearded, old men who hate everyone else.

>the black guy
>the redditor
>the white nationalist swede who’s a pushover and the group’s punching bag
>the weed guy who’s only calm when high and a hardcore rager if he isn’t
>the other swede (he’s fat)
>the russian guy living in the UK

A bunch of guys I met in school and got into fighting games over one fateful summer, been hanging with them ever since. One is a turbo nerd who will likely be a millionaire soon, one is living the ultra weeb life in Japan and the other is the most sociable guy I've ever met, everyone from the biggest nerds to the most normal of blokes love him.
As for me? The completely mediocre burnout of course. To vent a small bit, I always seem to attract super intelligent/successful types whether it be as friends or in romantic contexts and the insecurity is starting to eat away at me.

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If I remember correctly he did in fact walk into the barber shop with the resident evil 4 box art and told them he wanted what Leon had or something like that.

jesus christ what happened to these guys?
it feels like if Yea Forums made a youtube channel and never evolved their content over time