Is Mega Man the superior sidescroller?

Is Mega Man the superior sidescroller?

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Compared to what? It was a departure from the arcade era and arguably the first real platformer as we know them today, so that's a big deal I guess. The games themselves are mostly good to great, and pretty memorable entirely on the merits of their gameplay, while still being pretty charming and having awesome music.

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I'm more of a Castlevania man myself.

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Light should answer that

I like them both but I like Mega Man a lot more for 2D.

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Probably not. The Sonic games have some truly amazing level design.

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Superior to what?

>The Sonic games have some truly amazing level design.
Do they, though? If look closely this is just kinda just 3 straight converging lines. Actually, all sonic levels are basically just 3 lines which is why the best ones are packed with gimmicks. Even devs like Whitehead and that Sparkster guy say Sonic stages live and die by gimmicks.

Replying to a roll thread

I love castlevania.

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>truly amazing level design

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This is the same thing multiple times

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Good observation user

>posts another level with 3 converging straight lines


Yeah, Sonic fans are truly beyond retarded.

The loops are fun, user. You wouldn't understand

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They really aren't.

Yes they are. It's true that you just hold right and do nothing but even then, it's over in like 5 seconds and then you get back to the challenging parts of the level again. Not a big nuisance even if you don't like them

>it's over in like 5 seconds
Chemical Zone is about a minute long. That's 1/10 of the level.

1/10 of a minute is equal to 6 seconds tho?


>Chemical Plant Zone 1
But that user posted a picture of Chemical Plant act 2.

every loop is a chance to build up more speed, whether passively (merely clearing a loop, you go faster), or actively (jumping into a roll from the apex will send give you a big speed boost), and doing loop jumps feels amazing
plus, it looks cool

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Sorry, they look almost exactly the same.

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That's a nice video but what is your point anyway?

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You post is disingenuous as 90% of the level is holding right and going through uninteractive pretty set pieces.

Dude that's like the second level in the entire game. It's not exactly supposed to be hard, although a lot of people claim to having been filtered by the underwater platform section (which would already defeat that entire point)


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You posted as an example of what you thought a good level was. There are no remotely hard levels in Sonic, so I'm not sure what you mean by this anyways.

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I'm not the guy who posted the level picture or started the argument tho. You posted a pic of the loops in a criticizing manner, i said they were fun. That's all i did.

Thanks for wasting my time I guess.

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There's literally no difference.

True, lets just have the shittiest opinions possible and say 18 loop de loops copy-pasted in a row is peak level design because there is no difference between good and bad. Its all purely subjective and everything is ironic and a big joke.

Dude it's just a few loops on the second level of a Sonic game that take not even 3 seconds to get through and are just placed there because of the rule of cool, why the fuck do you have such a problem with them?

A lot of zoomers played the games on their phones so now we get dumb posts like this. It's like summer all year round nowadays.

It is a good level. Do well and find the right spots to jump, you get to hang out in loopy land, rolling around so fast that the game can't even keep up. Do poorly, and you go in the fucking water. Speed is a reward for doing well, the speed is taken away if you don't. It's great design.

Pic related is probably my favorite aside from Star Light 1.

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I have been in love with Roll-chan since I was a kid.