Is there any reason to use this or should I just stick to standalone?

Is there any reason to use this or should I just stick to standalone?

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runahead, common interface navigable with a controller and excellent filter support


>Try to emulate Saturn
>Put kronos
>Put bios on system
>Run game on zip
God I hate this zoomer era of emulation. Even fucking mednafen gave me better result despite the unplayable framerate.

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I sure love having this thread every day.

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Are you outputting to a CRT TV? That's the only real purpose of retroonarch, anything else is poser cope.

>>Put kronos

There's a whole wiki for setting up each and every core. How could this possible be hard for you?

Do you emulate many systems or just one? Restroarch is pretty much the only way to emulate niche consoles like the PC Engine. There's only one standalone emulator that does a decent job called Magic Engine but you have to jump through hoops to use it while on Retroarch you only have to download Mednafen's core straight from the interface and you're set. The Sega Saturn cores on Retroarch also have much better compatibility and performance than SSF, which is basically the only standalone Saturn emulator that actually works. Other than the usual Nintendo emulators that everyone use it's just much easier to emulate everything else using Retroarch. Like waaayyyyy easier and convenient.

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on top of this you get parity with settings and parity across multiple devices including being able to easily have cross device saves.

I just wish they'd have a look at redoing the UI and not upsetting core devs

I just want to emulate neogeo on android bros... But none of my roms run.



Can't you use FBN core for that?

What other core is there for Saturn. Steam only shows that one and online updater doesn't show Yabause somehow.

and you're posting a pic of inafaggot because....?

>Is there any reason to use this
>should I just stick to standalone?
If the libretro core is outdated/not feature complete, which is nearly anything that's not 2D systems + 5th gen.

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Use Beetle Saturn. I don't know if it's on Steam version, only certain ones are due to licensing, but you can just drag and drop the .dll and .info files for the Beetle Saturn core from standalone into the same folders in Steam and it will work the same.

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Why does it look so bad?

If you're not gonna use Retroarch with Mednafen like a normal human being then just use SSF you fucking retard because everything else sucks dick.

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use standalone. Steam is a gimped version.

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I use it cuz I like having all my screenshots in one place. Haven't had much success with filters, though.

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Because you're glued to your screen like a fucking retard, if you looked at a real CRT from the distance you look at your computer screen you wouldn't see shit either.

>I don't know if it's on Steam version
It's not there. At least for me.

>Open SSF
>game doesn't boot
>Emulator just closes itself


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even with the lastest bios dumps for mame, some neo geo roms just dont work

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Redream. It just works, no need the tweaking of old like chankast and demul. Now that I think about it, Saturn emulation seems to be in the same place DC was last decade.

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Well it doesn't really matter, takes like 30 seconds to add it from standalone. Beetle Saturn is so much better than any other Saturn emulator. I think the only other core you want that isn't on Steam is MAME, MelonDS, and DOSBox Pure

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>I think the only other core you want that isn't on Steam is MAME
MAME still has that consistency issue between versions?

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Flycast core in RetroArch

If a game is updated (which rarely happens that much for relevant games any more), the set you need may change, but honestly you can just lock the core and only update it when you feel. Arcade Italia tells you all associated files needed for every game. I would just use FB Neo for anyhting that supports it, but MAME supports much more games (particularly newer ones)

Is there like a virus on your computers, where you're incapable of installing Retroarch AND the respective standalones? This isn't exactly an exclusivity thing, the fact that there's options should be something to celebrate.

It'd be like if someone made a brand new PS2 emulator that was even better than PCSX2, and some douchebag came in and cried "NOOOO THERE'S TOO MANY CHOICES, WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE ONE DEVELOPER?!"



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I don't care about cheating in video games
>common interface navigable with a controller
This would be nice if the interface was actually good
>excellent filter support

you need at least a mid 90 iq to use retroarch sorry bro

Retroarch is good for everything up to Dreamcast.
Above that you get better results with standalone.

A better analogy would be if someone made a brand new PS2 emulator that was worse in every way than PCSX2 and there's a bunch of faggots constantly talking about how much better it is

Okay but why not just play the game on a CRT?

i use it for everything except PS2 which i use pcsx2 and I use the stand alone version of mGBA because i don't think you can trade pokemon with the RetroArch version or if you can i don't know how.

>I would just use FB Neo for anyhting that supports it, but MAME supports much more games (particularly newer ones)
I remember using FBalpha and then just moved the games and run it through mame and they worked like a charm.... on the other hand, not all of them worked on another mame version.

The analogy still fits, since you can still use the standalones. I know there's drama that happened with the duckstation dev, but that emu is finished, so you can use it regardless of what happened. Retroarch existing doesn't magically ruin any standalone emu.

You can get all your games no matter the console with the same obscure and borderline autistic settings, that's the appeal.

>which i use pcsx2
>which i use the only decent ps2 emulator

no but people constantly shilling it is annoying and zoomers are encouraging devs to go this same retarded closed system meme ui route.

I despise everything about how retroarch's UI works, I don't care about the GUI and it's shitty Playstation looking shit
I want to just pick a game through the same windows UI I've used for 30 years, not some retarded shit made for phones and chinese knockoff handhelds

You don't get how demented people are, the average ZSNES or BSNESfag was insufferable a few years ago because people will pretend emulators are competing or whatever, it takes 5 minutes to find out if something is worth using and uninstalling is retard-proof if it's not but somehow this is a big deal that must be addressed because all the plebs are emulating wrong or something that no well adjusted individual gives a fuck about.
Case in point, dementia on display.

I heard retroarch is good for the achievements thingy

Frame pacing. Frame pacing is shit most other emulators

>I want to just pick a game through the same windows UI I've used for 30 years, not some retarded shit made for phones and chinese knockoff handhelds
100% same. Virtual boy is the best emulator just because of this.

>gone are the days when you could just drag and drop a rom onto an emulator shortcut and it would just work

based step dad

>I despise everything about how retroarch's UI works
Which one of them? There's like 5 to choose from including a desktop mode.

>Case in point, dementia on display.
Ah yeah you're right, it's impossible to shill free software (btw check out our patreon ;)))))

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looks good! what game, and filters are you using?

Its Harmful Park and that faggot is only playing it because le epic e-celeb said so

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based user calling out eceleb watching zoomerfags

I can't imagine why, aside from pretty filters, anyone would prefer this unless they're regularly playing shit for bizarre Jap PC's nobody's ever heard of. I'm sure it's changed since I tried it but it has the most fucking obnoxious UI I've ever seen, especially when it comes to keybinding

I'd only really use Retroarch if I were to build a nifty little all-in-one arcade system for a living room or something, but the GUI seems a little cumbersome from my brief time with it. Honestly, I'm still not clear on what it even is. It's just some unifying interface for a bunch of emulators, right? The only reason why I was thinking about using it was to emulate Saturn, but then I found mednafen and the CLI was much more straightforward.

those still exist

You would still be better off using SSF over mednafen.

Worst UI ever imagined. It's like they tried to be retarded when they made it.