CRT Gaming

>he doesn't play old games on a CRT

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She Won
1p Won

Based videogame playing real CRT TV poster.

Beautiful blacks. Colorful.

It's entertaining for about 20 mins, then I wish I was playing whatever it is emulated with a 360 controller. I'm guessing every CRT thread is made by a zoomer who never actually had to grow-up with them

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>He doesn't play on a crt
>He uses filters on led screen
>He complains about lifting little weight
>He complains about little space
>He complains about how crt tvs aren't supossed to be easy to move
Is there something that filters zoomers more than this?

Nobody in their right mind would want to use a 360 controller for anything, especially not in 2D-heavy context like emulation.

I wish there was a solution considering those things are FAT.

Nah I play them on my big chungus OLED Tv with an HDMI adapter.

why would i hold onto a a old tv when in a few years I can replicate it on brand new tv and make it look like any style of old tv

The Dpad with a Pringles lid + dremeling is unironically the best 2D/3D controller ever made

You should be locked up for life.

Older zoomers had them younger zoomers had them counting on how poor their family was

Who won?

Show me a good modern Dpad, friend, I've tried both the PS5's and One's, and they're both garbage

i love my crts

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>Open door
>See this
What do?

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if it works, ill gladly accept it.


user please......

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I wonder if he would let me chose the brand. I'd love me some LG crts.

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I literally am using my CRT right now what do you fucking want from me

Yeah, i dont play on a CRT, i actually evolve and move on with the world, im not a mentally stunted autist thats trying to keep the part of m alive when i was happy 20 years ago

Wake up and move on, go outside, get a girlfriend and make a family already

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What you just said was retarded, consider that

I have enough to use some as decoration in my living room

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>i actually evolve and move on with the world
Transaltion: I'm a sheep following the trends masses force on me instead of what I really want to.

Stopped reading your propaganda post there bro, move on and live a better life

those are 2 diiferent fat ps2s with HDDs each running opl .

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>move on and live a better life
Don't tell me what to do, faggot.

Until anons actually explain WHY instead of drive-by schizorage, no, I stopped paying attention to CRT's the moment I went 50/50 on a Panasonic plasma with my dad, and if you wanna meme an old display tech that's ACTUALLY viable nowadays, look at plasma

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>crt pc monitor in 2022
The mark of the chad.

The mark of the console pleb.

What's the thing on top of the left TV?

>not an idort in the year of the lord
pleb and a embarrassment.

its the mark of a retard, for sure. I dont know. It caught me at the height of my ps nostalgia. i was playing tons of shit on psx,ps2, ans ps3. I didnt have a ps4 and figured the ps5 was a good 2 for 1.
oh well . i got it at launch from amazon and not a scalper

it's just a switchbox

>buying the newest piece of shit = idort
With a competent PC a ps/xbox is redundant.

>the room has multiple crts and ps2s in it
>every piece of technology in the image is obsolete, including the ps5
user, i dont care about redundant. I have close to 10 redundant monitors in storage as backups along with backups for almost every console.

What is is about plasma? I see a plasma display and it completely mogs LCDs every time. Why were they abandoned?

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Plasma sounded too cool, they dropped it before it was too late.

>missing the point that hard

never understood the hate, that shit ruled. To be fair, i loved them all.

why do thrift stores ask so fucking much for crts now? are they actually becoming relatively rare? theres a shitty one at my local goodwill that only has a/v inputs, is maybe 20 inches, and they want $200 for it.

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oh well. what you may not have realized is that that is NOT a competent PC. it's a toaster i use to play boomer shooters, isometric rpgs, and old strategy games. I got it for free put a gt 710 in it .

>why do thrift stores ask so fucking much for crts now?
>murrican autism spreading
I don't know man, crts are given as easily as ever where I live. Since lcds end up in the trash when broken ironically.

why do you lie on the internet

They noticed people are actually buying them. Back around 2013 or so thrift stores were giving them away just like old record players but once the nostalgia boom hit they jacked up the prices.

thrift stores are not in a vacuum. they have access to google just like the rest of us. their top result is likely always some maniac's listing on ebay for a $1k wega.
i still see at least one crt on the sidewalk every time i go for a walk, but i live in a big city.
most thrift stores dont even carry them anymore here.

Noooooooooo you have to work for my Jewish company you have to make me rich
You have to support BLM. Marry a mentally unstable brainwashed piece of shit of a woman so my law firm can take it all from you. You have to.... Ahhhh my stocks noooooo. Reeeeee get Netflix already and stop playing amazing old games without any kind of censorship or agendas !!! You have to buy my scalped PS5 and play niggerman and biggerball 2022. Like move on already

I just use an OLED with CRT filters for maximum kino.

>chose to end up with a lesser pc when had the chance for an actual one
Not even a pcfag but choosing sony or xbox post gen 7 is flat out a bad choice for wasting money.

i have a family, do you? i turned my gaming room into a nursery. it's pretty cool, but i just stashed my stuff into a storage container until we buy a house with a big basement.

when the ps5 was released we were already in gpu hellscape. I would have bought one if it were as easy as it was a year earlier.

Or you could have waited like a positive iq person. Games for PS5 are going to take long time to get here for several reasons.

He fell for the meme
It's over. Enjoy getting scolded and emotionally manipulated by mom 2.0
No you can't do that. You cant do this. Give in exchange for shitty sex . I totally love you haha like since forever totally *misses Chad from highschool every single day*

holy projection

lmao what a fag

>in 20 years 100% of CRTs will have reached the end of their lifespans.

Enjoy it while it lasts, bros.

yeah, thats why i stashed like 10 of them. the bvms are at about 7k, 20k, and 35k hours. I'm currently using the 35k monitor. No way to know how many hours the pvms, pc monitors, and the jvcs have logged.

Havent been using my trinitron but I’ve been enjoying Pikmin 2 on my pc crt for progressive resolution. The blacks feel so good when in the caves.

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>What's repairing?
Even then 20 years it's pretty good since I won't pass 45.