Master Duel

Play Live Twins.

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I want to take their hats

I do not run Maxx C, Ash, Called By, Effect Veiler, Crossout, Droplet, or Psyframe

So you lose every time you go second?

oh yeah? post a deck then

>Brat Hags irl
No thank you. I rather fuck Verre than two spoiled VTuber Hags.
And I don't like that smug grandma.
I hate that she when knows that someone wants her, it fuels her massive ego.
Same reason I hate Neptune.
I REFUSE to satisfy SMUG!

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What's with everyone playing twins lately? I just started playing again last week and finally built it and Witchcrafters

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No thanks, I play Liebe Twins

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smug already won just admit it

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I assume is because Splights are the toppest of the meta in the OCG right now and they run very well along Twins, so their popularity and price skyrocketed.

Literal tranny shit you would see on /vg/

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The more I play against shadolls the more I realize they're just tri-bridage
>Cheat out links/fusion
>End on a floodgate winda/barrier statue
>Overpowered floating effects for main and extra deck monsters
>Endless grind game potential

you must spend a lot of time there to know

They're cute and they're now tier 0 thanks to Splights

I lose honestly like a true duelist

>called a troons benten
>they search another one
I almost wish it wasn't getting limited.

I spent 3000 gems on flower cardians but I don't actually lnow how to play hanafuda. All thr guides I look up are just shit like "use them as an engine to summon exodia" without explaining basic combos or how you're supposed to link effects together.

Can someone please give me some advice? Otherwise my turns will be even longer as I try to figure out how to play this deck

Redpill me on splights

No, i will infinitrack

how do you build a melffy gustav deck?

kucknami trying to one-up themselves from zoodiacs, lvl 2 engine with a boss monster that can shut down any non lvl 2 monster including shit from the hand like nibiru


depends on what your end game is
whether it's ftk or boss monsters with negates

Someone give me either an unchained deck or earth machina deck

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>Cheat out fusion
How do Shaddolls cheat out a fusion?

Cute v-tubers by day, construction machinery by night

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20 years old

whos next to golem?

based anone

the only good handtrap is dimension shifter

id like a proper guide for this too, even the long google docs one isnt rly adequate and doesnt cover a lot of situations/opening hands


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When going second as trizoo should I just aggressively be trying to get accesses code talker/ lethal as quickly as possible or maybe even Zeus? Or should I still be trying to get a revolt down?

If you have a good hand do both. If not prioritize lethal, but make sure you can kill because if you get cucked going for lethal and cant get revolt down you are dead in the water.

deck plays itself, click glowy

>yugioh then
>tier zero decks are dark dragon decks
>frogs are the most powerful beings on the planet

Using materials directly from the deck

Toadally Awesome is living up to his name

Searchable negates and disables any non-lv/rank/link2 monsters during their main phase so decks that play during the opponent's turn completely stop working

Soon to go from toad alone to toad none

Give me ideas for a gimmick deck using exclusively live twins, no evil twins, preferably with an endgame of having the opponent simp themselves to death. I don't care how shit it is

Can;t believe Toadally Alone is Toadally Fucking Dead

Frogs have been busted for a long time now

Should I throw Dagda into this since I run scythe? I'm not sure where to work it into my combo though

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How many times must Toad die for other cards's sins?

For me? It’s Digital bugs and Krawlers

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She's not a brat, she's just confidant in her own power user.

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whats the best going second deck? Everyone in this game wants to go first and set up five negates.

What are the worst decks to go against? As in as soon as you see them play their first card you go, “Aw fuck this I quit. Not hanging around for this bullshit”

>what's he talking about
>look it up
>Toadally sweeping the fucking metagame dethroning Despia hard
He is taking his revenge.

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Junk speeder synchro if you have no hand traps is just fucking GG. Don't bother sitting around for 5 minutes while they shit out omni negates. Also Drytroons

>chink playing tri brigade vw
>opens kankwoon + nervall
this should be a dogshit deck this isn't fair

For me, I’d say giants ballpark. It’s pretty shit if you go first with it but can almost or entirely let you win second turn if done right.

Krawlers seem cool af. But I Imagine they just get shredded in this cocaine format and end up as a poorman's subterror which is already a poorman's eldlich. But at least it looks like they are extremely cheap to make, even cheaper then True Dracos.

I know I'm dyslexic, but you really need to read it again.
I'm talking about the Evil Twins being Brat Hags.
I refer to Verre/Rilliona as Smug Grandma.

Could I trouble you guys for some reccomendations of cards to toss in my Extra Deck if I'm running Machina? Also, is there anything in particular I could slot in to make use of Gearframe and Unclaspare just kinda hanging out after I get them to the field?

is there interesting single player stuff in this? The enemy players take too long and I dont like using any card made after gx

>tri brigade vw
How does this work?

yeah all the kaijus seem pretty effective here. It's gotta be satisfying to replace all their monsters with giant bugs.

>I dont like using any card made after gx
You never should have installed this then

Drytron and Prank Kids. I'm actually curious what other decks than ones running Kaijus can deal with Battle Butler being on the board.

Adams just because of:
…I pick that other adam to special summon now

Try removing 1 Lila. Just to test dagda.
2 is more than enough.
Underworld is kinda bad. But she's hot. I'd remove her for a a skyhound or sky something the rank 2 XYZ

>I dont like using any card made after gx
You're playing the wrong game dude

Give us a retrain of toadally thats super xenophobic, make it banish every non aqua monster on your field when its summon or something.
I feel like it was just yesterday when they announced toad at 3.

Summon Evil Ki-sikil and Dagda, next turn when your opponent activates an effect, set Scythe and then use Ki-sikil's effect to bring Lil-la from the GY to pop it, at least that I assume would be the combo.

No, I just thought you were implying the same thing of all of them.

Doesn't change the point of earned smug-ery though.

Those damn SMUGS will NEVER get their satisfaction!

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The single player content is actually decently long. Especially if you want to clear every optional duel also the game does a good job of showing you the new mechanics.

Still not video games.

>Junk speeder synchro if you have no hand traps is just fucking GG
Even if you have handtraps you need to target sneeder specifically because they chain his effect to the other junk in the GY

>and I dont like using any card made after gx

Are you seriously stupid? Why are you even playing then?

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Tribrigade is a one card combo, you can sacrifice VW consistency to try to pull it

So far they’ve done me well. As long as you can keep this and their field card protected, you can do some good shit with them.
>Their field card ‘sends’ opponents monster to the graveyard, but doesn’t destroy
>nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone who spent ten minutes putting their omnigate god card immune to battle and card destruction go into the grave and then just pausing trying to figure out what just happened

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I unleashed Tierra against a bone tower mill and the guy gave up and let me kill him.

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Is it pure Machina?

Yeah, no Infinitracks or trains, just Machina stuff.

So, are splight going to be related to the whole Despia clusterfuck?