Jesus Christ, what an awful month

Jesus Christ, what an awful month.

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Yuropoors are shitting their pants over these games

>unironically paying into an online paywall.

Wow that is awful

id take infinite warfare again

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>it's another nothades instead of just hades
didn't they just spend months hyping up their new & improved ps plus?

nu psplus doesn't roll out until June

>Football (ground edition).
>What looks like 2 boomer mobile games.

How do they get worse every month?

Not gonna redeem

I heard Tribes was alright

do not redeem

yeah its fucking dogshit as predicted, we got two good games last month so saw it coming.

(spongebob, slay the spire)

>faggots defend paying for online because they give away shovelware every month with it

consolefags who still pay for it please explain why you think this is okay

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i pay for it just to play fighting games online even though i do the vast majority of my online gaming on my PC.
how mad does this make you? lol fucking poor

rent free

still tied to playstation because of exclusive games and I like to collect trophies sometimes, pc is definitely better but sony does have something special.. unironically..

>FIFA game
>awful month
Confirmed for shit taste. This shit is very fun to play with your bros.

I don't I ended up just moving to PC

Is that Mbape?

They can't defend it, they're buck broken by it so all they do is deflect and kvetch out at anyone who points out they're paying for online.

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Curse of the Dead Gods is kinda fun, but it's basically a slower Hades with much less focus on story.

Lol sports games
Your kind isn't welcome here nigger

thats true, but as with any sports game you can just pick up a copy of an older version for 99 cents and you get the exact same experience as the current version

Hello Bong

if you truly enjoyed footy games with your friends then you'd already have it and don't need it for "free" with ps+

t. latinx

Spics prefer soccer over American football, you might want to learn your own mutt race.

pogchamp poggers omgwtfbbq fifa 22

Fuck what was last month. I forgot to claim lol

>Spics prefer soccer over American football
*citation needed*

Sony is literally dogshit. Look at the games Sony had month to month during the PS3 era compared to this. What a fallen company. This is what happens when you move your headquarters to America and cede power to a jew.

>literally complaining about free shit now
Never change Yea Forums

>$50 per year

you do realize you pay for everything sony is offering you right? just so we're on the same page

>negroid shilling
the absolute state of play

>*Citation needed*
What are you autistic? National sport of Mexican and all central and Southern America is Football a.k.a. soccer, Spics are from those same places, it's not hard to work out you faggot.



>Complaining about free shit
You pay a yearly subscription for and don't keep the games when you stop paying for PSN plus.

Epic games are unironically giving out a better deal and I don't even pay anything for it, I get free online play, free games every one-two weeks, and I get to keep the games (again unlike sony/ psn you don't keep the games when if you stop paying for Psn+).

>Fighting games online
>On console
Are you retarded?

Curse of the Dead Gods is actually a pretty decent game but Tribes fucking flopped because Gearbox is dogshit

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Is SpongeBob worth playing?

It's a fun game that you can 100% in like 6 hours

i havent played fifa in a while so a free one is good with me

dont care about that bottom trash wtf are those

Just waiting for that premium upgrade next month now. The "free" PS Plus games have always been pretty shit. We get about one good game every 2 years and it's usually something I already have.

tried tribes of midgard for about 20 minutes and it seems awful. nobody told me this shit had crafting

>Online paywall
FIFA got hit hard by Belgium, and Europe as an extension. Last year you had "Preview Packs" which allowed you to roll on a pack for free, see the contents, and then allowed you to have the option to buy it. Clearly, that didn't go well for EA, since they greatly pulled that function. So it now only extends to normal packs. Seeing 93-98 players and then paying the average gold cost was awesome.

Worry about your own shit. Epic Games continues to ruin PC gaming and you assholes are letting them do it.

No actual Latino would ever use that bastardization of the Spanish language

I bought 5 years for $20 each and never played a multiplayer game on console

What's the matter?

I do genuinely want to try curse of the dead gods, I don't know if I'll bother to renew though for it.

>pay 3.6 bil for Destiny
>don't even put the game on PS+

Sony what are you doing

Isn't destiny 2 free?

In the sense you can start the game, but they've long since deleted all of the free content.

>t. latinx

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locking down exclusivity for their next game which hopefully isn't generic mmo shit

Yea its pretty bad month. I'll still gonna download and never touch it again lol.

I can't defend it. But I wanna play online with my friends.

What are you babbling about? That doesnt have to do anything with this. It will be expanded psnow with classic titles

kill yourself fake puto

I don't even think they are locking down exclusivity. They've stated that Bungie will remain independent and are able to release their games multiplatform. It could be that only Destiny will remain multi-plat, because at this point the user base is spread across 2 console generations and PC, and since the game really needs to be cross platform to have enough players online at anytime to support the dozens of matchmaking playlists and LFG content. They can't really go and release Lightfall next year as a Playstation exclusive and lock all of those players out of the game, it'd just kill it dead, however you'd think Sony would be leveraging their purchase a bit earlier - especially since Xbox game pass has had Witch Queen since launch I'm pretty sure.

I think Sony's purchase really came down to them wanting a developer with knowledge in creating and support long term GaaS titles, and Bungie is despite their faults one of the best in the biz.

Also Sony was talking about making a Destiny movie/TV series, which might work but I can only envision something done cheaply (think a TV series about the Dark Ages, where a light bearer walks around in the woods and probably takes care of a child they find, occasionally getting into shootouts with clans - think something like the walking dead levels of production) or some horrible expensive movie done marvel style.

All in all it was a retarded purchase that will definitely bite Sony in the arse in the future when Bungie fails to provide anything of value.