Defeats you humiliatingly

>defeats you humiliatingly


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Mating press her.

You think you could?

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She means nothing.

become her slave

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laugh haughtily, because im the one playing as her

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you would need dirty tricks to defeat her, she can beat your ass

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I don't fucking care. She's going to end up on the ground while I fill her with my lower class semen.

You speak like a horny unthinking monkey, truly a peasant. You'd get your ass handled to you for your lack of planning.

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Shut the fuck up Karin, I don't give two shits on what you think.

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No, YOU!

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Is this a thread about dominating Karin after losing or a thread about submitting to Karin after losing? Just checking

What do you prefer?

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>rekka locked behind V trigger
I hope 6 is actually a good game unlike 5

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based ojou enjoyer

>"VocĂȘ fala um jogo malvado, garota rica"

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What? You don't like having a part of your toolkit being arbitrarily locked behind a shitty system implemented for SFV?


who did it better?

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Why are sf fags so cucked by systems come to fighterz you get free 4th character here and only gohan has v trigger


La brasilera culona....

blow raspberries on her tummy and never stop until she's too much of a giggling mess

Want to lick her cute armpits :3

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Hmm, I do kinda want to submit to Karin. The black shorts under her skirts are a huge fetish for me.


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God I want Karin to beat the shit out of me and laugh at me

Menat's way cuter so I'm going with her.

definitely something hot about other sf girls mindbreaking karin

She literally begs me to

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>tfw no bro to play Alpha 3 and admire Karin with

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I play Alpha 3 but I'm definitely not playing with Yea Forums

which one is better, 3rd strike or alpha 3?

Alpha 3, third strike is a meme

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Are both of those LTG alts?

what a woman

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She's a woman
Brimstone flows through my blood at the mere sight of a wench, a challenge from such would ignite the furies of Hell itself

Anyone else turned on by that "ohohohoho" laugh? I want her to shatter my pelvis while laughing like that.

Me too buddy
Me too

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she doesnt even punch, she uses palm strikes what are the gloves for?

What if she made you drink her pee? XD

Real men want her to do it mid-blowjob

gotta have the hand up to the mouth too

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yes ma'am

Probably orgasm

There entirely different games dude. Ive played a little bit of third strike on fightcade, had good time.

Trick her into having my kid and marrying me

I love when gameplay + fetish align perfectly for me
The most fun char in SFV + pantyhose + hime laugh + spat + blond + relatively thin compared to the monstrosity of "high T" female chars in SFV

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Submit as her slave and worship her.

is karin pure?

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too pure
she thinks women get pregnant from handholding

>tfw thingken how babby is formed
thats actually really cute.

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Just imagine if SF6 has Ingrid. Karin with a fireball (Shin Karin).

I fucking love drills

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None of you people really love Karin.

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oh god the face

I'm not retarded enough to get a tattoo.

I thought the Japanese love Karin. Why does she get so little art

The world just doesn't like ojou-samas.
We should change that

c/u/te best friends

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Thought this was a horrible wound from the thumbnail. The actual tat isn't much better.

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