Castlevania had a.... rough transition to 3D

Castlevania had a.... rough transition to 3D.

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Castlevania 64 and LoD are peak Castlevania.

No it didn't, this game is based and better than m64 and ocarina, it needs a rerelease and anyone who thinks it doesn't is a faggot

Give me Legacy of Darkness.

Castle Center is one of the best CV levels of all time.

>lookit me I'm a contrarian!!!!

A compilation of all the 5/6th gen 3D vanias is free money in every single way, even if it's crap that doesn't even improve framerate it's way overdue that these games are on something more than those consoles

The girl was supossed to be barefoot but they changed it, shame on them

better than megamanX and sonic

This game is insanely overhated. In fact Im dead serious when I say it might be the most unnecessarily overhated game ever. All the complaints you see come from people playing it on an emulator with controller setups it wasnt built around. Its by far the most faithful 3D Castlevania.

I liked it. Naturally Yea Forums hates it since it is a good game and it is not popular enough to be praised.

Castlevania 64 literally got great reviews when it released it wasn't until years later that people started calling it shit. Mostly due to AVGN retards who were filtered hard by Forest of Silence and Castle Center.
TRUE Castlevania fans are realize the game was absolute kino.

>All the complaints you see come from people playing it on an emulator with controller setups it wasnt built around
That's where you're wrong my man. Those people didn't even play the game. They're just spouting the same opinions they heard from their e-celebs

I wouldn't go as far as putting it above those games but it's still a fucking great game

>This game is insanely overhated
It filtered too many people that they instantly write it off
In reality its probably the most sovlful game in the series. From the music, atmosphere, and bosses its an absolute treat like no other for people who give it a chance.

Get in loser, we're playing the coolest Castlevania game at my house.

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I blame AVGN's retarded video and brainlet takes for ruining the perception of this game for way too many people. If you sit someone down tell them to play the game they will most likey think it was well worth playing despite the jankiness.

hi, I own the game on N64 and have beaten it several times. it's thoroughly mediocre and the camera is dogshit even by N64 standards. atmosphere can't make up for bad gameplay and boring level design and this game has both. I'm sorry your favourite game as a kid turned out to be a big pile of garbage, but throwing a tantrum isn't going to change reality.

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Arkham Asylum is the best 3D castlevania

>I own the game on N64 and have beaten it several times
That's nice but how do we know you're not lying?


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These games are honestly pretty cool. Rough, but if you can work with them, there's something there.

unironically a better CV than SotN

The dracula fight made me rage so hard due to the tiny hit box he had if you played as Reinhardt

I actually find this to be one of the few N64 games that works better on non-stock controllers, because the stick sensitivity is way too loose.

It was good. Fuck you James.

Why did you bother to beat "a big pile of garbage" multiple times?

>Castlevania 64 literally got great reviews when it released
no it didn't

I played it and didn't really get why it was so hated. It has a great dracula, memorable locations and characters, solid music and decent gameplay. The only real complaints I had was the camera but it's early 3d so that kinda is expected, I thought the tower was a little bullshit too but I played Reinhardt. Still need to finish LOD.

It's bad because man online said it's bad, ok?

Then why have everyone so uppity about rereleasing them? What do you have to hide? Other than your historical revision?


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Only reason I kept playing it.
Carrie needs more love, and sex.

>better than m64 and ocarina,

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It is way cooler in design and aesthetic aspects, so he's kind of right.

This game is great though.

So it looks good huh? But it sure as hell doesn't play anywhere as good

I mean both are very overrated games that get given a free pass because they're "pioneers" or revolutionary, but Mario 64 doesn't really have that interesting visuals and OoT has terrible gameplay. I would much rather just play something in the middle, honestly.

>OoT has terrible gameplay.

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Yes? Without giving it nostalgia or reputation points, it's serviceable at best and if that gameplay was in some random anime action game you'd be calling it weeb garbage. I am not gonna pretend it's perfect and above criticism.

I liked this game when I was a kid.

Did anyone see the magical nitro I left here just now?


The game was such a disappointment they had to release a modified version in the same year.

Basado, fpbp

>Alucard new stepmother
Why Iga recon Carrie out?

>AVGN literally lies about the game being unbeatable
>Suddenly every zoomer hates this game
Really makes you think

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AVGN said that? I beat this shit when I was 8 with no guides.

He made up some story about how he couldn't place the nitro and the mandragora Infront of the wall if he did it out of order, which is literally a lie, you can place them in any order you like, I have no idea what the fuck he was on about.

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Holy shit forgot how good the music was in this game.

James Rolfe is semi-retarded so he has problems playing 3d games like Castlevania 64 or resident evil


The N64 Castlevanias are still probably the best 3D ones.

>CV: Lords of Shadow 2 use MM and AA gameplay

AVGN's entire body of work is garbage and beyond worthless as criticism. He is, and his videos are, entirely glorified Let's Plays.

Tower of Sorcery's music is still burned into my brain

Am I crazy, or was there a second N64 Castlevania with a proper subtitle?
I've never played it/them, so I'm just going off what I vaguely remember of the AVGN episode.

>Castlevania 64 literally got great reviews when it released

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Yes there is a second one

Reminder that playing as Carrie is basically the game's easy mode.

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>e-celeb with zoomer cult fanbase spouts a retarded opinion
>zoomers parrot the same point like sheep
>it's perpetuated over the years to the point where everyone generally accepts the opinion as fact.
God i fucking hate e-celebs and their retared opinions that are taken as absolute gospel


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Female Megaman unlike Zero Belmont?

I love Carrie so much

So like Resident Evil and Jill.

Are you faggots retarded?
It literally scored high 7s and 8s when it first released

70-80 means unplayable garbage to zoomers who only play games based on scores. Bold of you to assume anything slightly below a 97 is even playable to retarded zoomers.

You know it.