If you haven't played all of these games to completion, stop posting here

If you haven't played all of these games to completion, stop posting here.

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I’ve played none of them, but I will continue posting here.

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Oh look it's another zoomie trying to be cool
Most of these games are good, but you just had to give yourself away by adding Myst because you heard your grandpa talk about it once

gothic isn't a good game and the europeans will never trick me into thinking it is

there are, quite literally, zero good games there
play some jrpgs you fucking faggot

>play some jrpg

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Unreal is not good enough to fit in with those other games

Planescape sucks ass. It's a chopped up, middling young adult fantasy novel.

>planescape torment
unironically too much text, dropped it around 15 hours in
>deus ex
played to completion
>baldur's gate
extremely boring
>system shock
controls are garbage, system shock 2 was better anyway
havent played the rest


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some of these games like system shock, deus ex, and baldurs gate are were all great games for their time, and still somewhat hold up with great stories. But other games here have been easily surpassed.
Tribes ascend or titanfall two are easily better than unreal, you didnt even post the best HoMM, and Xcom games have gotten much better.

You are cancer

>Titanfall 2
Literally nu-COD with mechs made by tranny devs. KYS

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first row
shit, shit, shit
based, V is better, shit
shit x3

whats the matter, cant play games that take skill?

Planescape and BG are shit.

Sincely, /tg/, who plays actual tabletops and laughs at the fucking garbage you fags eat up and consider "good".

>Titanfall 2
Stop pushing this meme. It's no faster or attention requiring than Fortnite, Doom Eternal or whatever else zoomers play.

Did you finally get permabanned from Yea Forums you fucking shit? Now you bring that evil here? Mods, do the needful and swing the hammer hard. Ring the bell.

For the rest of you lurking, listen up and pay attention: I bet you we see threads nearly exactly like this constantly, every day for a few months. The subject will vary only slightly, and the image will be slightly different, but its the same thread every time. I dont know why they do it. Dont reply, dont engage. I think its a bot project.

Do you guys even play video games at all

Riven, like Myst, was never good. Point-and-click slideshow puzzle games by and large suck donkey balls.

t. actual retard

Yes. But the fact Yea Forums seems to revere these two games is laughable, because they're terrible iterations of the tabletop rules set and generally piss poor writing. They're what modern Yea Forums would call "Reddit games" before Reddit ever fucking existed.

I'm sure your personal weekly D&D game has a story worthy of Shakespeare and Melville.

Finished deus ex, gothic 2, system shock, and baldur’s gate

games? what games? all i see there are pozzed tranny movies.

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>play some jrpgs

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I've played all of these, and the only one I've finished is Deus Ex.

>stop posting here
Make me

>Gothic II
Fuck no. Eurojank at its best. I'm neither slavic enough, nor european enough to play those games

kek based
I wish I could finish UFO defense though, but I get so fucking stuck. The others are just too long (BG, Torment, even unreal)


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Looking for an excuse to talk about boomer games you like, op?

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gothic II and riven are the only good games

Baldur's Gate 2 is shit and not worth playing.

I'm trans btw

girdle of change gender means trannies probably love it

back to rpgcodex

>item is viewed as cursed

opinion discarded

> No Baldur's Gate II

>because they're terrible iterations of the tabletop rules
It's a good thing that it deviates from those rules, as tabletop is shit.

>They're what modern Yea Forums would call "Reddit games" before Reddit ever fucking existed.
This is true. Yea Forums would lose their shit over a character written like Minsc if it came out today.

>no Thief 2

But Minsc is literally Yea Forums
>mentally ill retard with anger issues

No, I only consume superior Japanese entertainment.

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I guarentee you not a single person in this thread beat 2 or more of these boring ass games

>western RPGs
all have garbage gameplay and thats what makes a good game

Next bait post

It's interesting how many people feel personally attacked by that weak ass OP though.

torment is overrated

Fuck your 3X3, I substitute my own.

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Where do you think it is rated and why do you think it doesn't deserve to be rated there?

people hate to look at mirrors

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Gothic series is complete trash

Unreal has shit level design

I only played Deus Ex out of these and not to completion but damn close my laptop at the time died.

Thank you for mentioning Tribes Ascend best game ever if only these faggots today knew

Also put Dark Messiah up there everyone should play that I think and it's still fun.

If you haven't played Pong then you are not a true gamer. I say this without a hint of irony.
Check 'Em

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Streaming =/= playing, zoomer.

never played gothic, didn't finish unreal or system shock, beat the rest

3 is the best HoMM. You better not be one of those people that thinks the unpolished mess known as HoMM 4 is superior.

you're trying too hard.