ITT: We let AI create our video game covers

“Nintendo video game mario Butthole”

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This game fucking rocks and its not even real

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Super Mario Colostomy for the Nintendo DS

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I put in "Shadow the Hedgehog - Death Ruins" (the name of a level from said game) and got a badass metal album cover

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Does it have some kind of filter? I had niggers in the request and it got removed from the queue in like 5 seconds

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That looks awesome! Death Ruins would be a good band name.

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Can someone do Lego Metal Gear. I'm gay

Click on "My Art" near the top.

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I guess it's funny. I'm not sure what I was expecting, thanks anyway user. Even if we got a real one Legos can talk now so it wouldn't even be funny

>Gameboy Advance video game Touching Girls on a Crowded Subway Simulator

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How long until neural AI generated games are a reality, Yea Forums?

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Everything will be automated in this sense by 2050. AI will create everything from art to music. We will all just consoooooom.

Can't to pay a monthly subscription to an AI porn generator for my Occulus Rift 5!

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>Nintendo Wii video game cooking and eating stray dogs game of the year edition

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gotta get my 78 metacoins for my 18 yearly subscriptions to the exact same service just rebranded!

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>Playstation 2 video game George Floyd Fentanyl Cowboy

Well, this just raises MORE questions...

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