Switchbros, our latest exclusive is almost here

Switchbros, our latest exclusive is almost here.

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why does she have a microphone in her room?


It's a massage stick

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>Porn games in 2011+11
>Not VR

How else is she going to practise karaoke?

Sniff sniff

I don't play coomer shit, but Switch really is the best console because there are tons of "mini games" like this. It's also great that all Switch games are free.

PS and XBOX are AAA machines (garbage movie games), but Switch is a real game machine. Only PC could rival it, but PC is a complement not replacement.

What game?

The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of

is this one its own thing or does it have a pc version and accompanying r-18 patch

i'll get the switch one if it's the former

How can that company still keep releasing new games, but not say anything about when Duel Princess will be back?

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Buying this day 1 in case it gets taken down.

Please tell me what game this is

>20 endings
BTFOing most RPGs with 1-3 endings easily. This game is amazing.


Games like this cement the Switch's place as the Vita successor.

wow, another game that the troons at nintendo will ban from the eshop worldwide when they catch wind of it (assuming the developer hasn't started self-censoring to avoid their wrath) and that the corporate cock-worshipers here will blame CERO for.

finally my penis can fit in her bumhole

>Shower scene
qureate, I kneel

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So this is like Reflexions?

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They didn't even hide the mouse cursor in the background video on the official site.

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>no ryobi

five years later. still mad.

has ANY H-games so far been taken down yet?

Was there ever any doubt,the only thing missing is Saya Uminko & Ever17


I'd hoped that Fate/Stay night would get on but knowing Nasu it'll happen before the switch is shelved for good ;_;

what are switch's best coomer games?

There was that one game duel princess I think but that was taken down everywhere, including steam. They brought it back for steam however just not switch for some unknown reason.

Duel Princess by the same company was pulled from the e-shop months ago(you can still download/play if you bought it in time). They say it will come back, but nothing else about why or if it will be altered, etc.

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Fight N Rage

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This looks like a good game.

i thought nintendo didn't censor third party games?

Nobody knows what happened. The game got pulled from steam too so it might actually have been some cero fuckery.

Nobody knows the reason it was pulled. It could be anything from Nintendo, CERO, a rights dispute, etc. We'll have to see what happens when it comes back.

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How am I supposed to keep all these ero games when the switch doesn't let you organize your games at all
Whenever I want to play couch multiplayer with friends they will all know that I was playing this

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Duel Princess is already for sale on DLsite.

It's unlikely it was Nintendo given it was pulled from steam at the same time.

everyone cooms to anime girls

Get better friends.

user, the game was never on Steam.

You know we're talking about Duel Princess right?

>We'll have to see what happens when it comes back

it's been 3months, it will never return to the e-shop

I thought they now let you categorise shit. Or is that only in the big list view?

The PC version is available on multiple sites, even in the west. I got it drm-free from itch.io.

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What they took it down intentionally as a tactic to get people to buy their games day 1?

>latest exclusive
*also on PC

I thought it was due to some ratings board fuckery - the devs submitting a version to them with not all the lewd content or something? Were people just making shit up?

It had a page on steam for quite some time before being taken down around the same time.

>play h-game
>remember how long it's been since I last touched a real woman
>lose boner
>lose will to live
>play h-game

Yes. Duel Princess was never on Steam.


Do you have a steamdb entry to back that up?

is that good?

There's this, but the game was never even released(or pulled down at the same time as the switch version) on Steam.

Oops, link:

Fucking Gaben. This is why I buy R18 games and VNs in general from other sites if possible. You never know when one of his Campo Santo hires is going to freak out and ban a game.

My personal guess:
>CERO or some other org causes a stink about the game
>Valve and Nintendo cuck out
>game is released through smaller distributors who can afford to not give a fuck

>Whenever I want to play couch multiplayer with friends they will all know that I was playing this
My gf seen the coomer games I played on my switch, and so have my friends. No fucks given

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Say what you want, but i certainly have owned more lewd games on Steam than anywhere else.

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is her wrist daijoubu

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why do i find this so hot

Is this getting a physical release in the US?

With nintendo I assume there's probably some kind of additional payment involved for putting a game back up that they didn't want to pay.
That's usually how things are on consoles, granted I am basing that more on Sony and Microsoft