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Lost Ark

risk of rain 2

%user's fave game%

Yea Forums

can't seem to turn it off, though

World of Warcraft


I dislike this new meme thread format.

Your favorite game.

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Elden Ring
t. Fromsoft fangirl


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Mediocre b8

Fire Emblem Conquest


Persona. At least 3 and 4 were hot garbage.

every game that zoomers made popular

>none of the elements of a Zelda game
>empty open world where you have to climb everywhere => ergo you run around on foot more than on a horse
>terrible combat
>terrible story
>terrible VAs

OP's mom

Aside from me not liking the gameplay, I always meet the same 2 kinds of people that play it
1. Autists that take videogames WAY too seriously and sperg out against others every game
2. People that complain the game is shit and getting worse

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League of Legends

any game that consistently gets posted

i like it a bit. weakest roguelite ive ever played for sure, though the other roguelites are known for being super good so its not unexpected


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Dark Souls (or Tranny Souls as I call it)

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Lost Ark

Elden Ring
Dark Souls III
The Last of Us
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption 2
The Witcher Series
Any Uncharted game
Anything Bioware after BG2
Persona 5

what is this badass fish?

fahaka pufferfish


Fire Emblem Three Houses
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Every single MMO ever

Terrible VA is the funniest part, the one zeldo with the least plot of them all and that's the one they decide to add voice acting when even Pokemon gets away with silent characters after the games became super dense with dialogue. I'm assuming they were looking for the Xenoblade audience with that one.

unironically godhand


These for me, even with muh aesthetics no one will ever put it above a friends simulator for internet weirdos, P3 "dungeon" could've been done with a computer and there would be 0 difference.

Anything ever made by:
I've been playing games since the Atari 2600. How any of these companies-ANY of them-Have ever been well regarded, have ever had ANY kind of fan good will, or anything, is a fucking mystery to me. Every game they've ever made has been shit. Every single one of them.

Yet they sell millions of copies.


>Anything Wayforward
>Yakuza 7
>Sonic Mania
>Xeno: gears/blade/saga

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I'm gonna go around and make the first non-bait post in this thread

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>Not including Elden Ring

>anyone who doesn't share MY exact opinion is posting BAIT
You have to have over 80 IQ to post on this website.

elden tranny


FromTrannies are deranged pedos, that lurked here from reddit. Yea Forums always hated TrannySoft

Based femoid

vampire survivors

none of you will ever be a woman go back to your discord

Witcher 3
Nier A Tomato
Erden Ling
Final Fantasy All games
Persona All games but Hitler PErsona 2

Animal Crossing

Persona 5.

u mad, bro?

I’d say the last of us 2 but it was so unpopular Sony stopped reporting sales of the game. It’s certainly trash though.

If we're goin off this board, hollow knight. Absolute shitter.

Off board, to me, is Batman Arkham games or god of war franchise

World of Warcraft

You sound like a contrarian faggot who loves cocks, user.


you most certainly are, trannoid

yeah, i'm thinking you're seething

the VN genre as a whole suffers from this

This and god of onions

>that insanely fast reply time
Lmao this freak is foaming at the mouth so much he can't stop pressing f5 at this thread in seethe LMAO
you will never have a vagina



Is this the contrarian / schizo thread?

Where the fuck is elder scrolls

This desu

Your favorite game

I was good when it felt like there was a lot to look forward to

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holy fuck i was right LMAFO, lightspeed fast desperate buzzwording
hey tranny, are you OK? are you OK, tranny?

you will never have sex