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Somehow even worse than Quake 4 which at least had decent deathmatch

Babbies first horror game

I used to watch my dad play it when I was a wee lad.
It gave me nightmares.

Its a LOT better than people like to pretend. I fucking adored this game when it came out.

I can understand why people say its a bad 'doom' game though. The fact is that without Doom 3, the Doom franchise would hae fallen in irrelevence and obscurity by now.

Monster designs were better than Doom Eternal. Hell Knights especially.

Too dark.

If you are an adult still playing video games I don't think you should be judging other peoples work.

It was designed to scare little kids and teens.

Literally what I said dum dum

Loved it. Coop was fun af. Great game.

Is it really? It's more of an action game and I'm 27 and played it when I was a kid like 13 or something it was kinda scary but not that bad.


The guns felt pretty good to use and I liked the ammo

Get an OLED

No not actually I liked the game enough to still have the physical copies

>I'm here, because there seems to be some very serious problems.
>Oh really? Do I need to remind you of the groundbreaking work that we're doing here?
>No, but I've been authorized by the board to look at everything.
>The board authorized you? Hmm. The board doesn't know the first thing about science.
>All they want is something to make them more money, some product.
>Don't worry. They'll get their product.
>After how many accidents, tell me Doctor Betruger, why are so many workers spooked, complaining, requesting transfers off Mars?
>They simply can't handle life here. They're exhausted and overworked. If I had a larger, more competent staff and bigger budget, even these few accidents could have been avoided.
>I'm afraid you'll get nothing more until my report is filed with the board. I will need full access Doctor Betruger, Delta included. I won't have any difficulties doing that will I?
>Only if you get lost Swann. Just stay out of my way. Amazing things will happen here soon. You just wait.
>...Let's go.

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why do people pretend doom 3 is a horror game? It isnt trying to be, after the first 10 or so minutes walking through Mars City, any pretence of 'horror' is gone.

I mean its kinda gory and unsettling imagery here and there but hardly 'horror'. The flashlight is designed to make you vulnerable not to scare you.

Wish I had mine if I remember the limited one was cool. I wish they brought back metal limited editions like this and halo.

Just because it's not good horror doesn't mean it isn't horror. Doom 3 is trying to unsettle you.

This company had the technology to transform martian dirt into rocket fuel and water. What the fuck could they do to earn MORE money?

I just looked this up to make sure but doom 3 came out in 04 and FEAR came out in october 05 I'd say if anything of that 2 year era was babbies first horror it's FEAR that game was much more of a horror game.

>doom to the power of three
Weird title

Doom 3 is great, biggest issue IMO are the weapons. They all felt very underwhelming

I somehow end up playing it once a year or so and Im not really sure why.
To be fair though I also run a re balance mod I have no idea where I got it from that actually makes it fun so eh

I think it's the sound. They're otherwise fine to me.


Used to hate it and thought it was trash, recently finally played BFG Edition and had a good time, it's actually decent once you can actually freely use the flashlight.

>total lack of horror
>lack of any form of interesting combat (with a total blasting of the enemy roster,some of the strongest qualities of DOOM).
>lack of difficulty that makes the first two even worse (even after bumping the difficulty and using a controller)
>story i don't care about
>only decent atmosphere
shit game

but rather than tell you to play DOOM 2,2016,a megawad or 64.
play FEAR.

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Great game but not a great doom game.

I played it vanilla, I played it modded, Doom 3 sucks. The combat is lame which means it's a bad FPS. 2-5 enemies spawning in at a time in small areas, slow movement, stock weapons, not even any good gore or death effects.

The lighting and shadowing was pretty cool for the time and some of the enemies have great animations (I like the wall-crawly guys), and the environments have cool animated machinery some of the time, but it's just not an exciting game. The hell sections weren't very creative either. There are like 2-3 moments of cool scenery and a lot of samey looking rooms with the same uninspired combat.

No. You modern gamers and your dumb ideas trying to change the entire gameplay and the only REAL LIFE aspect of the game...

BAKA the flashlight taking up your gun spot was GOAT when it came out. Literally praised for being innovative and enhancing the atmosphere.

I like being able to see in my shooter game thank you. I didn't walk into a pitch black room in Doom 3 and get scared or think it was atmospheric, it was fucking annoying and frustrating. Doom is action first horror second, not that being forced to pull out your flashlight all the time just to see 3 inches in front of you is good horror in anyone's eyes but a retards.

mediocre game

This and the original Killzone are a few games I acknowledge aren't that good but can't help but love. It's probably nostalgia, but I feel like there's a certain atmosphere to them that later games haven't really replicated.

Never played a DMC game in my life.What's the appeal?

no replay value whatsoever

It’s aight, at least it;s not an overdeveloped mess like Eternal, just a chill podcast companion videogame

Replayed it recently
>PDA system sucked. Stops you dead in your tracks to root around emails and audio logs. Bioshock went on to perfect this idea IMO.
>the screen going ape shit to portray you taking damage was annoying. There are better ways to convey taking damage.
>guns weren't really fun to use and neither were the enemy's hit reactions to them
>too much "turn off the lights and spawn enemies from literal monster closets"
>the notorious flashlight sucks
>something about the game just feels laggy and unsatisfying. Like some kind of latency
>story was okay. I like Doom Guy being a normal marine and the science fiction aspect being treated relatively seriously
I think my desire to replay the game was based on nostalgia, rather than legit desire. It disappointed back in the day and I don't think age has improved it.

The expansion was MUCH better than the base game and i was wondering why the base game wasnt like that

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Here comes the reddit answer

I still can't play this game in the dark faggot.

Its scary

>if anything of that 2 year era was babbies first horror it's FEAR that game was much more of a horror game.
So if doom is a lesser horror game how does that not make it babby's first horror game? Fear would be the yong adolence's ferst whorer gam, right

I too, was unsatisfied with duum 3s weapons

That machine gun and "plasma rifle"? No. All my no.

Didny even think of it like that.

2004 is peak videogame nostalgia for me. This is the first Doom game I played, right when I got my first gaming computer, so it's also my favorite. not sure how I'd feel if I had played 1 or 2 first.

good music too.

>The combat is lame which means it's a bad FPS. 2-5 enemies spawning in at a time in small areas, slow movement, stock weapons, not even any good gore or death effects.

but for an action game it's certainly not as fast-paced as the first two. is it "tense action with horror themes" or something like that?

Pretty OK. Liked the style, themes, and sound effects. They should have gone with higher enemy count.

What is baka and goat?

Yeah. Eternal is massively overrated

>>guns weren't really fun to use and neither were the enemy's hit reactions to them

I love this game as a benchmark tool. Great graphics for its era. The gameplay is alright.

I got 52 hours on the BFG edition
Plus 20 hours in the vanilla version

Sure, it's not a good Doom game but it's still pretty good.
People only hated it for the same reason they hated DmC: They feared it was going to replace the original concepts of the first games. Now that DMC has DMCV and Doom has 2016/Eternal people look back at 3/DmC as an interesting What If scenario

Please don't bully me that's unironically what I believe in

BFG Edition is a complete downgrade. Looks worse and has almost no mods.
just play the original for $5 and get the duct tape mod if you hate the flashlight mechanic.
Also get the Lost Mission port mod

I already finished all the dlc and I don't care enough about doom 3 to want to play mods for it. Wads are plenty enough for me.

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WAD Sauce?

Suspended in Dusk

Doom 3 had a lot of user interface things that made it feel antiquated in 2004
>You had to manually type in the name of your save each time if it wasn't a Quick Save. I'm not even sure there were checkpoints during levels.
>No level select.
>You had to restart the game if you made graphical changes
>It had that traditional quake inventory where the weapons are mounted to 1-9 on the keyboard. Weapon changing was so slow it made the mouse wheel feel clunky


i enjoyed it senpai

A great VR game that was released over a decade too early.

Perfect sound design.
The double barrel in the expansion is the BEST ever.
The plasma rifle sounds better than any other gun in vidya.

the reload animations/sounds on a lot of the guns are super satisfying.

Invent stronger energy. Move planets and shit. Seems useless but fuck it. Arms race will never end

>Plasma rifle sounds better than any other gun in vidya
It's not even the best sounding plasma rifle

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