Want to create my own game

>want to create my own game
>can't design characters at all

Should I just give up??

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you should give up making this thread over and over

team up with someone who can, dumbass

Just make sure he's not a Jew and won't screw you over for millions of dollars later down the line.

>i know duuuude
>you do the art and i will be uhhhh the ideas guy
>plus i will be writing lot of shit dude you need to draw whatever i want for free and whenever i wish, ok?
>payment? Dude i will pay you with exposure trust me i have like 100 followers in twitter ;)

just copy other designs and change them a little
nothing is original

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Nonsense user, we can help you. Here is the start of a new character. Lets keep adding to it until you have a cool new game chartacter

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i like these threads but you should stop spamming them, they're already getting put on autosage by jannies
at least use a different OP or make it more subtle or something

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i helped

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rate this character's design

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please give me a source. I love that face

Just steal. If you hide your sources well enough then nobody will know.

feed him a little more

The source is me
or 'Emenius' on your favorite furry trash website

you need to make your dicks shorter, they look weird

Just hire a fucking character Designer, there's some desperate fucks who work for dirt cheap
Terrible advice. People always discover this type of shit, the moment someone gets haters, they'll dig to the depths of earth to find things to ruin a career

If the story and gameplay hold up, the designs won't matter

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Name one artist who had their career ruined by stealing.
RWBY stole their models and nobody cares.

Well they are better than the so called draw threads. I don't want to deal with fucking bots.

I like these threads, continue

just draw what you like OP, it's really just kinda that easy
It arouses small levels of homolust in me, nice.

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my oc

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skinny ass birdmage, I like >him

Can someone give me a quick rundown on this image

I can name a entire anime studio
Fucking GoHands Studio, after they were caught for plagiarism, they never did a single anime

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You're not the comicfag switching up his style are you?
That's kind of weird, what's the full story?

nobody can "track down" individual things you put into a character design to any one source. it doesn't happen if you're not a complete retard about it and trace images. you can get away with much more than you'd think in terms of design, as there are only so many concepts, so many bells and whistles to mix and match. designs can and do overlap all the time.

for example if you design a quadruped creature with a tree growing on its back, not a single person can say you SPECIFICALLY ripped off torterra from pokemon because something like that is a loose concept to begin with.

If you don't like drawing, don't draw.
It's useless to invest yourself in a skill like this that most pro artists have been doing since childhood if all you're gonna do is half-ass it because you want to do your videogame solo.

Leave art to the artists and hire a concept artist instead.

>Should I just give up??
No. Game design is harder so learn about that first.
Once you have all planned and documented (game mechanics, rules, win conditions, story if that matters), you can go with coding and visuals.
For visuals you can use free stuff from the web for now, but you can always comission it.

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The user above was saying to straight out steal other people's work, what you described is basically using references to create something new

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Don't mind the image, i misclicked, it was supposed to be this one

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>>>>>>>If you hide your sources well enough then nobody will know.
you woefully misunderstood the original user

wrong reply, meant for this

Just yesterday, I revisited an old game project I had. It's 13 years old now. I was happy that I could see the faults in my old work, and I redrew one of the sprites. It looks so much better now. Tangible improvement, after so much time.

Thing is: I could have improved much faster if I was more disciplined and practiced as much as I could. The improvement could have happened in 1-2 years. You just have to keep at it. Improvement is attainable. If it takes you 1 year, or 13 years, you'll get there eventually. The more important thing though, is if you're actually enjoying the process. The joy of creation should be enough to see you through.

Why is everybody with no skills or patience always obsessed with performance and saying "hurr durr mediocrity is for cucks"?
Bro if you worry about this because it's hard and you don't have the backbone to persevere, then why do think that you are in any positions to lecture people about mediocrity? Most artists never go professional and have always done art for art's sake. For the enjoyment of it and the self-expression. Why is that not enough?
If you are serious about it like other artusts have been, you can learn really quickly, but you will need to do serious homework and even then you have a bare minimum of a year to put into it for your efforts to be worth anything. Stop trying to find shortcuts around it and get serious.

YandereDev hid the fact his "temporary models", that he actualy didn't wanted to change, were asset flips. He was all the rage years ago, now he's joke begging for fame again.
Years ago, a somewhat famous Sonic fanartist named Kyjana was caught blatantly stealing from people and was chunned the from the fanbase. She barely draws nowdays.

I haven't drawn in a while but recently I decided to rework an old design I had
I think it looks much better, I have to learn to stop adding lines trying to make it fancier since I believe it looks better more simplified

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>Literally SOUL vs SOULLESS

cute i think the new eyes help a lot too

Bat monster for the game jam. Time to animate it.

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You went from one opposite end to the other. Blend the two. Learn how to apply lines by minding the light source that casts a shadow on your character.

>user LITERALLY goes the corporate soulless route with his own fucking designs
you hate to see it

New face but old body. You really should've kept in some of the clothing folds and hair detail

There is nothing wrong with one interest leading to another. If someone's interest in game making fuels their interest in art then more power to them.
In fact, a vast majority of interests start that way. All those people you've been hearing about who got into art as children? Well they did so because of cartoons, anime, comics, manga, book illustrations, trading card games, magazines, you name it.

copying a design and flipping an asset are not the same thing

I never said not to try, I said don't half ass it and do it seriously if you want result and that if your desire for result is too obsessive, then you will need to sit down and reconsider how much you really want it.
Otherwise draw for the hell of it because that's what most artists do regardless of how good they are and want to be.

But before being caught he claimend the assets were his own creations. He not only did a asset flip, he based all the characters arts from someone else's work. He even said that it would be too hard to change everything into new visual because "his brand" was already defined by the style of the character models he used

You know how many manga I've read where the designs look like the default settings in a character creator?
So long as you give them some sort of identifying traits amongst the other characters then you're fine

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yeah ngmi faggot

should have at least kept the basic forms and perspective from the original. new one looks flat and some parts of it just look wrong.

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that's clearly not what we're talking about because in that situation no character design was ever involved

quick mockup by a random fag

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>responding to the OP
drawfag thread, kill yourselves.


How are your games coming along?
I got the elevator in my Twine game working mostly the way I want. Feels good.

>want to make a game
>can't code or learn because learning disability

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this character came to me in a dream, does it look ok?

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Don't worry, most people can't design characters at all so they come up with a "small girl in school uniform", you can do that too

But the BASE of all characters in the game came from the model pack. There is character desing work in a 3D model. The fucking main character is just the base model with a diferent hair color (the original is blue). Ayano's desing is literally a recolor of the base model. It doesn't matter anymore if they give her a new model, her desing is a copy of someone else's original work.

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Looks like a pikamens