Chapter 7... where boys became men

chapter 7... where boys became men...

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Sorry my pictures got mixed and posted a baby map

meant to post this actually

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Chapter 5… where men are replaced by boys

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Paralogue 16... where women are men

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STR is literally the only reason C7 is hard, shit mechanic.
And before you go "but muh Klein recruit", he's a GBA archer.


klein objectively dicks the next couple of chapters and gives you a candidate for brave bow
lower weapon rank and worse outfit.
either way im not letting pent's child die.


Shanna has bad combat and
>lances in fe6
have fun rolling the dice for 8-10 chapters straight until you finally promote and get decent hit rates. literally an objectivebot/ferry

Yes that is why she has utility and is good in Chapter 7 you literal cro-magnon.

hes talking about ch11 lalum route you homoerectus. shanna sucks balls.
pic rel, actual good flier

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Chapter 3... where boys became human sacrifices...

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This was the actual chapter than filtered me the first time playing 6. Getting all the villages is an absolute nightmare.

Like many parts of the GBA games, it's another instance of being fucked for getting all the objectives unless you have a very well developed cavalier.

this fucked me over in my first playthrough because I didn't know brigands would pop up in the middle of the map and kill lalum and clarine

Chapter 9, where boys become girls

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>STR is literally the only reason C7 is hard, shit mechanic.
The hardest part of the map is the beginning, the ambush spawns from the throne area are bullshit if you run deep into their trigger zone which can easily happen to a blind player, but are otherwise not a real threat

Ephraim's route really channeled FE6 with the "fuck you" reinforcements.

Theres a ton of soldiers and cavaliers in the early maps that Shanna has no accuracy issues against, even the axe fighters she still has a decent hitrate against with a slim lance
Shanna should be promoted at the end of ch 8, meaning she gains swords and has perfect accuracy against all the axe users after that point in the game
You're blaming a good unit for your own incompetence preventing you from utilizing her properly

This chapter is tedious but its definitely not hard
Phantom ship would be a better candidate by FE8 standards, though that ones not too bad anyways because you have Seth and Duessel

Man, FE just looks so good in 2D

Chapter 26... Where men become old...

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>Shanna should be promoted at the end of ch 8
Tall order unless you promote at lvl 10, which is going to gimp her past the Western Isles. You have to spend 8 chapters feeding her dozens of kills as she can't damage shit.

>shanna has no accuracy issues against
you either use slim lance which requires the opponent to be at like 4 hp or suffer retaliations, or you use the iron lance for decent damage and get like mid 70 hit rates.

Chapter four...when boys first learned the definition of tedium

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This. The post-GBA games look pretty ugly

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you know what this chapter was missing? an army of 20-30 green units on the opposite side of the map from you.
oh sheesh, i was thinking of playing geneology for the first time the other day. is it really that bad?

>lances in fe6
The best weapon type?

Funnily enough, this chapter is the only one in the entire games that also has reinforcements that only apperar once the enemy turn is OVER. I´m talking about the cavalry that appears on the south of the map.

>Tall order unless you promote at lvl 10, which is going to gimp her past the Western Isles.
Its FE6, early promotion is king, and an unpromoted Shanna is miserable in the western isles for obvious reasons, shes not going to get many levels if you leave her unpromoted either
I've played FE6 several times with an early promoted Shanna, and by the time she starts to "fall off", you're already far enough into the game to the point where you already have gods like Melady and Perceval to pick up the slack

Correct, but thats only the first wave, the rest of cavs behind you are ambush spawns
Fun fact: they don't actually spawn at the end of EP, they're coded to spawn during NPC phase, but obviously no one ever lets any of the units that join that map stay green for 10 turns

lances sucked balls. the only reason people dont remember them being shit garbage is because good units like miledy and percival and marcus used them. try using someone like bors or give alan a lance and see how many times they swing for nothing.

scared stones was pure soul.

>which is going to gimp her past the Western Isles
No it's not. What the fuck are you talking about? She get acesses to Swords and that's not only where they peak because of Axe spam but additional movement no one close to but one other Unit.

>or you use the iron lance for decent damage and get like mid 70 hit rates.
Not like she'd have worse hitrates than any of your cavs using the same weapon
Bors is shit but guys like Allance don't have much issue hitting with lances assuming they're not at WTD, steel lance and javelins suck when it comes to hitrate obviously but your basic iron lance is fine most of the time, saying they suck is a big stretch
Not to mention you get Killer lances later on which are basically your best weapon for the midgame

Chapter 2... where men became dead...

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>lances sucked balls
Silver and Killer Lances are the strongest weapons in the game besides the S-ranks. Stop being retarded.

You didn't beat the game

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FE6 weapon stats are a very funny thing

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>is it really that bad?
The game has an awful habit of making you drag your entire army from the far corner of the map to take a castle you passed by earlier. Chapter four is definitely the worst for this because you so have thick forests reducing all your units to four move followed by a bottle neck bridge that takes 15 turns to cross.

If you don't have high patience, FE4 gets demotivating to play very quickly.

I hate this bastard so much

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>What the fuck are you talking about?
The stat scaling for enemies explodes upward past the half way point of FE6. Your fragile Falco Knight missing 5-10 levels worth of stats is going to make her a paper mache target.

>promoting shanna
lel, western isles is borderline cruise control until arcadia, why waste the whip on a shit unit like shanna? she does the same thing regardless of if shes promoted or not.
they are good because of who is using them at the time. you get killer lances around the third arc of the game where your fliers are mostly fighting other fliers and you have a full team of cavs. saying silver lance is good as if it excused the rape of iron, steel, and javelins when you get to use them at the tail end of the game is a joke. When the game is at its hardest, the start, lance units like bors, thanny, barth, etc all fucking blow because they always carry the risk of missing a crucial hit and making you restart/lose a unit. later in the game when you dont need to dogpile enemies and your units can actually survive things going awry of course these unreliable shit ass weapons wont seem bad. compounded by the fact that all the high mobility classes specialize in lances.

Fire Emblem isn't hard
Turtle and grind in the early maps and you cakewalk

this chapter isn't so bad as long as you don't stall.

You'd think a general with a measly 10 luck and 12 speed would be easily dispatched even if on a throne, but this asshole surprisingly annoying
If only hammers didn't have such dogshit hitrate
>lel, western isles is borderline cruise control until arcadia, why waste the whip on a shit unit like shanna?
>Waste a whip
There is no shortage of whips in FE6, you are you given enough whips to promote your first three fliers, and if you wanted to promote Zeiss you could buy a 4th one in his join map, there is no opportunity cost to promote Shanna
>she does the same thing regardless of if shes promoted or not.
Promoted Shanna has very good combat for the western Isles, the axe users will barely be able to touch her when shes using a sword, and she will 2RKO w/ them w/ an iron sword which is very good by FE6 standards since few units can 1RKO to begin with
And obviously the extra move is nice

The hard mode bonuses in FE6 actually have a reverse bell curve. enemies get doubled hard mode bonus levels in the first 9 chapters iirc (not including durandal gaiden). even enemy units like miledy who appears one time in chapter 2 get the doubled bonuses. during the last third of the game the promoted enemies get additional hard mode bonus levels as well by which time shanna fell off so hard that even proper investment wont save her.

>The stat scaling for enemies explodes
They don't and Shanna outspeeds everything while having damage on par with the best.

>missing 5-10 levels
There's no such thing as missing levels

Its the first 5 chapters, its an issue that has to do with the lack of a preps screen, thats why it doesnt happen past ch 5, and it also means that reinforcements in the first few chapters dont get the doubled HM bonuses
Melady doesn't get doubled bonuses though

FE7 ch27... where mommy feeds me milkies for being a good boy

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>they are good
Because they have the highest damage possible without sacrificing accuracy for normal weapons while being tied to the best classes (Cavs/Filers). Yes, no amount of cope will change that.

i think the bigger issue is that klein sometimes forgets to move, meaning you can't recruit him to stop the archers from blocking you/have him bait the brigand coming from the cave

Yeah, Thea has the same ai and it can be very fucking annoying, which is a damn shame because otherwise its a fucking great chapter
As bad as Echidna's ambush spawns are, at least thats not an issue past your first playthrough, but Klein/Thea not moving is just obnoxious, I bet the fucker who coded that into the game thought he was really funny

I'm going to try a 0% growth run of FE6, which characters are worth promoting? I'm thinking barth's def would be useful.

Chapter 15... where men couldn't handle the weight

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>no opportunity cost
the opportunity cost is using that GARBAGE flier EXCUSE for a unit that just suckles on marcus's teet for 7 chapters like a literal parasite when a cuter girl like lilina or a good unit like lance could be suckling marcus teet. if i see that dumb bitch's name one more time im deleting the thread.
>promoted shanna has very good combat for western isles
thats an awful lot of investment for a unit thats only good for the part of the game every unit (bar archers and wendy) feels good in.
both echidna and bartre died to their initial enemies for me in my hard mode iron mans last year.

The original based schizo

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Best/favorite maps in all of Fire Emblem series?

i lost an ironman once because roy got doubled holding light brand by one of those echidna spawns

fe6 has a lot of coding oversights, i wouldn't attribute it to malice

yeah bartre just straight up gets doubled and dies to those cavaliers on hard mode

>TLP turns 10 years old on August 17

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Just look at their base stats, that should give you all the information you need
None of your early guiding ring candidates would be particularly great but Saul is the best one if you wanted to have a passable warp user before Niime
Barthe would be tanky as fuck but even with growths his hitrates are an issue, in 0 growths he would basically just be a damage sponge sometimes hits stuff, Noah is probably the best use of the first knight crest
Obviously Rutger is good
And Klein/Igrene are great, though they're obviously promoted already

>not one post about Arcadia

>dies to boat monkeys on the third turn
ah nuts...

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The thing is, Klein/Thea just happen to have a special AI that is specially designated to sometimes not move, I don't see how you make something like that accidentally

Mission 11... where Kanbei got his shit together

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>arcadia... where miledy got slept again mother fucker dammit i dont want to reset again fucking bullshit map

i never played tlp. is it any good?

C7 is hard because you have to rush to save so many characters on top of those fucking wyverns. I don't know what they were thinking with those wyverns on that chapter, they have no weaknesses because your bow users suck balls and they only get 4rko'd by a mage despite having no res. I fucking hate them.

It's fine and worth playing just for the fact that it was the first completed FE romhack and extremely impressive at the time, but there's better romhacks these days.

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Heres a tip, the wyverns are coded to move when they can reach you in 2 turns, so with that in mind, avoid getting into the trigger range for the leftmost one until you kill most of the guys that rush you at the start, it makes the map way easier
The one in the center with the red gem doesn't move until you're in his exact range, so that means you only get rushed by the rightmost one at the start

the fact is the truth is somewhere in the middle. there is no real cost to training shanna and the whip is easy to get/isn't in contention but her usefulness is also overblown. we used to be too much the other way where she was treated like no-lyn-mode-florina tier but a lot of the things touted for her don't necessarily need investment to take advantage of. like if you want to drop someone over a wall or river first turn powergaming that's great, it's not really gamebreaking. saying "oh she can fight on western isles" isn't really much either, very few units have trouble against axefags in fe6, it's by far the worst weapon type.

in my experience she does incontrovertibly fall off around 13ish and while i don't believe that invalidates her by any stretch of the imagination (people undervalue early-game niche) i wouldn't give her stat-ups

This mission and the last one were the kings of filtering
It's one of the first completed romhacks, but still holds up mechanics wise (hell it's even more advanced than some romhacks released now)
The story is a time capsule of mid 2000s culture (but it doesn't overindulge in it) so take it or leave it. Kelik isn't as edgy as people make him out to be. He has a couple of lines/scenes that stick with people, but other than that he has good bants with Anakin (the other lord) and his supports are pretty decent.

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