Was he right?

Was he right?

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You got a crippled kid who can finally walk again, I get that. You get a girl who gets red hair and somehow she can justify leaving her family behind because a bunch of kids made fun of her hair before and that scarred her for life.

Cute shotas are never in the wrong.

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The real question, was this world parasitic or feeding off them? Or was it all an illusion?
Marche is right in terms of allowing your fantasies to control your reality, but in the context of the game it loses its powers when your world is actually transformed at no expense to you or those around you.

Had the game used the .Hack/Sword Art Online scenario, it would've worked out much better.

>kids got turned into fodder to be killed on loop for being mean
Yeah, that world had to go

>but in the context of the game it loses its powers when your world is actually transformed at no expense to you or those around you.
You say no expense, but everyone got forcibly dragged there against their will

Considering what fandom culture has become in the past decade, the answer is yes.



Marche was redpilled as fuck

Hard to say if Jagd are to be taken literally or if the people killed there were just kicked out of the simulation. Still Meet was power tripping and gangs of killers on the loose for the sake of fantasy isn't idyllic. Or without cost.

What a based way to end a game holy fuck gigachad japs must have absorbed some nuclear radiation for this glowing victory. My childhood was more beautiful because of this game. I understood things a little better.

Marche's just mad that he didn't get anything cool out of Ivalice like the other characters

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The fuck is this scaling?

Escapism isn't healthy if you can solve your problems but instead choose to ignore them and just run away. If I lost the use of my legs or eyes or hearing or anything else major and some technology could return to me my senses anybody calling it escapism can fuck off. Some problems are not solvable with a stoic attitude and stiff upper lip and all you can do is find ways to cope with such a harsh hand you've been dealt.

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>a clan
>arguably money
Yeah he got nothing because he recognized all of it was transient. While the wheelchair is eternal.

what's wrong with escapism?

Marche wants to end Ivalice because it's literally sapping the life out of him and his friends without their knowing and they are going to die young because it's literally feeding on their Aether or somesuch.

Not even if your fantasy means suffering to others?
Maybe you could try growing up.

Doned is sick, not crippled
In the same way this isn't getting your senses back via technology but going into a VR pod.

Nothing. Just to be enjoyed it in moderation like most things.
It's been over a decade since I played it, but I think the text in the image is missing a bit of context for what was happening in the story.

>was this world parasitic or feeding off them?
In the japanese version, this was certainly the case.

>Or was it all an illusion?
This is the correct answer, in a sense. Everything IS real, but its also an illusion.

Also, I want a bangaa harem

He really goes there because he's bullied not sick although yes he is sick and there he's not. I think it's the snowball fight right?

>everyone got forcibly dragged there against their will
Just like real life.

okay then, what's wrong with extreme escapism?

The life sapping shit is not in the story or in game, dipshit. Stop spreading this retarded shit trying to justified Marches wanting his mommy's attention.

If they go back to real life, their comfort are based on suffering to others.
How about you try growing up?

Just an illusion, I have no idea who started the parasite meme. I also don't know why people act like it's a fate worse than death to be turned into a monster, they can join clan and stuff too.

Mewt is bullied, Marches brother is sick, so both have valid reasons to want to remain there.

Ritz had the worst reason, which was "my hair color."

How have you people managed to turn this into some kind of “debate” all these years? Are people just pretending to be retarded now for shits and giggles?

>Ritz had the worst reason, which was "my hair color."
You’re not Japanese, you don’t understand

The real secret is that people mainly pretend to be retarded to cover for the fact that they actually are and make it seem intentional.


Is this the game with the most deepest psychological themes? How did SE do it?

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>anons was a teenager/kid when this game was release
>lol I would have stay!
>+20 years later
>shitty life regardless of how he progress in said life
>fuck. Real life is shit. I rather escape into a fantasy world

Well, by enjoying it in moderation more or less means until it becomes unhealthy. That could vary between people but if you're using escapism to avoid dealing with real life issues that need to be addressed, you're screwing yourself over due to a lack of self-control.
Escapism is a fantasy, you can't escape the real world forever though.

If you've actually played the game even though the world is stated to be an illusion the game never really gives you any reason to care that it's "fake" because the world is functionally real in every way. They even have to shoehorn in "oh maybe we'll continue to exist" said by Montblanc because "lol he's fake too" wouldn't sit well with people

Escapism in general is unhealthy but if you aren't given the tools to cope with your problems it's inevitable

And then there is an ending where Marche DID stay in Fantasy world. But I assume most of the anons didn't do the Judge endgame questline.

Yeah, I remember some retarded "manly" blogger telling guys to not play video game and when those guys ask what to do next, that faggot blogger tell them to figure it out themselves.

>mc was the villain all along
Any other games that do this?

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>was this world parasitic or feeding off them?
Pretty much, but the English version omits this, along with Cid being a drunk and a few other things.

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No other game could compete with Marche to do this naturally. I legitimately want to see Marche jumping into isekai anime and ripping people out of their fantasy world.

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>English version omits this
No it doesn't that plot point doesn't exist, anti escapists invented it out of thin air because they got tired of being btfo

>anti escapists

Posting on Yea Forums or internet is escapism. You have no reason to discuss anything with internet people. It's pointless.
If you have a lot free time you should find second or third job. By doing this you will never able to escape from reality in your hobbies again. Working hard is what every citizen should do for it's country. This is how you contribute to future. It's real.

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Escapism is completely fine. The real world is shit. Have you seen a single happy person other than dumb children? I haven't.

people trying to explain that Ivalice existing is BAD. if your world is an illusion but is functionally real, why does it mattter? You could be living in a simulation right now.

But yeah they basically came up with the idea that Ivalice was sucking up the life force of the humans in St Ivalice meaning it would eventually kill everyone in the town to sustain it, which is not stated anywhere.

He's not wrong, he's just an asshole.


I'm too old to be putting that much personal stake into this fake internet fight, just stating that was supposed original reasoning why Marche was doing anything.

where are his and Doneds moms during all this anyways?

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I'm not actually sure I can think of any, but I'm not in a good mindset to anyways.

Unequivocally Marche was right, everyone in that setting had issues/trauma they were refusing to actually deal with/recognize in general. Marche knew his, he just never gave voice to them until he was pressed by his brother.

Yes, the Ivalice the book created was an evil reverse Narnia and the longer Newt spent there the less he remembered about his real mother and his real life.

But their issues are not here in this new world.
So how is it escapism if the problems are not there?

>gets btfo
>”i never actually cared anyway”
Sure thing, kid.

i dont

If you're running to a literal new dimension to escape having to accept that your dad is shit and ya moms is dead as fuck then you are in the escapism olympics.

By your retarded logic, if anybody tried to solve the issues in their life, it's escapism.
They should learn to embrace the suffering

What’s wrong with that? If he can escape to a fantasy world where he’s no longer an invalid and has friends why shouldn’t he do it in a heartbeat?

obligatory image

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Motherfucker using magic to create a goddamn alternate universe where everything is super okie-dokie is not solving your issues you brainlet FUCK.

This is retarded.
If you have deadly disease, calling a doctor is escapism. Because you're escaping the reality where you're dead :)

>Motherfucker using magic to create a goddamn alternate universe where everything is super okie-dokie is not solving your issues
It's literally do. because there is no issue.

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How so?
I seriously doubt he has an actual counterargument to this, but I really want to see it if he does.

prosphetic arm would look like goddamn magic in ancient time.
Cancer treatment would look like goddamn magic in ancient time.
So, people should just embrace their amputated arms, or give up on cancer treatments because they are escapism voodoo magic.

This is unironically the one time I've seen someone use redpilled correctly on this site since at least 2016
Maybe more
Thank you user

The world or cristals were feeding off their life energy, that was marche main reason to leave the illusion, what happened is that localizer kun forgot to add that bit of lore into the game which is availible after the adramalech fight on the jp version.

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Ivalice existing isn't bad, Mewt going on a power trip and Doned being a duplicitous little bitch is.

>can I romance Ezel and have him be my boyfriend?
>No - Marche is right
>Yes - Time to die Marche

Yeah but it's kids being weak and adolescent
This game blows because of laws though
It's been on my list for awhile but Yea Forums help me out, I've never finished original FFT, whats the best way to play it
I have the PS1 original and WotL on PSP, i've heard WotL has the better revised script but loading is worse
I don't know what it is, every time I start this game I just don't have it mesh with me, everything about it just feel jank and bad and slow
And I don't mind strategy RPGs, there's just something about FFT that never meshes with me but I want to give it one final shot so bad
Whats the best way?