Elden Ring Lore Thread

Let's kick off another lore thread.
I have been quieter on most of these threads to not dominate the discussion, but here are some of my "crazy wild schizo" theories in order of how much I actually believe them to be true:
1. Carians are Nokstellan royalty
2. Numen are Nox, GEQ civil war with Marika was the initial war that the GO was founded after
3. The outer god of rot exists but he probably was not some random scorpion sealed in a lake by a blind swordsman with a fairy assistant who was also malenia's mentor. This is false legend, and if there's a "sealed outer god" it's definitely sealed in Malenia.
4. Mohg stole Miquella pre-shattering.
The last one has the least actual evidence but I really like the idea that Miquella's replacement Erdtree failing was *the* reason for the Shattering.
Godwyn dies and Malenia can't be cured of Rot
Marika is desperate
"Hang on mom/dad I'm gonna make my own Erdtree and we're gonna fix everything"
Miquella is stolen by Mohg
Marika, completely distraught, shatters the Ring.

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what questions need to be answered in the dlc?

Numen and Nox (Nightfolk) are separate race choices at character creation

Right, that's fair I should be clearer. I think the Nox got all night-folk-y because they were banished underground. Long time since they were banished, enough for moderate physical changes in appearance.

So Godwyn was a merman all along, right? The angles we see him always just show his legs out of view, if I'm not mistaken. Did he always have a giant fish tail?
If he did, I wonder how he fought on land, but seeing as how his BFF was a giant fucking super dragon, maybe it's not so outlandish.
Or maybe he just had aquatic features (webbing on his legs and feet, like other people have wolf features, or dragon features) and when his body died it went out of control, like the giant clam shell that is his face now.

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>Numen and Nox are distinct
>the Nox are labeled as being related to Marika in the files
hmm. Separate races that used to be one, maybe?

My mindcanon with this is what this user said
And the "race selection" you can choose here have Numens very diluted in their bloodline, since they look borderline like a normal human (like Diallos, for example), and the Nox you can choose is more pure of blood, but still diluted as you aren't 10 feet tall like the Nox you meet in game, and also they all hate you and attack on sight.
I think the Nox you can play in game probably related to some breeding in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, since that's where some Nox went (and can be assumed to have fucked humans), resulting in the playable Nox race.

Don't forget, the black knives are said to be Numen who come from the Eternal Cities.

How Radagon got a shard to make Rennala a Shardbearer before the Shattering.

>Carians are Nokstellan royalty
They are literally all linked together

>[316020060] that glintstone sorcery is the study of the stars, and the life therein.

>[349030060] of the lost sorceries of the Sellians, descendants of the Eternal.

Nox Monk Hood [290000]
>Silk hood worn by the monks of the Eternal City.
>Long ago, the Nox invoked the ire of the Greater Will, and were banished deep underground. Now they live under a false night sky, in eternal anticipation of their liege. Of the coming age of the stars. And their Lord of Night.

All INT sorcery in this game is mostly linked to celestial bodies. Night, Stars, Gravity and moon. The GW is FTH and has banished Nox underground, gone to war with Raya Lucaria and the Carian, it is in direct conflict with starfuckers.

Rennala's skull is shaped like her hat

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So we've finally established that the GW hates stars, and thus is the greatest enemy of my wife, Ranni. How do we kill the GW bros?

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To summarize:
Numens = "Beings from other world" (possibly the moon? This whole race has so much relation to space and specifically Ranni, who between her and her mom have a lot to do with the moon. ((also betting DLC takes place on the moon)).
Nox = Numens banished underground
Playable Nox = Result of Nox escaping underground and sexing humans
So playable Nox and playable Numens are like distant mutt cousins in a way
Anyone have any comments about this? Disagree or agree?

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I like the idea that they came from a literally different planet, but this mural you can find all over the underground seems to suggest they just came on boats. Unless you want to say those are spaceships, as some other user did.

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>I'm going to fight you because I don't want you to fix me
What the fuck was his problem?

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I thought that was basically already known.

>Burning the erdtree
>trying to inject omen aids into it

>The face of the Numen, supposed descendants of denizens of another world.
If that even is a depiction of the Nox/Numen arrival, and not one of whoever the Claymen were, then those had to be space-boats of some kind.

Is this really the best use of your time, or even the most enjoyable?

No, but I have autism

What’s the lore behind slugs?

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She isn't a real shardbearer. Her "rune" never needs to be activated and is a physical object instead of a glyph. I don't care about what the game says about the glyph being inside the egg. You see her using it to do an action when all other runes are manifestations of concepts.

well the other stone skinned people, the onyx lords, literally do come from other worlds, and
Sorcery of the claymen who served as priests in the ancient dynasty. Also all the stuff that comes from other worlds seems to just slam into the earth, not come on boats.
>as priests in the ancient dynasty
this is the first time i'm seeing this.
Lots of weird hints that there was ANOTHER dynasty other than dragons and GO.

>flowing swordsman isnt real
why is her attack called WATERfowl...



Golem's Halberd
>A great halberd of black stone crafted by a civilization now gone to ruin. Wielded by the Guardian Golem.

I personally feel like its spaceships, seems very "fromsoft" to go that direction, and they have so much relation to the Moon and space and Ranni that it's hard for me to think they just sailed over.
>Moon of Nokstella
>This talisman represents the lost black moon. The moon of Nokstella was the guide of countless stars.

You use Ranni's ring "The Dark Moon Ring" to open the door to fight Astel
>Dark Moon Ring
>Ring depicting a leaden full moon. Symbolic of a cold oath, the ring is supposed to be given by Lunar Princess Ranni to her consort.

>Long ago, the Nox invoked the ire of the Greater Will, and were banished deep underground. Now they live under a false night sky, in eternal anticipation of their liege. Of the coming age of the stars. And their Lord of Night.

The fact that Ranni (seemingly) hid her rune on the moon, or the "Dark Moon" makes it all seem very connected.

Unrelated, but interesting, they are cold-blooded.
>These sisters, members of a cold-blooded race who wield flowing

All this leads me to lean heavily on them being literal aliums, and that mural depicts space ships, and Fromsoft leaving it incredibly vague further makes me consider this very likely.

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What about Ranni? She killed herself before the shattering, but the game says that she was a shardbearer and tossed aside her rune.
That's pretty hard to explain IMO.
Gideon just being completely wrong is an option, I guess.

Sounds correct.

The boats are spaceships.

>disregarding information that the game gives you
>substituting it with things you made up based on rules that you inferred through a logical fallacy
it's a lore thread, not a headcanon thread

>Carians are Nokstellan royalty
unironically possible
>Numen are Nox, GEQ civil war with Marika was the initial war that the GO was founded after
unironically possible
>The outer god of rot exists but he probably was not some random scorpion sealed in a lake by a blind swordsman with a fairy assistant who was also malenia's mentor. This is false legend, and if there's a "sealed outer god" it's definitely sealed in Malenia.
At least you acknowledge he has to exist, because he does.
>Mohg stole Miquella pre-shattering.
Miquella is a shardbearer and was trying to kill Godwyn.

That's from the gargoyle civilization, which existed before the dragon civilization.

red hair Ranni

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a touch abstract....
what do the elden shard runes say?

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You need to go to Miquella's dream world.
Remember how we fought Oedon in Bloodborne?

>gargoyle civilization

>Miquella is a shardbearer
We are told this, but we are also told that Radagon just gave a rune to Rennala randomly, and we are told that Ranni has a rune, somehow, that she just tossed aside.
>was trying to kill godwyn
To give him a proper death as a mercy killing. He was also apparently trying to revive him with the eclipsed sun stuff.

Answer why her rune doesn't need to be reactivated then user. Why is she still holding the egg when we have her rune. Why does the egg work? how? Why don't other runes do things?
This is a lore thread after all. Help correct me.

I meant golem, not gargoyle

Any other items on this I can look at?

>oh amygdala amygdala have mercy on the poor bastard muhahahahaha - patches

bloodborne is a real trip, my interpretation is still, we are experiencing several different peoples dreams, including our own(the hunter/marias friend)

Because, clearly, not all runes need to be activated. You can tell by how you get Rennala's rune, like the game says, and you can't activate it. See how that works?

I made it up, but there might be

to be more specific, memories.
and ghermans is the dlc. during the main game he was the host for all the memories of everyone else.

I think it's linked to whatever those stone shits are underground.
GO has a long list of defeated enemies it has repurposed.

the amount of ancient civilizations in this game is getting kind of ridiculous.

I think he's referring to the line from the golem weapons, like:
Greatarrow of black stone crafted by a civilization now gone to ruin. Imbued with its ancient magic.
I don't think there's much more to find on the topic though.

Why do you use the same argument every time? It's not even fun debating.

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>ancient dragons

What else did I miss?

Is this game still broken on PC? I was going to pick it up but read that FROM put out another hot turd for PC gamers.

I've got a 3080 + 5600X, will that get me into consistent 60 FPS?

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the old sun kingdom
>Shield of honor depicting a city crowned by the sun.
>It has seen better days.

>Much like the wear upon the shield, the Seat of the Sun is long faded away.

I didn't read the whole post, sorry.
>Why is she still holding the egg when we have her rune.
Considering we get the rune, and she still have the egg, there must be a way to separate the rune from the egg.
>Why does the egg work? how?
How should I know? I don't think the game tells us.
>Why don't other runes do things?
You can use other runes to affect your attributes, right? Maybe we can infer the demigod shardbearers that we meet used their runes that way. Whether it's a quality ofthe Rune, or a quality of our Tarnished, the Rune of the Unborn doesn't seem to have any use in combat for the player.

I don't know what to tell you man, I use the arguments I think are strongest. If nothing changed since last time then they're probably the same argument.
But the shardbearer problem is one I haven't even seen discussed in lore threads so idk what you're upset about there.

>>Carians are Nokstellan royalty
This would connect Rennala so well (Carian queen) to why Ranni has so much involvement in Nokstella and Nokron, and why Ranni (who is Half-Demi God half Carian) is like some turbo space slut. And explain all the moon magic.
Which would mean that Rennala is also related to Marika by blood...
which makes it even worse that her husband abandoned and cucked her for effectively her cousin

You won't have any problems. When the game launched there were a few trouble spots. You should be getting 60fps through the vast majority of the game (with a 3080 I would expect 100% of the game actually). I have a RX580 with a 3600 and I get some dips in specific areas but its not too bad. Compared to when they launched the game had lag and stutter in lots of places, that shit is totally gone for me.

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what's with the really big zombie guy in the chair in the underground area?

mohg stole miquella during the siege of leyndell, aka his "conspiracy of blood", which is what put malenia on the war march and shattered the demigod alliance.

none of the demigods knew of mohg's existence, and all of the known demigods were in alliance at the time, so malenia would have felt safe leaving miquella unguarded. when he was stolen, the only people she knew of who could have stolen him were the other demigods, so the most logical conclusion would have been to assume betrayal.

Ummm don't ever open up a history book

Sellen is almost just the nightfolk premade bleached desu.

What the FUCK was her problem

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I doubt it even thinks. it's probably more of a mechanism or, ya know, beast.