Wanted to play terraria again

>wanted to play terraria again
>next update will change melee and many other shits forever
why? this is the same reason i leave meinkampf and even fucking starbound

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I remember when one user was making those sprites in the /vg/ threads years ago. How widespread are they now?

I didn't know Sucy had so big rack

user, just play it.

how are they changing it?

it's now literally static orb attacks (since now melee means no projectiles after every slash
range for melee is gone and is unfunny now

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>it's now literally static orb attacks
Explain further

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they really need to stop overtuning this game

On one hand I suppose it makes sense on the grounds of it being melee but Terraria is a game not really designed to be played pure melee, they were given projectiles for a reason.

That looks sick
imo i hated the shitty single hit projectiles

they are "fixing" things that do not need improvement

I thought they finished the game

they re-finish the game every couple years

They finished the game because they decided to work on another one, but then when the second game had development problems and they saw they wouldn't get money, they decided to continue working on terraria.

wasn't it past development problems and more like the company they outsourced it to was straight up scamming them and not doing anything other than making fake samples to make it look like they were working?

Holy shit look at those fucking titties

>range for melee is gone

This looks sick though, what's the issue?

Imo melee should have an alt-fire attack as a general. The Brand of Inferno having a parry makes it way more fun to use than autoswing spam

Speaking of Terraria
>get 4k monitor
>change resolution to 4k in game
>build a wall so that it's at the edge of the screen
>change resolution to 1080p
>you can still see the wall at the edge of the screen
>everything is still in the same location as it was in 4k resolution
I thought you got more screen real estate in 4k, so that when you lower the resolution information got cut off/you see less "blocks". What gives?

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A clever edit
Look at all these people you fooled

search Yoraiz0r
she or he is the lead dev of the game

It's more safe to assume that energy blade extension I see there is from the melee helmet of the Hallowed set, that might be the one giving the ability to extend your blade

I think Terraria's combat would benefit from having a right click to block feature.
Right clicking would make you unable to attack and would drastically reduce damage taken and increase knockback for one second.

>playing the switch version

>game plays great the controls match perfectly with the joy-con & d-pad

>game updates 2 years later then completely changes the control scheme with no visible way to change it back to it's original controls

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Impressive. I wonder how Terraria will result from this.

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the screen size didnt change bro, just your resolution

That's the True Excalibur, which is a post-mechanical boss weapon.

Be thankful redigitt is an incompetent collection of morons and the switch version won't even see whatever retarded update he's talking about

Peak retardation from this one

Summoner with whips does melee better

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google about "screen ratio" retard

>coomer has bad taste and thinks projectiles for melee were good
Im all for variety but thinking the retarded post mechanical boss melee where all of the weapons are actually projectile based being a good thing is a terrible take

why do they keep updating it and keep making it worse with every update? i was under the impression that the journey mode update or whatever was supposed to be "THIS IS IT, THE FINAL UPDATE, THE GAME IS DONE, WE'RE NEVER UPDATING IT AGAIN." so why are they doing this?
i'm seriously worried they're going to ruin the fucking game. pylon faggotry was only an annoyance, a big annoyance but not enough to get me to dislike the game, but if they keep updating it they might take it far enough that the game becomes shit.

The issue is that after a certain point in the game it's just not feasible to stay close to bosses because they kill you in 2 or 3 hits even with a gorillion defense, so their fix was making swords that fire totally melee beams of close-rangedness
If only there were mechanics that prevented contact damage like parrying or blocking for melee weapons, they wouldn't need that
And there is, for a single fucking crossover weapon that's only relevant for a short amount of time
good job retarded devs

>Terraria is going to get another big official update before Tmod loader gets to 1.4

friendly reminder if you aren't playing master mode you really need to fix your skill issues

>bosses drop lootbags instead of exploding into loot when they die

smartest trannysuba poster

Doing a solo playthrough after not playing for years and finally taking down the moon lord for the first time on master mode was a really good feeling.

it never ends, does it?

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those projectiles push the enemies, now they are gone.

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You absolute MORONS thought you could get away with being extremely fucking tanky while also being able to shoot projectiles while consuming absolutely no ammo or magic for it?!?! GET. FUCKED. MELEETARDS

Okay but are they adding a Zenith equivalent for all the other damage types?

>why do they keep updating it and keep making it worse with every update?
redditgits wifes

>whining that the class with the lowest damage output for most stages of the game is the most tanky and uses the least resources

this, melee is dogshit for the majority of the game unless you're using yoyos

Cope and seethe, now you will have to actually play melee.

nta but melee should probably be, you know, melee? Not ranged?