Beloved character from a previous game shows up

>Beloved character from a previous game shows up
>He's a huge fucking loser
Why do sequels do this?

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Actually, junpei was a loser from the start, he's literally designed to be a loser.

>m-muh chidori love arc

Yeah he spends 70% of the game being a jealous little bitch, he didn't deserve a cute goth gf that magically revives considered half the characters in P3 die anyway

I respect anybody teaching kids like Junpei a hundred times more than some dime-a-dozen insufferable programmer autist.

What in P4U implies he’s a loser? He’s a little league coach which isn’t a glamorous job, but it fits his personality and he’s happy with it. It’s not like he’s portrayed as poor or miserable otherwise.

Not everyone is a winner in life

Isn't he in college and teaches little league on the side?

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Was shitting up the Persona threads with this shitty bait not enough for you?

imagine being wrong

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but nips hate him

>new guy made leader, gets butthurt
>Yukari drags him out to get punched
>doesn't know how to hit on girls
>gets fucking shot
>made fun of by kids
>the least successful of SEES years later

>nips have shit taste
News at 11

By who?

narucukoldbros... we got too cocky...

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me, he's an incredible character

Plebeians can't stand idiots. Patricians realize idiots are funny.

Cause thats just what happens user. Sometimes not everyone ends up being the cool dude you remember from high school.

>used to have straight As in high school
>everyone acted like I was super smart and going to go far in life
>10 years later and Im sitting here in my moms house drawing some depraved porn for chump change.

>Wants to become a baseball player
>Becomes a baseball player
Sounds like a winner to me.
Quit projecting your failures on an anime game character.

you deserve this for enjoying persona

Lmao how’s the student debt coming along?

The image that destroyed that one Naoto image.

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>Beloved character from a previous game shows up
>He's a huge fucking loser
Never go to high school re-meetings.

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What was the context of this image? I can't be bothered to play the spinoffs

If you were really drawing depraved porn you'd be making bank

Alright you caught me. My shit isnt that depraved enough to make bank. Futa's pretty much the most degenerate I've done.

Akihikos whole arc in the first game is learning he doesn't have to be gay or unmanly to like certain things. He can be a chad and still like needlepoint.

>Door-kun will never be able to fuck Mitsuru at her prime

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Why's he a loser?

God I love rapiers so much.
Rapist chads get the fuck up.

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Yeah, porns lucrative value is inverse to how tolerable it is. The more filthy and degenerate and niche the higher price it commands. Until you loop back around to romantic Vanilla just drawn really well.

>mixing up your gray haired tough guys

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Mitsuru is literally perfect

>doesn't know how to hit on girls
And you do?

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this version of him looks terrible


Whatever I've never actually played any of these games just like most of the people in these threads

Fucking honestly what have they done to him it's fucking dreadful.
Not the biggest fan of Fuuka's new look either.
Everyone else largely got off fine.

No, you're just fucking retarded. Get out.

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>1 year out of high school
>turns into a milf
Why do Japanese people think high school students into into a cocoon at graduation and turn into full fledged adults?

He's a college student who volunteers as a little league coach. How is that a bad thing?

You are NOT trying to pass off the line "We're in serious doo doo" as something a chad would say

Half of that is Junpei trying to self insert him as the main character. Literally the most loser thing one can do.

More like destroyed Yea Forums.

We already explained to you days ago that this image literally agrees with Naoto's point

You have to go back.

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Junpeifags are retarded more news at 11.
Junpei is a little bitch. Even Mitsuru would think twice about hiring because she'd have to listen to him complain about earning less money than the ceo.

Junpei is an unlikable bitch, ever since he started seething over the MC getting appointed leader of SEES. Ryuji and Yosuke were much better bro's.

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>got hard reading that

Yukari makes me hard no matter what desu

because they suck the MC's cock without questioning?

>Stupid Faggot Little Cocksucker

Junpei is da man the fuck are you on about?

>70% of the game
he apologizes for it even before Yakushima. It's more like 40%.
>magical GF
he constantly runs into her and talks to her and she's incredibly sheltered.

Junpei apologized for it and realized his faults without a big battle or anyone calling him out.


Yes and he will learn to accept this or die struggling with it like all incels we can’t all be perfect be thankful guys like you are stepping stones for guys like myself and the persona main protagonist I strongly identify with as a fan of Atlus titles

>wtf he can't shit on me. My self insert is perfect reeee

Junpei is the only sane person in p3

In Japan, in the rest of the world he is seen as fucking annoying, same with with Jumpei or the persona 5 pirate persona guy. But why Japan loves this type of character (extremely annoying main friend of the MC)?

What do you think of this badly photograph of another Atlus girl whose name also starts with Y.

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>at her prime
She is the hottest woman of whatever age range she is part of, her "prime" lasts until she is 50

>In Japan
Junpei is actually far more popular with western audiences than Japanese ones.
Meanwhile Nips love Yosuke to death.

>best character in the game is the comic relief character
>still a great character nonetheless
more games like this?

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>Beloved character
But Junpei is literally the least popular character in Japan? He's Ryuji tier.