Game tries a bit "too" hard to become a meme

>game tries a bit "too" hard to become a meme

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Wow that's pathetic.

I really hope matpat doesn't give these fuckers any attention

Youtuber hype is LITERALLY the only thing this game has ever had going for it. It only makes sense they would lean into it.
Otherwise it's just a really really bad horror game.

I think MatPatGT will enjoy this game

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Didn't the person behind that tweet got fired for that

the actual show was very good

He made fun of them recently.

Interesting how the game just got worse and worse with each update

Those tweets are from two years ago.

Soon Neighborchads…. soon we will win

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I think matpatgt will enjoy dissecting this post

Im ESL sorry

I applaud them on not giving up on Hello Neighbor but at the same time they definitely tried to hard to make this a thing and think that's the fault of internet culture. They couldn't like it just be a game and have it end there. They wanted it to be a phenomenon the likes of Undertale and FNAF.

This somehow became a franchise with a bunch of games and toys, who the fuck buys this shit?

>how much shitty fps jumping do you want bro

the cherry on top here is how these tweets are all about 10 years old now

Wonder what shes up to now

classic case of the game devs not actually understanding what makes their game good or popular. Sadly pretty common in indie game development.

>hmm my game with the unique draw of having a complex adaptive adversary AI is pretty popular, how should I expand on this?
>lets add lots of shitty platforming in this jank physics engine and retarded convoluted puzzles!

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Almost every phenomenon was not planned, you cant engineer something like that it comes out of nowhere every time and its a product of a talented person being able to do whatever they want.

2007 Hairspray Tracy Turnblad
2008 Queen Sized Maggie Baker Lifetime Television film[36]
2008 Harold Rhonda Baxter
2011 Waiting For Forever Dolores
2012 The English Teacher[37] Sheila Nussbaum
2013 Geography Club Therese
2016 Pup Star[citation needed] Lady Paw Paw
2017 The Last Movie Star[38] Faith
2019 Ghost in the Graveyard[citation needed] Mrs. E
Year Title Role Notes
2009 Ace of Cakes Herself Episode: "The Eagle Has Landed"
2009 Ugly Betty Teri O'Shaughnessy Episode: "Dressed for Success"
2009 Valemont Poppy Barker Main role
2010 Huge Willamena Rader Lead role
Nominated – Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Female
2011 The Fresh Beat Band Deep Freeze Episode: "Dance Floor Superhero"
2011 Rocco's Dinner Party Herself Episode: "Runway Ready"
2013 Smash[23] Margot Recurring role (Season 2)

for starbound, replace it with retarded shoehorned story no one wanted or asked for

starbound also had a unique failure point in that the lead dev was a scumbag scammer who would trick kids into doing unpaid work on his game, then fire them when they started asking when they were going to get the paying job they were promised. He did this dozens of times so the game ended up jammed to the gills with half-finished systems and conflicting design elements

Kids, kids are fucking retarded they don't know how to use AdBlock, give into peer pressure easily, buy any merch and parents/grandparents will buy anything related to the show/game as a present.

>you cant engineer something like that
I wanna be a Rockstar.

>sell the game on a dynamic AI that alters the environment based on the things you do
>completely abandon your main pitch for to center the game around its shitty physics and horrendous platforming in a giant stupid house that the AI barely functions in

why was hello neighbor liked by many in it's early stages, but now disliked

I think matpatgt will be break this post down letter by letter

because it got worse with each update

this isn't just some meme, it's literally what happened.

Yes, if it were something "scientific" the big corporations would always get it right and never lose money on entertainment products. Luck is the determining factor for big hits.
However, people with talent for thing X can deliver X quite competently most of the time, which allows indies that know how to exploit their niche to survive for decades even without luck.

It's bizarre how shallow and lifeless the whole "franchise" is. Seeing the wild success of FNAF and trying so aggressively to market it as if it already had a base of FNAF kids has been sad.

It had a very interesting concept at first. It definitely wasn't the first game to have dynamic learning AI, but applying it to a horror/stealth game made it cool and set it apart from most horror games back then. But then every update from the initial alpha bloated the game, had way worse AI, and tried too hard to have "lore" that ultimately led to nothing.
In regards to the lore and story, the devs even admitted the had no story planned and were just planting "clues" at random in order to give off the illusion of having a story.

Based Matpat

I wonder why many indies don't understand that people want to discover the lore rather than follow a story when it comes to their world building. It seems so easy and logical to me. Of course everyone wants to insert "that character" or theme in their game, but you have to realize when it hurts overall product/project.
Huge sadness.

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Watching this game gradually get worse and somehow become a series makes me sad.

>In regards to the lore and story, the devs even admitted the had no story planned and were just planting "clues" at random in order to give off the illusion of having a story.

To add to the replies, it was also a quirky horror game that was entertaining to adults but still tame enough for kids to enjoy. There's a good recipe there for a success similar to how FNAF drew in a wide audience since most of its gory and adult horror was implied or background stuff.

To be fair, this isn't actually her. It was someone pretending who looked vaguely similar.

I went to high school with her brother, chill dude.

What is this gay looking shit and why am I supposed to care? That's literally the dumbest looking character design ever.


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Big corporations almost never do lose money on entertainment products. Even the "bombs" you see usually still make money, latest streaming crazy and the attached retardation aside.

It is a horror game?

Except even after you did the story it was still bad. There wasn't anything to do other than farm cosmetics and collectables. They added mechs but they didn't work well and we're kind of shit. Then they added bounties which were nice but combat still wasn't great so no one cared.

So I barely know a thing about the game or series, but I see that most complaints here are about not focusing on the AI enough. I remember seeing that the reveal trailer for the sequel during E3 or whatever the fuck was entirely focused on the AI, but no one's talking it. Is the sequel beta actually an improvement, is it total shit, or does no one actually care enough to look into it?


>cant be engineered
Cyber punk
Elden ring
>comes from passion and skill

I get if you're making a game you should be its biggest fan, but whenever they're so up their own ass about divulging lore because they purposely obfuscated it in the actual game, I roll my eyes so hard they fall out of my head.

I don't think Elden Ring counts because that was a culmination of 10 years experiencing and experimenting. Demon's Souls, the game that started it all, was a huge gamble. Even the President of Sony at the time thought the game was shitty and thought it was going to flop.

Unironically kids, they grew up and realized the game was garbo

so this guy literally just makes videos about video game speculations and is probably a millionaire from it jesus christ

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Yes. I don't blame you for not seeing it. The graphics certainly don't help.

Isn't this just called networking? Why the cringe?

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It's reeks of desperation

That and a large amount of the hype came from a combination of FromSoft's reputation up to that point, and GRRM's involvement in the world building bringing in a massive wave of people that wouldn't have played a FromSoft game otherwise.
Hell you could probably say the same of Cyberpunk, combining CD Projekt's reputation with a popular TRPG IP.

Its ok, they more than made up for it with all amazing pieces of lore that totally needed to be in game.

Networking is usually done in 1 on 1 conversations, not throwing out several twitter posts begging for attention.

Welcome to like 10 years ago.


They fooled people with promises of a crazy AI system that is probably impossible to pull off now