Best Tomboy in videogames

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Post the real picture fuckle

Nice a Street Fighter thread that isn't shilling Fortnite for a change

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all tomboys are queens

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literally vomit inducing


you already posted her

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>Censor is when 2 extra inches of fabric



That's not funny. My brother died that way.

reminder she is LITERALLY MOLDED for Ryu cock.

>sakura appears in fortnite store
>Yea Forums starts making sakura threads

Before the thread died, can any artist tell me how is this made?
It feels like it's made in 3D, but it looks too nice to be in 3D.
If it's made in 2D, it feels too detailed and nice to be in 2D either.
I'm very confused here.

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Is it okay if I stare?


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play her game

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look up bingo tarte

Never played Fortnite. Are there mods for stuff like this? I've jacked it to Sakura's in-game model in practically every game she's been in.

is it worth playing SFV for Sakura?

Probably, they also censored Cammy and I'm pretty sure she got uncensored mods

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>16 years old

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yes, and? I don't live in california or new york, the age of consent is 16 here

God I love Sakura.

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I largely prefer her in SF4
Hope she's in SF6 launch

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I think her being in Fortnite confirms that she will be in the launch roster, along with everyone else who appeared there.

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Tomboys, yuck.

>Sakura Haruno

femboy > tomboy (girl)

SF4 Sakura is GOAT

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so legal everywhere except burgerland?

'Member to buy this, You can play as Sakura in Pocket Fighter

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>holding future IPs as hostage by forcing fans to pay for ports
>no SF3

legal for almost half of all burgers*

Sakura is made to be sexually harassed

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Already preordered. We'll see how it goes.

>Sakura is made to sexually harass me*

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Tomboys are for closest gayest. You're projecting your homosexual urges onto a female.

>girls are for closeted gays
okay, i'll be sure to be closest to my gayest from now on


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Wut game is that?

It's just drawn in 2D
> it feels too detailed and nice
It is damn good but I think you are overstating its complexity. There are about 15-20 unique frames in total that are played forward, reversed, and looped. They change the skirt when it droops (probably a separate layer) but the rest is reused. I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly rotoscoped as well (not saying that's bad). The low res and compression can also make it look a little smoother. I know it can be a bit shocking when artists display some talent besides calarts and low-tier patreon shit.

I like how they are saying it is ILLEGAL but hot, but it's ILLEGAL, but hot. A modern game's mag wouldn't even skirt that edge.

God why are there so many versions of vsav/darkstalkers/night warriors?
Is it just because there was no concept of a game being played long after it's release back then? It's such a clusterfuck.

>all tomboys are lesbians

I can only post the best tomboy.

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>female uniform
nice, it's not gay

June 24

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should I?

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Miura was a lucky guy


Dude she has a canon pasta boyfriend...
Play this if you want to know more.

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post the last one coward

delete you'reself

That's a tomgirl you colossal retard.

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