Who is this game/character aimed at? what sort of person plays ffxiv?

who is this game/character aimed at? what sort of person plays ffxiv?

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high testosterone introverted males

She's a 32 year old hag glamouring herself as 23. Her younger "26 year old sister" calls her out on it and asks her to get married instead of being an old maid.

built for bbc

based shy coomers

who are the highest caste of ffxiv players, raiders, pvpers or glam enthusiasts?

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I don't care I still want to FUCK this c@, I'd prefer her more milfy even

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holy bonkers I think I will no longer play WoW

transsexual furries play this game

How can one be high T and introverted?

pretty sure you're thinking of wow, ffxiv is all about fat tits and fujobait

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To many faggy catmen says otherwise.

warcraft is the furry game
but there are WAY more trannies in this one

Alisaie chads where we at?!

wrong twin

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no idea but i have it
i'm hairy as fuck
tall as fuck
fat as fuck
jacked as fuck
and i fear women

based femdom bro

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Isn't test making you aggressive a meme?


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im cum

it's for gays

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Wouldn't play FF, but would coom to.

post body

Trauma will do it - you'll still be thirsty as hell and aggressive in other parts of your life, but when it comes to women..

as good a coom game as any

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>female is taller than the male
how did they get away with it

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Can I make my lizard look like this with mods in-game?

I swear those veins get lower in quality every time this gets posted.

I unironically just started this game. Just hit level 11.

It's cool so far, but I'm still kind of intimated when I see gameplay footage from that future and the interface has like 900 buttons.

a tranny

yes but you'll have to turn the breast slider down a bit

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that's the exact reason why you never should boosted, because you will learn your tools one by one so you could learn the optimal rotation efficiently


You get them slowly so you'll be pretty comfortable with it by the time you reach those levels

Based. There's no point in on-model fanart

She should have a hairy pussy

my wife always shaves, sorry fren

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Why did David Gasman stop voicing Rayman?

>what sort of person plays ffxiv
MMOs perpetuate themselves through small friend groups. One person in a group picks up the game, the others start picking it up because that one did and they want to play a game with their friend. Soon they are all scheduling a night on their calendar for "savage raids", doing awful dailies for cosmetic rewards, spending whole weekends leveling the other classes to see how they play (they all play exactly the same), and engaging with the soul-crushingly horrible crafting systems. Now nobody can drop the game because it's a scheduled group activity and because of extreme sunk costs of time and money.

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what about those of us that cum to catgirls

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Me when she teases me about shrinking

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Fuck, just imagine being shrunk down and squeezed into Y'shtola's hot stuffy pussy

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Take this, friend.

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You just know she'd make you go through a slow buildup leading to it too. Imagine standing between her massive thighs while she berates you from above and uses her fingers to tease you about exactly where you're about to end up.

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Why have my recent 6 matches of CC been full teams of dps on both sides? Sometimes a sage.
But no tanks, no WHM.

Thanks, user.
God I want to fucking tease her clit from the inside, bite and rub against her walls and cervix

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These Y'shtola posters sure are a horny lot.

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Bozja deserves a continuation. If Misija never existed it would have been perfect.

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Stinky sexy catto built to be MILKED

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user, that's LEWD.

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is that a benis?

Why does FFXIV fan art have the best fun bags?

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Guess we'll never know. Also has the most people who sperg out over funbags ironically.

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Because breasts are life, no matter the size.

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There are better c@s in the game.

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You can make them bigger.

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What mods to get them that big?

The ones I use are RiderThicc-Giga (RT-G) and RiderThicc-Mega (RT-Mega) for the top and bottom. I scale up the top to around 300 bust slider though.

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Picture related, but an obsession with "oversized breasts" is pretty much just repression and a form of Gender Envy, envious of the life you could've led if you were a girl, or transitioned sooner.

Symptoms of gender envy are;
>Obsessing over "cute girls"
>Having a waifu
>Having obscure fetishes
>Hypersexualization of women
>Hyperfocus on women
>Rage, anger, hatred towards the idea of transitioning as a mental coping mechanism to pretend "no, i could never transition." Or frustration over the fact that you havent. E.G. Argumentio ad reductum "You're just saying that liking women means im a fa***t!!" which is entirely, purposefully, missing the point.

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