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why don't people just punch walls like normal people

Who rages at SMB3???

You might hit a stud and break your hand. Plastic is brittle.

my ex-gf hulked out and ripped an n64 controller in half once

My dad said he got mad playing Castlevania once so he took it outside and blasted it with a shotgun

Used to rage so fucking hard at MW2 back in the day. Broke a controller and my dad got me a chink ps3 knock off controller. Been calm ever since.

Zoomers who grew up on walking simulators.

actually in awe at the strength of this lad. those little plastic shit are unbreakable
your ex-girlfriend will never be a woman

everyone thinks they are good at video games until they try beating smb3 without whistles

>tfw punched a literal hole in my wall because of a sudden black-out

I don't think your gf was a girl.

Understandable. Even if I paid the equivalent of 150 bucks for it, I'd still shoot it after stage 5.

This is why we need physical copies of games. Fucker might have punched his dog if this was a digital download.

>Visible bite marks
Why did this Tendie tried to eat the game?

not the heckin doggerino

Reddit is that way retard

I don't even understand how people can get this mad at a game. The worst I do is slap my knee.

To this day I haven't beaten the final world.

can you link me?
you seem to spend a lot of time there

When I get really mad I usually spend half a minute yelling about jews and niggers. I hope my neighbors don't realize where it's coming from.

Ah, the pewdiepie method.


Holy shit

user and his gf

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Fuck that's hot

I remember banging my head into the GBA screen after losing in pic related. It was the GBA SP and I ended up shattering the screen.

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You do know that game was designed to be a quarter eater, right? It's literally designed to make you lose after a certain amount of time.

How was a 6 year old me suppose to know about that back then?

You should have gotten gud

Literal children. I used to punch a pillow when I got mad at Dance Dance Revolution when I was 8.
Now 20 years later I lean back in my chair and go "Fuuuuuck."

I've bitten my 360 controller out of rage a few times. Those things are built sturdy, you can barely even see the teeth marks.

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people who expected it to be like SMB2

>Moviebob when Lindsay Ellis won't fuck him

I shot up my RROD 360 with a 45 instead of sending it in for warranty. Really we just loved shooting stuff.


It's either out of anger or out of fear and mine was out of fear

keep samefagging retard

As your boyfriend gets pounded by Jerome in the other room. You then resume playing Galaga.

Fucking what?

Who's samefagging? Please tag the posts so I can tell you to go back to r*ddit already.

Someone who reached that one world 8 level without the P item

She will never be a women.

Dracula's ass never came back

Now that's just silly. I only ever punched the studs though because I didn't want to cause damage, I just wanted to let off steam.

And it's not like it wasn't easy to find some of them since all of the end ones are metal to boot so I REALLY wasn't causing damage by punching them.

>It's literally designed to make you lose after a certain amount of time
Casual. I once played for literally 28 hours straight with maxed out level and score.

Remember this is a remake with better controls and shit, not the a straight arcade port like the Switch has.

SMB2 advance made my brother break his gameboy sp in half. Probably was the only thing that slowly stopped the ache for him


>Let's see you dodge a 20g

What kind of fucking retarded animal has so little control over their emotions they have to break something to express themselves?

What a belmont

Do you want me to clap for you?

My wife threw my xbox 360 at me once. It bounced off a concrete sidewalk and still worked when i plugged it back in.


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Don't give attention to the mentally ill homos. They're a cancer that's been polluting this board since 2016 and feeds on your replies

I really wish I didn't do stupid shit like this. Yesterday after I got the results from my last exam I keyed the absolute fuck out of my car, just fucking destroyed the paint. I can't even bear to look at it. Hate to think how much it'll cost to fix.

>worked with a client who did this to his apartment constantly whenever he lost a single player game
>couldn’t afford multiplayer costs
>got evicted twice from two different apartments
I work for underprivileged young adults trying to help them get on their feet

>Can't beat SMB3
Are younger generations just born with less skill?

No, less patience. They want instant reward.

Younger generations are overloaded on distractions and shit to do, they aren't able to focus on one single thing like getting good at mario 3 for hours and days, it's really not their fault they're growing up in such a time and it's a fucking tragedy.