Developer simply shits on their fanbase and kills their own thing for literally no reason

>developer simply shits on their fanbase and kills their own thing for literally no reason

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>literally no reason
there were two reasons though. Money and religious zealotry.

>best text AI was under the hands of retards
I will never not be mad.

Or maybe his product was getting out of control and he had to kill it.

How do I achieve my rape fantasies of women I past by on the street now?

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But muh fictional characters of children bro

By writing erotic fanfiction and posting it on, as god intended. You don't need a machine to do what you can do with your own effort.

>uses pedoshit fanfics to train the AI
>wow wtf guys stop training the AI with pedoshit despite us clearly stating the AI doesn't learn from people! what if people see your stories that are completely private and exclusive to your account!?

Havent checked ai dungeon in a year, what happened

novalai or kobaldai?

Lots of autism as usual.
If you already remember/know about the incident last year with it, then nothing has changed.
in case you don't:
>AI people found out that there were a lot of people making weird pedo shit on their platform
>They neutered the AI to prevent it
>They neutered it too hard
>Around the same time that there was a security leak
>The stuff they promised people they weren't doing reading their stories, they actually WERE doing and making some pajeets read them
>As well as typical security breach exposure (number, cards, personal info, etc.)

tl;dr: a bunch of dumb shit happened because of pedofags, but also the Mormons were fucking retarded and fucked the AI too hard and couldn't make a secure website.
There are alternatives, but the best AI is still trapped with Dungeon AI but Novel AI is an alternative to use in the meantime.
The kino you may have experienced before with it is forever gone.

I wonder if this is where we will plateau with AI and related technology. Every time something cool is made people quickly want to repurpose it for fucking and then mostly use it fucking instead of its broader possibilities. Weird that we are attempting to attain total freedom over our instinct-driven thoughts with the idea of civilization and covenient technology yet our most base concerns still win over all other hopes and dreams. No matter how much we try to put ourselves above animals, we still act like them anyway despite so many advantages and opportunities to be and do more. Nothing has truly changed or ever will.

I think I'm too boring to have fun with novelAi. do you guys like make your own OCs and storylines or what?

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The owners decide to kill all generation containing any descriptors that could potentially describe a child. The filters were so strict that if you wrote for example 'young' at the start of the prompt and much later on wrote 'girl' the AI would refuse to generate more stuff because of those words were present. Obviously this affected not just sexually explicit stories but absolutely everything you wrote, hell you couldn't even describe you had a daughter or something because you'd mess up your story. A lot of shit went down after this including the system sending your story for manual review in case it was a false positive and it turned out they were literally outsourcing these reviews to a freelancer site. Just a whole bunch of retarded stuff.

>try to take out cunnychads and immediately demolish your entire company
Fuck they're so powerful, bros.

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going to need to see the study on that.

The worst part is that this is even less of problem than cartoon loli. Now we have to protect literal text based children from some pedo too. Unless the AI is learning from user inputs then this shouldn't be an issue at all.


Something something pedo stories bad.

>but the best AI is still trapped with Dungeon AI
It's not. OpenAI gave them the boot ages ago and they're basically using the same models as NovelAI but with a shitty finetune.

That's retarded. I can understand maybe being against pedos writing shitty fiction but cucking everyone in the process is a terrible idea.

>currently filters nsfw stories with "mother" in them anywhere
>doesn't filter daddy
Mormonism was a mistake.

How safe is novelai?
Do people read your stories
How long has it been around
Its important before i buy a sub

I do a lot of my own writing with novelAI
if you're just looking to jerk off, then start a story with something very spicy, set the module to "general fantasy" or "dark fantasy", and play around with it from there.

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I just write my own erotic stories and sell them

It doesn't upload your stories, they stay in your pc. And there are also a lot of modules to download for rape, loli, guro, incest, etc.

Yes tol what?

Been around for over a year now I think. As far as I know it's safe but I don't know enough to give you any assurances.

I just want to write cute lolve stories..between my favorite vidya characters

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>>haha what are they going to do about it, we have no competitors get fucked
>disgruntled players start making their own competitor
>>haha this isn't going to go anywhere, they'll come back when they see our product is still better
>competition get better while AI Dungeon doesn't
>OpenAI wants the filters to get even more strict
>only way to get users back is to cut ties with OpenAI
>now their product is no more powerful than the competition full-stop, they still have some filters even if they scaled it back, and they also spat in the face of every player
It was incredible to watch, fuck Latitude

Well, it will do fine user.

NovelAI was built with the idea of privacy in mind, and their EULA stipulates that they do not have access to your content for any reason other than to comply with local laws and to provide The Service.

With that said, there are never and will never be guarantees of privacy anywhere anymore ever again

>literally no way to pirate novelAI, or that AI girlfriend app
>massive privacy risks
>soon this technology will be in every video game

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just to clear up things, it uploads your stories by default, they're encrypted either way.

>It doesn't upload your stories, they stay in your pc.
that's untrue. your stories live on NAI's servers.

didn't OpenAI approach them and tell them to make their users stop with the smut also?

Is rape one of those red flags?

How to pirate novel ai
1. delete cache after your free trail is up repeat untill anonymous cap reach
2. Reset IP by turning box on and off
Free novel ai

i haven't been v8'd yet and i've been raping for months.

How far are we from our PCs being able to run these algorithms without needing intermediaries?

Nothing is new under the sun.

"comply with local laws" means
>if feds show up with a warrant, we're not going to fall on the sword for your privacy
that's all.

it depends on your definition of 'pc'. You just need enough vram. so a bunch of A100's, not fucking cheap.

You can run smaller models with a beefy PC but that's it. Hardware is still way behind AI tech currently.

There are already text-prediction frameworks which can run on your PC.
But they're shit.
The rate by which these systems are increasing in complexity is outpacing the development of PC power

Are you fuckers the reason the ai keeps generating rape

No. It's because women keep writing about their only fantasy.

No user, the part of your gripping story where you buy oranges from the grocery store just happened to spiral into rape in a natural way, these things happen in the real world.

We can just wait until our GPUs can run our own ai dungeons.
Didnt one of the old models run off of a 1080 ?

Neither NAI nor AID ever used user content as training material.

The AI doesn't learn from user input

I've been writing the most degenerate stuff you can imagine in NAI ever since AID shit the bed and I'm still doing it. I'd say it's pretty safe.

well, it CAN if you want it to. NAI has a feature for creating your own modules from collections of text files.
I did it with ~150 pages of my own stories and it's pretty surreal seeing it write in your own voice.

>now they will waste time on text based children
how close are we to thoughts being a crime?

>collect all of your discord chatlogs
>turn it into a module
>erp with yourself

Here's what we've been able to gather in hindsight
>users use AI to do anything and everything
>(((journalists))) make clickbait about how people are using the AI to RAPE VIRTUAL CHILDREN
>OpenAI wants to avoid the bad press and calls for censorship
>Latitude, being helmed by a Mormon, is extremely gungho about this
>implements filters and defends them to the death
>when users complain and speculate Latitude takes full credit
>only starts to backpedal after they realize they've lost so much money that they might start operating at a loss
>OpenAI doesn't let them
>offer an alternative AI module with less (read: still some) censorship
>so many users who are still there switch to it that Latitude loses their bulk deal with OpenAI and has to shut down GPT-3 access wholesale
>but they still aren't offering a zero-censorship option despite their competition being happy to

>text porn

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yeah, the old AID used to run on a 1080. it used about 9gb of vram.
You could also do it with CPU, but that was like a minute per generation.
I hope they can't get my AID logs from my GPU..

it's like that image, people spend so much time with the fake shit they waste resources that could be used for real problems
not to mention the slippery slope of censorship, i don't care for people having retarded opinions and being able to say dangerous shit online but i can't say censorship is ever good

fuck novelai. 50 free actions is dogshit