Vidya Waifu

Mine is Kasumi from DoA.
Her design is the most perfect in all areas.

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I think I prefer her sister

Cute too but tits too small compared to Kasumi

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I love my husband, Shuma Gorath

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I like Medic-chan. She makes me happy.

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I love Red Riding Hood!

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Just feed her. She puts on weight pretty easily.

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Mine is Momiji
Second one is my 3mt female norn from GW2

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Rikku is my waifu but Ayane is my DOAfu

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For me? Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Honestly while right is small for DoA, left is a bit too much for her. Doesn’t fit her proportions.

muh proportions

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Yugiri? Yugiri!

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all day everyday baby

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At least she kept her ass. To me she never felt like she could ever rival Kasumi’s tits but had the bigger ass.

I'd upsize her portions, if you know what I mean

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I love Reisen!

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i want to mate my wife Nanami so much.

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Like I said she trumps her sister on the rear end, I don’t mind her having the smaller tits to balance it out. Also I don’t play those Volleyball games, not my kind of gameplay.

Beautiful. Especially her eyes

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Is it just me or people already forgot that Katsumi was the main heroine of DOA?

Fairy leviathan

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I love Luna!
She's also from DoA!

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Her story has basically been over since the first game. She got her revenge on the man who raped her mother and crippled her brother. Since then she's just been mooning about not being able to see her brother because she's been banished for violating ninja law, and running around killing her army of clones that serve absolutely no purpose in the overall narrative of the games. Ayane is a far deeper character, a perpetual underdog who scratched and clawed her way up from less than nothing to attain a position of power and respect. She was the main character of DOA3, and Helena was the main character of DOA4. 5 didn't really have a main, and 6 was focused around Honoka, though it's hard to call her the main heroine, she's largely just a MacGuffin.

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You, sir, have excellent taste.

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My wife Laetitia is so cute!

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I love QP!

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I need a new etrian game already

Playful bunny.

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That's a cute smile.

Beautiful wife smile.

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I love Kasumi!

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Please post Leifang

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the Goddess once again produces quality material


Fuck off

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>having a waifu from a franchise where all girls are whores

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