Boomers really used to fap to this

>boomers really used to fap to this

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>zoomers are so low T, they don't

>used to

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Bro just watch porn

It's a sin. Repent.

In my day we had to work for our titties. The Sears catalog was a precious resource.

We're already in Hell so there's no point

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No, you're definitely not. Purgatory maybe, but definitely not hell. Things will get much, MUCH for you unless you repent. Stop sinning.

>he actually thinks he's gonna get out

>used to

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Stop worshipping the talmud, bud

There's no point in worshipping any religion in Hell bro

Porn didn't show publicly in the arcade back then dumb zoomie-kun

Whatever rebbe.

I accept your concession

Boomers got good taste then

Much better than anime trap porn or whatever the fuck kids are beating their meat off to these days

>muh talmud
>"worshipping the talmud"
Stop getting all your information from /pol/

Christ is King, baal.

Repent, pedophile/porno addict.

Yea Forums is full of /lgbt/ers who groom users, hence why they want everyone watching talmudic pornography.

Yes it did, there were a lot of porn games back in the day. In my local arcade there was a porn game that was free for some reason.

Most arcades didn't though, at least in America

Indeed, we didn't make the cut so we're stuck here now

Romans 10:9 — King James Version
'That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.'

stop worshipping the torah, bud

Kill yourselves.

I don't. I am not a jew. Worship the Risen King. It's Time.

Too late bro, we didn't make it. If it makes you feel better by all means but our souls are already damned

2 Corinthians 11:14
'And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.'

>I don't.
You don't read the old testament then? Jesus claims he didn't changed a single word from the old testament so the torah is literally jesus approved.

Antisemitic christians are some the lowest IQ schizos you can find.

The true deception is to convince you the Devil doesn't already hold your soul

No one said about the amount of porn games retard. The point is the legit ones for arcade being played in public but not obvious enough to those annoying parents.

Yeah so?

You probably do not have a soul anyway. Not everyone does. Eternal life belongs to God alone and whom He chooses to bestow it upon.

>you don't worship the jewish bible
>ur antisemitic!!!11

moshe, come on now. You're looking mighty sus over here.

Thanks to MUGEN I still do occasionally

Don't think fapping is a sin but premarital sex certainly is. Chastity is a virtue if you're not married. If you are married, get to baby making.

Ah I got baited by a larper. Probably should've figured it out sooner

Wait, so mental prayers don't count? I've been trying to repent for months mentally.

No fapping is not a sin. Pornography, however, is. There is a big difference. If you think watching real life people fornicate (sin) is not harmful to your soul and spirit, you are greatly deceived.

I mostly fap to hentai though. Does that mean I'm good or what?

Ha ha. Go study Gnostic teaching, "bro." You are likely a hylic as is most of humanity. Probably about 80% are, so the "no soul" meme does kind of apply. If you think watching porno is "the way to go" you are likely a hylic.

>religious /pol/ RPer

You need to speak it. I guess if you were a mute, it may be okay not to, but I doubt you are mute.

Stop sinning and receive Christ, user. It's Time.

its just not the same "bro". if you dont understand then you never will

You can stop the larp user you already gave it away

always more of a Leona guy

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Whatever, hylic. Stop being an animal and become a human. Your degenerate filth cannot save you.

Im a zoomer and I regularly fap to Mai's sprites as she whoops my ass

There's often something more exciting about finding eroticism in places not specifically designed for it.

You either worship the jewish bible (i.e. the old testament) or a jewish guy that said the jewish bible is completely right. You're spiritually a semite and still larps as an antisemite due to your complete lack of self-awareness or critical thinking skills.

Not really, my ignorant friend. Christ is King and the jews nailed him to the cross and were proud of that fact. Fortunately He didn't stay dead, but it remains that talmudians hate Christ and the True God.

>trying to walk it back
Lol, this is the last (You) I'm giving you larper

As long as you walk away from your satanic pornographic ways, we're cool.

>Fighting Whip
The whipping part made me feel funny already, it was her grab drag then shooting me four times while I was hopeless on the ground that made me really confused deep down.

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Someone post the webm from the movie

I absolutely hate this response. Everyone knows what porn is and how to get it. We don't want porn. We want a cool sexy ninja babe in a fighting game. We want context, we want a proper fantasy. If all we wanted was watch people humping we'd turn on your mom's live stream.

> Generation having the least amount of sex are now screaming and protesting about striking down legalized abortion

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