What are some legit schizo games?

What are some legit schizo games?

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Robotron 64

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TempleOS games

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Eternal Darkness
that Drowned God game or whatever the hell it was called

System Shock 1 just because of the soundtrack.


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Sanitarium was cool but it was kind of ruined for me by the constant unfunny attempts at comedy. Should have just focused on being creepy.

Super seducer

Cruelty Squad
Water Womb World

>Anonymous Agony
ye ye

here's your quest log bro

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The Suffering 1&2

LSD Dream Emulator

Very colorful games that feel like a trip.
Anyone who says LSD style horror games is a normalfag.

what are some games that are actually MADE by a schitzo and not just with a schitzo aesthetic?

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Terry was a schizo...
idk if terry made it

Terry A Davis was a certified schizophrenic and software engineer, his games are genuine schizo.

Post Void is so bizarre I love it

I thought I'd love Golden Light but it's pretty unnerving. I can't play longer than a level or two at a time

The Temple OS guy had a program that he used to "Talk to God" by calling random words from a table to make vague sentences.

yeah that's why I quoted the post. I want some more legitimate schitzocore like TempleOS

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most of the games in the image list above pretty schizo, although some fall into the Yea Forums definition and others fall into "made by a retard and the game is barely playable" like AA

>Cruelty Squad
you didnt get the point

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Cruelty Squad

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Oikospiel Book I


how do niggas even make this kind of art? What programs and source material can generate such a beastly image

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Lain PSX.

Mongol was created by an actual schizo.

Immoral Cumbat

Drowned god

Not him but I beat that game what IS the point? I liked the comfy ending though.

a large amount of image editing and painting in photoshop

there's a .psd file in Mongol's game files and you can see in some of the background images that the original RPGMaker RTP was painted over

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>Ao Oni

The circle of life is maintained no matter how horrible the status quo is. It's not a schizo game, it's a kafkaesque game

OP is a dumb niggerfaggot

Ah, was a good game though I liked the organ trading, what other games have organ trading?

why are the two mututally exclusive?

Can we stop conflating "schizo" with "bad, edgy writing"? For example, Madoka Magica is an anime that is premiere schizo, but doesn't focus on "le so random xD" to get its point across.

>point and click adventures
>no mention of darkseed

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HOLY FUCK I remember seeing a vid on this like 5 years ago.
Yea PBG 11 years ago jesus fucking christ.

maybe the later games, but the only good games (the first three) are not schizo at all, more like fairy tales but with the edge turned up to the max.

one is based on delusion (schizo), and the other is based on accepting the harshest of extremes

Plays like x-com but in real time

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Word that has lost all meaning, like most mental illnesses talked about on the internet

Now THIS is a list. I can't find any info about "Weird (1997)" since google just brings up info about weird games from 1997. Anyone know anything about it?

try mobygames, if it exists it's on there

What was that game that one guy made that came with a book of weird shit. He also sold the book on amazon.

>like one denpa game
>almost none are schizo
eop image

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"Retarded" and "moron" used to be specific clinical terms. This problem has been around since we first started classifying mental illness whatsoever.

So did Sanitarium just not fit or is it not schizo enough?

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need a game with this kind of vibe

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It's still in development but it counts as a true blue product of schizophrenia.

Nice that worked. For anyone else wondering, it's actually "Weird: Truth is Stranger than Fiction" and came out in 1996 not 97. It seems to be less of a game and more of a Ripley's Believe it or Not interactive gallery sort of thing.

Not schizo but maybe American McGee's Alice?



Dev got burnt out before it was finished and abandoned it. RIP. Fun fact it was referenced in Hypnospace Outlaw several times.


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earthworm jim

most multiplayer games if you hang around with /vg/ people. ffxiv, vrchat, and pso2 for example

isn't this just silent hill

>Schizoid personality disorder (/ˈskJtsɔJd, ˈskJdzɔJd/, often abbreviated as SPD or SzPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness, detachment and apathy.

So every game Yea Forums plays

did bob's game ever come out? last i checked it was dead.