191 days until Starfield

>191 days until Starfield

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It will be delayed.

What we know so far:

>It will be Bethesda's most hardcore rpg since morrowind
>there will be space travel
>it’s the biggest engine upgrade since oblivion
>you can join the enemy space pirate faction
>the story will involve unravelling the secrets of the universe
>this is Todd’s longtime passion project
>the concept art shows bethesdas most unique and alien world since morrowind
>the lead quest designer is the same as far harbour
>you can join a space megacorp
>you can join a group of space cowboys
>you will have a robot friend to adventure with you
>it will have bethesdas most advanced character creation screen to date

Yep, I’m thinking it’s gonna be toddkino

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Cyberpunko sandwicho.

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>It will be Bethesda's most hardcore rpg since morrowind
Stopped reading there. I want this game but we all know it's going to be dumb casual shits like Skyrim and Fallout4. I hope you are right.

I cant wait for true sci-fi kino
Really hoping they don't pull a "faster than light speed" bullshit and actually try to make a realistic depiction of interplanetary travel and colonization

It's a space game. It's gonna blow.
That's the truth of it. I don't make the rules, guys.

This shit is going to be so boring and ugly
Still will download for coom mods if there's cool aliens or robots

It will be GOTY.

>191 days until you fucking buy it

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I can’t wait for june 12th so we can actually have more thread discussions, todd posting and shit flinging

After the 'sharty went down this is the only thing keeping me going in life. If it is shit I will commit an enemy.

Say it with me anons: "I trust Todd Howard with all my heart and soul and savings account."

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I think Shazam is going to make a comeback as Starflop approaches.

Yes Todd I believe you. Just for this I am going to go purchase my 27th copy of Skyrim: The Platinum Definitive Game of the Year Edition!


That would literally take life times though.

this and

you know nothing of realistic you stupid cattle nigger
you eat all the lies your cannibalistic slave masters tell you

lol no you won’t

You could condense the world to stars close to one another and get away with space travel leading to only a few years.
It could lead to some incredible decisions and NPC interactions throughout the game. Leaving a planet and returning later to realize everyone you know has passed away, meeting spacefarers that have lived for hundreds of earth years
Could also leave big game decisions about leaving the planet you are on to explore the stars or stay and explore your planet
It wouldn't be too different from European travelers leaving to america. One way trip to eplore and risk it all, take it or leave it

This is Skyrim in space not a licensed interstellar game. They make open worlds you can play in and explore for an long period of time, why would they make it so everyone fucking dies once you leave an area of the map

Some of you are delusional about what this game will be


I hope building stuff returns from fo4 and 76.

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Only if they make it not shit.

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>off by 1 error

I'm just ready for based Vasco

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starfield bros we're gonna make it


It mostly will.

It was okay, just needed something like Sim Settlements (building plans) for those that just want to dip their toes into the thing.

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>just needed something like Sim Settlements (building plans) for those that just want to dip their toes into the thing.
No, what it needed was a way to change the ground like Valheim does. Or, you could take a page out of Dark Cloud and have a top down mode specifically for building buildings and fences like Sim City or Age of Empires, or something like that. I'm just saying, there are lots of ways to make building settlements be actually good.

Terraforming? Seems like a tall order, but who knows. A top-down view seems kino and maybe not that hard to implement even as a mod (in older games even, as there's a TD mod for Skyrim).

No need for FTL, you just need wormhole transportation.
You don't need to go fast, you just need to decrease the distance betwee point A and B.

kotor didn't blow faggot.

Kill yourself

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I wonder if they'll go full Johnny 5 on us and make us cry by having him get murdered violently

QA tester lol

I just wanna make a cool Space Engineer and make cool Space Engineer things, is that so much to ask?

Considering you build outposts/bases in addition to the fact it seems like your ship comes in segments so you can swap out parts and customize it I think you'll get pretty close to your wish.

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I just want to be That Guy. If I can't roleplay as That Guy then I'm not playing it

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fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me
fool me three times... JK I got Game Pass

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>shilling the next broken, barely functional mess from Bethesda


Gaming will be saved

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>Elite Dangerous
dying shit
>Star Citizen
expensive shit
>No Man's Sky
polished shit (still shit)

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Let me fly this beauty already

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>expensive shit
Don't forget broken.

>fallout with space

If Valheim can do it, an indie game, I don't see why Todd can't.

When was the last time Todd made a good game?


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The last time Todd made a game

Morrowind - Masterpiece
Oblivion - Masterpiece
Fallout 3 - Masterpiece
Skyrim - Masterpiece
Fallout 4 - flawed masterpiece
Fallout 76 - Todd throwing a bone to his publisher so he can keep indulging his autism

Now that fallout and elder scrolls both have “live service” games to keep zenimax happy, and the lessons learned from the missteps in fallout 4 (corrected in far harbour), there’s nothing left to stand in the way of more unfiltered Todd kino

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fo4 main quest is so bad i abandoned it but manage to finish it few years later because of nanako mods, not looking forward to this if its written by the same people with more toned down rpg mechanics.

Posting in an epic starfield count down thread. Feels good man.


Redpill me on this game. I know virtually nothing about it. Why are we hyped? Is it just fallout but in space or what?

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we know virtually nothing concrete except that it's in space and it's by Bethesda. there's a game showcase thing in early June, check back then

There's zero reason to believe this game will be good.

>doubting Godd Howard
Please post your apology when you get btfo.

Doesn't matter, you're gonna buy it anyways

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they've already confirmed multiple origins and an updated take on Oblivion's persuasion system.