Enemy Nations is an old (1996) city building RTS. It has single player...

Enemy Nations is an old (1996) city building RTS. It has single player, a few basic missions and a global conquest mode vs the ai (which is actually challenging).

It also has multiplayer and no player limit. It's super old so it could support tons of players in a game. And it's abandonware so I just just link it.

Win7/10 instructions
-run as administrator

.iso link


intro video

old thread

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kino sprites, takes me back to sim city 2000 arcologies

Got a few people interested, a few playing single player. Hopefully we can get an online game going.

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Definitely gives me some SimCity vibes when building the offices and apartments

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I'll check it out


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Buildings look cool enough. What kind of RTS? Is it APM like or what

I don't find it crazy apm like starcraft, but obviously I'm not playing it competitively. The medium ai beats me half the time lol

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lol what is this game

It has boats, but the ai never goes into the water so I haven't ever had to build them.

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troops seem to mostly suck, but they're cheap I guess

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The world is circular, so you can go in any direction and end up where you started. The maps get bigger as you add more players. I created a local game with 20 ai players and it seemed pretty damn big.

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I'll try it tonight

This looks like a clunkier rise of nations or empire earth. What does it have over those titles?

Looks neat.
Did it ever get a spiritual successor?

how did i never hear about it

Not really. It flew too far under the radar. When it was released the publisher went under, so they missed the christmas rush and were only able to sell online (in 1996/97)

I never played Rise of Nations. I loved Empire Earth. I'd say EE is the better and more modern game for sure.

I'm not sure exactly what Enemy Nations has better. I mostly want to have an online game for the novelty. Because it's fun to see how many players could play it, it's a a bit more like a proto-anno than Empire Earth. I don't remember Empire Earth having production chains, or resources needing to be transported, or as much variety in in the city construction.

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Publisher went out of business right when it was released. They barely sold any copies and missed the Christmas rush.

That's why the unofficial motto is 'the best game you've never played' - because hardly nobody played it

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Looks worth a try

try with easy ai and a 'Full Civilian' start
build lumber, coal, iron, and a smelter at least

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Slow down, it's still downloading


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what do I do with the iso

3.play (run as administrator)

In Win10 you can mount by pic related
in older windows' you need some kind of mounting software, like magic iso (or somebody recommend a better one)

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I've been unable to find this due to only extremely faint memories from my childhood. I will definitely be giving this a shot.

Nice. I've seen a few people say similar, like they played it when they were young but barely remember it.

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Can you play multiplayer with unlimited ai? If not will one of you autists make a mod for that? I'd like to see what 200 players looks like before joining a discord

You can do that in single player or multiplayer.

>I'd like to see what 200 players looks like before joining a discord
Don't even need to join the discord really, I can post the IP here when we play an online game


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Ok I landed my rocket and build a camp

get a lumber mill, coal, iron, and smelter up asap
and build some roads with your crane(s?)

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I do see roads in the construction pop-up

It's not in the building menu.
When you have a crain/tractor selected there is a 'build road' button

pic related

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wow the ai rekt me

looks neat

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ok I beat the easy AI, time for medium

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says "please insert cd" when I try to start it

How did you install it?
You need to have the .iso mounted for the game to start

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Somehow it unmounted itself

cool, it's working now then?

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says "please insert cd" when I try to start it


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Soulful UI, the sprite works look good too. I will give it a try.

Neat, thanks for the links OP

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You're welcome!

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is this like red alert?

a little bit. but with a city building focus.

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not as polished, but with an interesting supply chain and the need for people who lives in apartments, with offices, and well fed with farms. Also have to keep your power generation high enough, for efficiency.

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>look up gameplay
>it looks like the cyberpunk "good gameplay" webms where they just spin around really fast

this video is better

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Sseth? Is that you?


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yeah idk

oh no?

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