It's kino

it's kino

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The moment I realized I'd played the best game of my life so far

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>I see it too.

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>wahhhh im sad! Im a sad pathetic mentally ill faggot! wahhhh!
Woah hold on a minute.... he's, like, he's, like, just like me....

I'm just trying to imagine how big of a down it would be if you failed that check.
I succeeded that check but I did save scum once on a failed check: getting Kim to dance


i was so invested in the cryptid storyline, i got a bit bummed when you find the culprit and the game is reaching the end, and then it fucking hits you with this, it literally made cry a few tears of joy

And then you don't get to go and tell Lena she wasn't crazy, or even see the conversation as a fade out

They really ought to have put it in Final Cut

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Isn't this that commie VN that bunkertrannies keep shilling?

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>the Expression reveal basically just being a real-life equivalent of the Fire Punch expression
>every single time the stats start talking to each other
>the reveal of Harry having crashed his car into the ocean
>punching Cuno in the face
>sticking the gun in your mouth in front of the Hardy boys and the Authority checks
>Kim's eyebrow
>a million other things

How was something this relentlessly kino even written

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some errors but those last checks are spot on

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An Estonian man became a depressed drunk for several years after the failure of his novel, then dragged himself up from the gutter to keep following his dreams no matter what

Talk to an asshole long enough and the next person you talk to will feel like an angel.

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imo Authority sounds more like Half Light here

>the reveal of Harry having crashed his car into the ocean
This got me so good with how long the two of you sit there at first

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>Did all the Cryptid stuff assuming it wasn't real but liked it because it was nice to do some good for those two old people and hearing Kim's hatred for doing this was quite fun
>Did everything as well, from listening to the different cryptids that exist, to reassuring the old woman she did see a cryptid when she was a girl despite not believing it myself, to checking all those traps for the sidequest.
>Get to this part
>Assume Harry has fucking gone insane and possibly hallucinating, possibly dying or possibly a dream and he's still asleep in that bed
>Waiting for any confirmation that this is real, assume something is going to snap him back to reality
>Suddenly Kim says "I see it too"

Honestly, hearing those words after Kim disagreed with all this shit felt so good.

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somehow even worse

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Good moment

almost as good as the dance

this ones good

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for me it was telling Lena that her marriage wasnt a sham

>failure of his novel
I thought it was a success because the Wikipedia page calls it notable amongst literary circles

You niggers kept telling me how bad this game is but it ended up being pretty high kino? I'm never listening to this shithole again

If that's the best they can say about it, it definitely failed

Critics liked it but it was a commercial failure

And there's still no fucking English translation. "Winter 2020" has been and fucking gone, Kurvitz. Where's the book.

excellent work

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>Esprit de corps
Someone got pulled over.

you have to remember how severely retarded a majority of Yea Forums is. we're almost all here because we cant read or process information for shit.

lol same. I always play honest rolls except for that part, it had to be done. Do it for the picture-puzzle.

Also reposting this kino FMV

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It always was kino. People just sperged out about the racist caricatures.

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the game has a lot of pig jokes. its a clever twist on that image's own format

This and the disco scene are unironically fucking KINO

>1 HP
>1 Morale
Seems about right


So what's the deal with Shivers?

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Explicitly supernatural and a connection to the soul of Revachol

Isn't this game made by either Leninists or Stalinists? or are they Marxists?

They sympathize with the concept of socialism and thanked Marx in some award acceptance speech but in-game it's treated as ultimately impossible to actually realize and held in contempt by most of the cast

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>People who did nothing wrong
pic related

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Something like that. It's never that specific. But they have enough interaction with those ideas to make them funny.

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>muh cops
white knighting for police officers is worse than white knighting over women, you fucking loser

posting some rare dialogs. this happens if you talk to deserter wearing Rene's uniform

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Dolores Dei was what the people made her. An Innocence isn't born or trained, they're elected. She was given absolute power and told she was infallible. So she did whatever she wanted.

All I did was call you stupid. Believe me, I hope the cops get defunded. Then you won't have anyone to call.

The Desert was the best character of the game


sex healing with the pigs

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Ooh nice. I don't think I have any particularly rare ones. I hear whispers of some but haven't gotten them myself, like the nuke that will one day annihilate Revachol
Tell me that's not real, please.

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>tfw didnt take the pic of the phasmid because i thought it would scare it off
>no on else believes what we saw
>but kim and i know its real
honestly, is it more kino this way?

I still dont know what Savoir Faire is supposed to be, "dare to be cool, physically"?

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He was a good representation of a what Harry could become as an obsessive ideologue.

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Slam the pig

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you're so fucking lame holy shit.

>Savoir Faire
"the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations."

It's racist in some areas, and there's an incel option, but otherwise it's excellent.

yeah. happens during the dance scene if you get some passive skill check.
sounds to me like the plot of sequel

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God there are so many great fucking moments in this game. That dream sequence you can get after getting to the final island still gets to me.
>Brother, you should put me in front of a firing squad. I have no words for how I failed you.

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>an obsessive ideologue
You got so close and then fell at the last hurdle, user. The Deserter is Harry if he never gets over the one, all consuming failure in his life, if he never lets go of the past and move on.

All of Harry's politics are copes for his wife leaving him because she's the central cause of his condition.

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>the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations
I thought that belonged to Composure.

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Some of these are good, others are horrible. How the fuck does Faggotjak represent empathy? Feeling isn't empathy. Shivers and Half-Light could also use a rework IMO.

the punchline is so simple yet always makes me giggle

one of the best recent games

You want a rare dialogue? Here you go.

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apparently it actually does get nuked in the novel

>Shivers telling me, more than once and very emphatically, that the club in the church I help create will never, ever, EVER be famous and that it's all wasted effort.
Why would you crush my hopes like this, world?

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but I agree completely. The Icebreaker is Harry following The Deserter's path and destroying himself.

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It will be the most HARDCORE radioactive crater La Calliou has ever seen

>How the fuck does Faggotjak represent empathy?
i know that feel bro

>adjust yourself in your chair to shitpost better

composure = not cracking, continuous calm
Savoir Faire = positive spontaneity, know WHEN to break

The Icebreaker and the big comedown is honestly one of the funniest Kim scenes.

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i pirated this and recognized one of the voice overs from a prog-metal band i listen to called Sikth. Looked it up and what do ya know one of the singes is a producer of the game, pretty cool. Uses the exact same weird deep brittish voice on some spoken word segments of their songs.