Why did Square sabotage remake Tifa?

Why did Square sabotage remake Tifa?

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it was less sabotage and more bending the knee to Sony who helped fund the project


I like this model better


the tits got smaller??

Steven Carson is truly the GOAT, he has singlehandedly filled the penis_to_the_knees tag with glory.

Fucking Sony. I hope they finally crash and burn this gen. Guaranteed they'll learn no lessons from the success of Elden Ring and will keep pushing woke movie game garbage.

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it's okay user mods fixed her

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not big enough


I prefer remake's redesign to this.

You call that fixed?

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Can I port this model to FF7R somehow?

I always liked that it's an unspoken rule that Aerith's got a cake factory, while Tifa has a milk factory.

why has no one model swapped this yet?

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i know some motherfucker ported her to blender. i know they did. ive seen a few porn animations with this one. where the fuck is the blender file at god dammit!? WHERE!?

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They listened to Twitter. Hopefully that era of gaming is about to end as Square is selling their western brands for pennies. Forspoken will be the fail nail in the coffin of western influence of Japanese video games. Mark my words Tifa will get her tits and outfit back.

it's perfect

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>ive seen a few porn animations with this one
You can't just say that without posting sauce

Based Carson enjoyers.


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Steven Carson should be the character modeler for every female in Part 2

Someone needs to replace the FF7R model with this Tifa.

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>I always liked that it's an unspoken rule that Aerith's got a cake factory, while Tifa has a milk factory.

But you don't get or bake cakes without the milk user. Checkmate.

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irispoplar has done a few with it, im pretty sure bayern has too.


Agreed. It's the best model of Tifa and anyone who disagrees is a fucking faggot.

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That checks out to their taste in men, too.

she looks like she fucks dogs

maybe to pander to new audiences??

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Really? I didn't know they breed black.

>thicker legs

>someone needs to downgrade FF7R Tifa

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>Tifa vs Aeris

Let's be peaceful guys.

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>plays the best

Their cocks are too big & it looks stupid.
Also those are shemales not futanari.


Shut the fuck up you subhuman twat.

I mean that's what they ended up doing

What, are you a fag?

I don't get this complaint. I don't even like dickgirls, but if I did I'd want them to have some huge fat horse cocks.

cringe. kys

Ethics department.
Hopefully now that they're selling Eidos the Ethics department gets the boot along with them. The company needs to be purged of all Western influence so we can get the big animu tiddies we were supposed to in the first place.



You meant upgrade?

She looks like a whore you can't be serious
Like a literal prostitute

That's the clothes she wears in the normal game anyway.
Bigger tits do not a prostitute make.

She looks sick.

>getting rid of her socks
gay detected

she are sick

The mod doesn't look that good tho. They added the black undershirt to hide the issues with animating her. If you look at the right shoulder you can see exactly why they added it. And I prefer how 'tightly' her top fits in Remake. This loose crap was only in the Nomura concept art. She always filled it out ingame. This fold nonsense makes her boobs look smaller than they are.

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I love this as a response image. Especially the multiple different frames, like they're snapshots of an ongoing conversation about user being gay.

>they all have huge cocks and fat balls
I approve fund it

Yeah, saying you prefer the original FF7 design over remakes is one thing

But this mod is literally a downgrade.

KT always make cute girls.

>people still posting the outdated version of the mod
lot a fags tt

>The woman who was mogged to death

Why do people like this one so much? It just looks okay

Source of this image?

Yes, isn't that awesome?