Just 7 more hours, Nanabros

Just 7 more hours, Nanabros.

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absolute city block of megameme

shame CM wasn't in the collection

Fuck off with your gachashit

I completely forgot about her, weird they excluded her until now

who the fuck is that?

Nana's nanas...
How long until we get pictures of her butt

She already had cards depicting her in Teppen, ass included, and Teppen's a much better game.

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Can robots be soft?

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>worst girl from the 2nd worst Megaman game will become playable in the worst Megaman game

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Dr. Light spent his entire life dedicated to ensuring we could live in a future with soft robots, so yes.

das it mane

command mission deserves to be remembered especially with banger soundtracks like these

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You have no taste yourself


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I'm more of an Aliafag

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>liking a chatterbox

Will she get over it?

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You WILL play the gacha
You WILL roll for a supporting character from a spin-off RPG

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Why yes I will roll for Roll.EXE how did you know?

Give me a Nana Alt and I'll play your game.

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Ah, a man of culture.

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Give it time. Even Axl got an alt.

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Command Mission doesn't have a PC port to begin with, which is most likely why they decided not to bother with it.s. X4, X5, X6, X7 and X8 all had native PC ports, and those are what the Collection uses. Command Mission has nothing of the sort, so in order to get it to work, they'd either need to emulate it or rebuild it from the ground up. Command Mission had very poor sales, so it was likely deemed not worth the effort.


It sucks and literally zero chink bucks made from X Dive go back into the Mega Man franchise, so no, I won't.

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This wouldn't have happened if they would have used short hair X5 Alia

She has big feet

So did Silver Horn give her the silver D?

lucky girl

God damn that’s a good ass

No, but keep those Kotobukiya models coming for me, whale.

>I've lived long enough to see my favorite series turn into nothing but gatchashit that baits in people desperate for Mega Man content
As if bad games and a mobile X1 port with buyable game features wasn't bad enough.

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Honestly got tired of this game. Clipping through walls all day to speed run without even using tas is signs of a shit game. It took them too long to balance the pvp also while requiring that shit for specific growth items. I would rather play x7 with no power upgrades than to get back into this game's loop.


>while requiring that shit for specific growth items
For what, card buffs?
There's barely anything in that shop and it updates too slowly to get worked up over.

postin best girl

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Fuck off gacha slave. I'm not gonna run pointless shit for endless points just to power up a character. If it was a real megaman game I'd like it but it's just another skill based cooldown fest with a shit ton of farming the same set of levels over and over while you wait for actual content. Even then that content is still dogshit because you have to stamina bar everything. Fuck this game.

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i remember shill threads in 2019-20 going
>this is good guys! it's the best way megaman can make profit! They'll make X9/ZX3/MML3/MM12/[Insert your favorite megaman game here] if we show our support for the franchise and buy this!
now those very same fags have given up any pretense and just admit they play and shill this because of sunken cost.
The absolute state of this franchise

she's giving you obligatory chocolate
its more than you deserve

You sure that's a girl?

Can you imagine buying x dive? Thats a jannies yearly wage, in a single transaction!

Your crying doesn't change the fact that the gacha is the most successful thing to come out of the franchise. It's no longer at the mercy of whether or not you morons are going to buy the rom compilations.

Holy shit is that Nana from Elfen Lied as a Reploid in MegaMan X Dive???

>I'm not gonna run pointless shit for endless points just to power up a character
sure is a good thing that most of these "power ups" are nigh-worthless and you only have to sit through a match once a month to work towards them
>it's just another skill based cooldown fest
unless you're trying to imply something with BN et al. too I don't get what you seem to find so horrifying about this
>with a shit ton of farming the same set of levels over and over while you wait for actual content
unless you're trying to tryhard some event this hardly applies to anything other than a couple optional modes, everything is claimable with a few menus and skips
If you played this at all then you clearly played it in the most monotonous and self-defeating ways possible. I'd say it's no wonder that you dropped it, but it's anyone's guess why you're sticking around megaman games if you can't even manage resources correctly.

Zero's artstyle is fag shit and I will not concede on this point

>mobile X1 port with buyable game features
That's a thing???
Why is the gacha being successful a good thing?

Probably a stupid question, but was it explained why Zero in his spin-off series looks so different from the X games? Is it just an artstyle thing?

Since when did X7 ever have a PC port? A lot of them are largely just roms in the whole collection.

They should just try to reboot Megaman Online instead

Literally yes

Well technically the zero series is actually mainline, just on the GBA, and it's explained that the Zero you play as has a copy of the body of the original Zero, but it's still the original Zero.
So it's an explanation for the art style change in that you play as a copy.

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The copy is supposed to be identical to the original. Even X looks different. It's all artstyle and everything otherwise is supposed to look like it's predecessor series.

What about Omega?

What the fuck man
This is definitely preying on children who are shit at games

>Arranged BGMs
Is it a new arrange or just Maverick Hunter X?