What's your favorite party composition Yea Forums?

What's your favorite party composition Yea Forums?

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Fat guy and become best bros

innocent little healer and the fat guy only

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>The cool guy you meat early game
>The tough girl
>The weirdest party member

>action guy, action gal

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4 innocent little healers
just to see how that would turn out

which shonen with sword unlocks the power of edge and goes off on their own adventure for a bit?

That’s just Dragon Quest VIII

>wizard childhood friend
>cool warrior rival
>cleric or monk as the party's heart
all of these can be any sex

Human male paladin.
Human male cleric.
Human male warrior.
Human male priest.

The sex slave
see also Visas Marr

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le bland MC
le serious character
le funny ugly looking character
le female

>Trustworthy stranger
>Fog that eats people

Test your luck


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>no damage party

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Someone got the "people who enjoy fat/ugly character"


>end of game
>fat guy (best character) somehow ends up with the hottest woman in the game (most likely a reformed villain)

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>Centaur Monk
>Silent Dark Knight
>Sad Oracle
>Smart Looking Warmaster
>Bald, tan and macho Princess
Holy shit this is the best party ever.

Kino is on the menu.

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The other shonen shota with a sword.
Usually, they are the underdog or the funny one.

It should be a requirement for every RPG that one party member's specialty is "gun"

Uh, hello? Based Department?

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The fat guy is literally never a playable party member
usually just a comedic background character

unfortunately my geomancer is dirt poor

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A cowboy with a pegasus sounds like a pretty fun character actually.

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>aggressively lawful good generic protag
>tomboy brawler
>apathetic medic
>edgelord ranged

・A quiet Divine Warrior
・A level 1 Pegasus Knight
・An Ainu-themed Brigand
・A big-breasted Witch Hunter
・A former loser shut-in who reincarnated into a superpowered Soldier
nice kino inbound

shota sword hero
ara ara healer
ara ara warrior
ara ara mage

Try to outclass them. I fucking dare you.

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Wizards are classic though

All female. And the main villain is female.
And after the final fight they all have a big lesbo orgy, including the now not-so-evil main villain.
I will now buy your game.

user's party members are
・An elf Elemental Master
・A former middle-aged salaryman who reincarnated into a loli Mercenary
・A gentle-looking Assassin
・A slutty Warrior
・A pure Swordsman

If I were better at drawing, I'd absolutely love to draw this party. I can see it in my mind, but I can only use MS paint and I can't make MS Paint look good.

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I want to doodle

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Why do you need a cleric AND a priest (and a paladin, for good measure)?

This actually sounds pretty rad.

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Found your wizard, bro.

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Interesting line up

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>generic knight guy
>generic knight guy that looks different from the other
time for duo kino

・An annoying Villager
・A dark elf Monk
・A backstabbing Summoner
・A crossdressing Herbalist
・A yandere Calculator
As long as the villager can do something
And what the fuck does it mean by "calculator"?

See also final fantasy tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics class. Basically a Sage, but with weird geometric fuckery.

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Meant for

Big guy and hot girl always have to be there. Picrel is my favorite JRPG big guy

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Best bro.

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>the storm that is approaching

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He's so fucking based. What an endearing and awesome character.

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>She laughs at small-titted vampires trying to sway her with a puff-puff

Guys, I think my JRPG is based in America.

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user, no! If I start reading 8-Bit Theater again I'll lose days of my life. And I'm already in big shit with overdue work.

Interesting characters that have complex back stories and not simply anime cliches.

Main character and nothing else. Try to do a zero party run if possible

>White Mage is a dick

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